Advice For Patriots

Dr. William Pierce

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of Oct. 20, 2001


Today let's talk about some of the things that have changed in America
since September 11. I'm not thinking about all of the new rigamarole at
airports or about how Mr. Bush's campaign of cruise-missile diplomacy in
the Middle East is going or even about how opening the mail each morning
in media offices around the country and in politicians' offices in
Washington has become a much more exciting operation than it used to be
when Ted Kaczynski was the only person putting dangerous things into

I'm more interested in the changes in the Politically Correct party line
laid down for the lemmings by the media. I'm interested in changes in
the way Americans view the world. And I'm interested in the changed
prospects for the future of America.

The most interesting thing about the new party line is its stupidity.
The Jews were caught by surprise last month, and they had to whip up
something in a hurry in order to deflect blame from Israel and from the
U.S. government's support for Israel. Apparently the best they could do
on a moment's notice is the explanation that Osama bin Laden attacked us
simply because he hates our freedom and democracy. Since they first
cooked up that explanation they've refined it quite a bit. Both the
Foreign Ministry in Israel and the American Israel Public Affairs
Committee, Israel's enormously powerful lobby in Washington, have been
circulating "talking papers" to their own people, to politicians, and to
everyone else who is likely to be making a public statement about
America's new war or about Washington's past policy in the Middle East.

These "talking papers" tell people how to counter what the Jews call
Osama bin Laden's "lies" and also how to respond to anyone who suggests
that our government's support of Israel might have had something to do
with the September 11 attack. The papers warn people never to raise this
subject, but if someone else insists on talking about it, it is to be
countered with the explanation that support for Israel had nothing at
all to do with the attack, that we would have been attacked even if we
weren't supporting Israel, and that the only reason for the attack is
Osama bin Laden's irrational hatred of America's freedom and democracy.

I believe that it's clear that many people actually believe this
nonsense, judging by the number of cars with red, white, and blue
ribbons tied to their antennas. But these are the people who believe
everything Tom Brokaw or their beloved Big Brother in the White House
tells them. If George Bush came on TV and told them with that
mock-solemn expression of his that a Martian invasion force had just
landed, that the Martians were demanding one million sacrificial virgins
as their price for not destroying Hollywood and Washington, and that
U.S. Army troops would be going door to door to collect virgