Missouri Libertarian Party
1996 Draft Platform

Table of Contents

Differing Opinions -- Proxy Madness -- The events of the September 17, 1995 MoLP Platform Convention
The Platform Papers -- e-mail after the Platform Convention
The Committee Chairman Reports, March 27, 1996
The Statement of Specific Planks
The Statement of General Principles
Ratification Procedure

Platform Committee Chairman's E-Mail Report of March 27, 1996

To: Jim Givens
From: Martin Lindstedt
Bcc: Jeanne Bojarski, etc.
Subject: The MoLP Platform, 1996, Part 2
Time: 12:44 a.m. 3/27/96

You should receive another file with both the Platform of Specific Planks
and the Statement of Principles.

   Bill Johnson, former Executive Director of the Missouri Libertarian 
Party, proposed what is now the called the Statement of Principles back
in June of 1995. At the Convention, little work was done on this Platform.

  There was criticism concerning the absence of a "Drug Prohibition" Plank
and the presence of the code-words "family values." Due to that criticism,
there were changes drafted by myself so that now we have a plank regarding
drugs and the offending sentence concerning helping the family was deleted.
Now everyone can rest assured that we are for drugs and against family 

  At the August 1995 Expediting Committee, I proposed that a Platform
Committee be formed so that areas of disagreement could be worked out
before the Sept. Platform convention. It was agreed to, and members 
volunteered. However, with the exception of Jackie Bradbury, and the 
Higgins's of St. Louis who critiqued portions at their St. Louis meetings,
there has been no other input offered.

  J. Mark Oglesby did not think that the Drug Prohibition Plank I put in
was strong enough, so he proposed one. As he is a member of the Platform 
Committee, and the only one who proposed specific changes, in it went. If
the Statement of Principles passes, please choose one and only one plank.
The rest of J. Mark's suggestions only concerned deletions, so I ignored
them. If the general membership doesn't like a plank, it can delete it at 
its leisure.

  This platform is designed to take the place of the original platform 
whichhas pretty much been the same for 4 years now.

  It is designed to fit on one page -- double printed, with the Statement of
Principles to fit on one side, the Statement of Specific Planks on the 
other. A Program or statement of priorities should be furnished by the 
candidate. If a candidate doesn't like a particular side of the Platform,
the candidate need not print it. There is much for all to like and to 
dislike. Perhaps by allowing everyone to have their own bit of freedom, 
perhaps we all can live together in Platform peace.

  The Platform Convention of September 17, 1995 was marred by members 
present voting to disenfranchise and disallow the proxy votes collected
by myself once it was figured out that with the 2/3 rule to pass, 1/3
to strip a plank, that I and my proxies had effective veto power over
the Platform. After using majority rule to strip away those proxies and
in effect to disenfranchise eight members in good standing of the Missouri
Libertarian Party, I decided to only throw the old platform to the wolves.

  With a four minute proposal, debate and vote rule for planks, the
net result could best be described as a truly Libertarian hour or so of
anarchy, as what should have been accomplished by steady work over 3 
 months and one week was attempted within two hours. However, some new 
planks were proposed and some obviously archaic ones were deleted.

  Since September 17, 1995, absolutely nothing of account has been 
accomplished on the Platform sector other than three planks drafted by 
myself. Other than 3 new proposals, absolutely nothing new has been added
since the platform papers distributed by myself were handed out on Sept.
17, 1996. That was over six months ago.

  Therefore, I present this final draft electronically and ask that it be
published in Show Me Freedom, the official newsletter of the Missouri 
Libertarian Party. Since today was the last day for filing as a candidate,
this last newsletter before the Convention will have the most up-to-date
news of relevance.

  At previous meetings of the MoLP Expediting Committee, I have requested 
that this combined Platform be printed in ballot form and the 200+ 
membership be allowed to vote up or down on it in whole or by its parts.
That majority rule should prevail, not the present 2/3-1/3 formula for 
chaos, and that if the majority should so rule, that it be held binding
and not be merely a "straw-poll." I also propose that people be allowed
to mail in their votes if they cannot attend the Convention, and that the
votes be counted at the Convention. If the resulting Platform becomes too
chaotic, that then and only then should matters be arranged on the floor 
to smooth things over.
  I don't think that 10-12 string-pullers should be allowed to continually
circumvent the wishes of a majority of Libertarians because if this sort
of thing continues, there will be nothing left of our Party except 10-12

  By putting a [Y] and a [N] at the top of each page and section, voting 
upon the Platform can take place as a whole and by specific sections. If
the majority does not like the entire Statement of Specific Planks, then 
if they outnumber those who like all of it or parts of it, out goes the
entire Statement of Specific Planks. If a majority does not like a 
specific plank or principle, then out it goes. 
  Note: this arrangement favors keeping both sides of the platform around,
and also the exclusion of the more objectional planks.

  There is no time left for drafting or amending the Platform. With only 
one day at the Convention, what with the planned speakers, electioneering,
and everything else planned, there will be no time for anything other than
a superficial glance at the Platform. It will have to be ratified by the
general membership of 200+ or by the 42+ who showed up last year. 

  I prefer Platform ratification by the most members possible.

  Would those MoLP members on this bcc e-mail list please distribute this
Platform by local telephone call or letter as widely as possible?

Thank you,

Martin Lindstedt
MoLP Platform Committee Chairman

Statement of Specific Planks

[Y] [N]       Missouri Libertarian Party Platform 1996 
		   Statement of Specific Planks

[Y] [N]			    Preamble

  In affirmation of our traditional respect for individual life, liberty, 
and property, the members of the Missouri Libertarian Party do establish 
our Platform and Program for the people of Missouri, in accordance with 
our State Constitution, to ensure harmony, abundance, and self-government 
to all citizens of our State.  To accomplish these goals, we propose the 


[Y] [N]   *  Move toward privatization of government public schools
[Y] [N]   *  Eliminate state and federal control of local schools
[Y] [N]   *  Institute voucher programs
[Y] [N]   *  End restrictions on home schooling
[Y] [N]   *  We oppose Goals 2000, Outcome Based Education, and Senate 
             Bill 380


[Y] [N]   *  Allow the free market to offer a wider range of 
             competitively priced services by relaxing restrictions on 
             nurse practitioners, midwifery, alternative medicine, and
[Y] [N]   *  Make all medical expenses tax-deductible as an interim 
[Y] [N]   *  Establish tax-free "MediSave Accounts" 

[Y] [N]    TAXES

[Y] [N]   *  Support the third Hancock Amendment (no tax increases 
             without voter approval.
[Y] [N]   *  Prohibit sales taxes on food and prescription drugs
[Y] [N]   *  Initiate ceilings on personal property taxes
[Y] [N]   *  Eliminate Missouri State Income Taxes


[Y] [N]   *  Support victims' rights and restitution
[Y] [N]   *  Repeal statutes regarding victimless crimes
[Y] [N]   *  Oppose formation of a Missouri Bureau of Investigation
[Y] [N]   *  Privatize prison and parole programs and demand 
[Y] [N]   *  Eliminate mandatory sentencing
[Y] [N]   *  Support a Fully Informed Jury Amendment
[Y] [N]   *  End monopoly enforced by the American and Missouri Bar 
[Y] [N]   *  Allow victims to privately prosecute crimes or wrongs
[Y] [N]   *  No "Sovereign Immunity" for criminal acts of omission or 
             commission performed by judges, prosecutors, and 


[Y] [N]   *  Eliminate mandated benefits 
[Y] [N]   *  Restore a free market by removing subsidies, forced 
             "marketing" cooperatives, economic development agencies, 
             and any other method of regulating economic activity 
             through political means.
[Y] [N]   *  Eliminate tax abatements for favored businesses, fees (other 
             than user fees), licenses, occupational licenses, and the 
             private use of eminent domain
[Y] [N]   *  Privatize government businesses and terminate state 
             competition with private firms


[Y] [N]   *  Support fair ballot access and free and open elections
[Y] [N]   *  Paper Ballots, allowing for re-inspection, shall be 
             henceforth used in elections, i.e. no purely "electronic" 
             or "computer" voting
[Y] [N]   *  Oppose gerrymandering
[Y] [N]   *  Support proportional representation of popular vote for 
	     electors in presidential elections
[Y] [N]   *  Support reduction of signatures required for ballot 
[Y] [N]   *  The government shall enact no candidate qualifications 
             beyond Constitutional requirements
[Y] [N]   *  Allow voters to vote for "None of the Above." If the number 
             of "None" voters are in the majority, then that election 
             will be re-held with different candidates, with the office 
             remaining vacant until filled by election.
[Y] [N]   *  Allow "open" ballots within primary elections so that voters 
             can choose one candidate for an elected position from among
             choices offered by different political parties instead of 
             having to vote "straight ticket"

[Y] [N]    PRIVACY

         *  Define an explicit right to privacy in the Missouri 


[Y] [N]  *  Hold a ballot initiative and referendum to place in the 
            Missouri Constitution enforcement of the U.S. 10th Amendment
[Y] [N]  *  No federal or State law, statute, or regulation shall be 
            enforced, or no arrest made outside of Federal or State 
            property without the support and supervision of the relevant 
            County Sheriff's Department.
[Y] [N]  *  No municipal or county statute, ordinance, or regulation shall 
            be enforced on private property except common-law customs and 
            injunctions against violations of life, liberty, or property.
[Y] [N]  *  Citizens shall be allowed to use any and all measures up to 
            and including deadly force against any government official 
            violating unalienable rights to life, liberty, or property 
            under color of law. However, citizens will be held to 
            account for using such measures, afterwards.
[Y] [N]  *  There is no such thing as sovereign immunity. Government 
            agents are responsible for any crimes they commit on or off 


[Y] [N]  *  The government shall not make any laws regarding tobacco or 
            alcohol use on private property.
[Y] [N]  *  Smoking and tobacco use shall be permitted in one or more 
            allotted smoking rooms in public buildings and offices. If a 
            person desires to use tobacco in work spaces, that person 
            shall be allowed to provided any and all co-workers agree.
[Y] [N]  *  There shall be no special taxes on alcohol or tobacco above 
            double the level of taxation for food items.
[Y] [N]  *  No person shall be fined or imprisoned for the private use 
            of any drug or narcotic.
[Y] [N]  *  All persons imprisoned for the private use of drugs shall be 
            pardoned and released immediately. 
[Y] [N]  *  Any person imprisoned for the sale of marijuana shall be 
            pardoned and released provided that the sale was not to a 
            minor, or that any felony was committed arising from the 


[Y] [N] *  Revision of Article I, Section 23, Constitution of Missouri, 
           Bill of Rights. The Exception, "but this will not justify the 
           wearing of concealed weapons," is to be stricken. Any citizen 
           who has not been convicted of a felony involving the use of a 
           weapon shall be allowed to carry a concealed weapon without 
           need for any permit or license.
[Y] [N] *  Any person convicted on the charge alone of carrying a 
           concealed weapon shall be released from prison immediately.


        *  Any citizen willing and able to carry a weapon shall be allowed 
           to own and use any weapon suitable for resisting criminal 
           activity or government tyranny -- foreign or domestic.

Statement of Principles

[Y] [N]           Missouri Libertarian Party Platform 1995-1996
                        Statement of Principles

[Y] [N]                            Preamble

     We, the members of the Libertarian Party, challenge the cult of the 
omnipotent state and defend the rights of the individual.  We hold that 
all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own 
lives, and have the right to live as they choose, so long as they do not 
interfere with the equal right of others to live as they choose. We hold 
that government must not violate the rights of any individual and that 
people should not be forced to sacrifice their lives, liberty or property
for the benefit of others.

[Y] [N]  Individual Sovereignty
   No decision should be made by Congress which could be made by the 
legislatures of the several states; no decision should be made by state 
legislators when it could be made by referendum; no statewide referendum 
should be held when the several counties might better determine the merits 
of the issue one by one; and no county, city, or town should force the will of 
the majority upon the individual when it can possibly be avoided. The 
purpose of government is to protect the rights of the individual--nothing 
more, nothing less, and nothing else.

[Y] [N]  Personal Responsibility
   The wisdom -- and the consequences -- of any peaceful course of action 
are properly the domain of individual conviction. It is improper for the 
state or society to force its will upon an individual "for his own 
protection" or for any imagined benefit to society that must be gained at 
the expense of individual liberty and the freedom to make one's own 

[Y] [N]  The Family
    Government should not interfere with basic societal structures such as 
the family. It is not the state's function to define or limit concepts 
such as marriage, or to regulate consensual adult sexual activity. We 
believe that families are entitled to dispose of their property as they 
desire, rather than having it taken from them and spent by the state on 
their purported behalf.

[Y] [N] Freedom of Religion
    We defend the rights of individuals to engage in any religious 
activities that do not violate the rights of others. We oppose government 
actions that either aid or attack any religion. Government harassment or 
obstruction of religious groups for their beliefs or non-violent activities
must end.

[Y] [N]  Education 
    We advocate the complete separation of education and State. Government 
schools lead to the indoctrination of children and interfere with the free 
choice of individuals. They also require onerous taxation of non-parents 
as part of their funding scheme. As an interim measure, we support the use 
of voucher programs and tax credits for those who choose to educate their 
children at home or in a private institution.

[Y] [N] Poverty and Unemployment
     We oppose all government-funded "entitlement" programs which forcibly 
redistribute wealth from one individual to another. No person is entitled 
to the property of another under other conditions than those of voluntary
trade or charity. We believe that the current welfare state encourages 
dependency rather than initiative, that it fosters poverty and 
unemployment rather than self-help and prosperity, and that it is built 
upon the immoral concept that one man may justly demand his livelihood at
the cost of unwilling others.

[Y] [N] The Right to Property
    All rights are inextricably linked with property rights. Such rights 
as the freedom from involuntary servitude as well as the freedom of 
speech and the freedom of press are based on self-ownership. We demand 
an end to the taxation of privately owned real property, which actually 
makes the State the owner of all lands and forces individuals to rent 
their homes and places of business from the State. Where property, 
including land, has been taken from its rightful owners by the government
or private action in violation of individual rights, we demand full 
restitution to the rightful owners. In addition, we demand a repeal of 
immoral and unconstitutional "asset forfeiture" regulations which allow 
the confiscation of property without requiring proof of its unlawful use.

[Y] [N]Repeal Drug Prohibition  (If passed, choose one provision)

[Y] [N]     Drug Prohibition maintains the profit margins of smugglers, 
fills our prisons, spreads AIDS, increases government power over the lives 
of citizens, corrupts the police and judiciary, and rides rough shod over 
the Bill of Rights. Time to end it.
[Y] [N]  PROHIBITION: It's time to look at the devastating side effects of 
the "War on Drugs." Drug Gangs, fueled by billions in profits, can now 
afford to take their operations nationwide. The lure of easy money attracts
criminals from around the world. Robbers, murderers, rapists are set free 
from prisons in order to make room for drug-law violators. There can no 
longer be any doubt that our crime rate is directly linked to prohibition 

[Y] [N] Accountability
    We support Congressional investigation of criminal activities of the 
BATF and FBI and of wrongdoing by other governmental agencies.

[Y] [N] The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    An armed citizenry is essential to a free society. We affirm the right 
to keep and bear arms by law abiding citizens, be they individuals or 
members of a voluntary association or militia. We favor the repeal of laws 
banning the concealment of weapons.

[Y] [N] Discrimination 
    Individual rights shall not be denied, abridged, or enhanced at the 
expense of other people's rights by the laws at any level of government. 
Anti-discrimination enforced by the government is the reverse side of the 
coin, and will for the same reasons create the same problems.

[Y] [N] Rights of the Accused
    Until such time as persons are proved guilty of crimes, they should be 
accorded full respect for their individual rights. We are thus opposed to 
reduction of constitutional safeguards of the rights of the criminally 
accused. We oppose labeling cases as "civil" strictly to avoid the 
due-process protections of criminal law and we further oppose governmental 
civil and criminal pretrial seizure of property for criminal offenses.

[Y] [N] Juries
    Judges should be required to inform the jurors of their common law 
right to judge the law, as well as the facts, and to acquit a criminal 
defendant, and to find against the government in a civil trial, whenever 
they deem the law unjust, unconstitutional, or defective.

[Y] [N] The Economy
     The only proper role of government in the economic realm is to 
protect property rights, adjudicate disputes, and provide a legal 
framework in which voluntary trade is protected.

[Y] [N] Elections
      In order to grant voters a full range of choice in federal, state, 
and local elections, we propose the addition of the alternative "None of 
the above is acceptable" to all ballots.

[Y] [N] World Government
     We support withdrawal of the United States government from, and an 
end to its financial support for, the United Nations. Specifically, we 
oppose any U.S. policy designating the United Nations as policeman of the
world, committing U.S. troops to wars at the discretion of the U.N., or 
placing U.S. troops under U.N. command. We oppose U.S. government 
participation in any world or international government.

[Y] [N] Secession 
     We recognize the right to political secession. This includes the 
right to secession by political entities, private groups, or individuals.
Exercise of this right, like the exercise of all other rights, does not 
remove legal and moral obligations not to violate the rights of others.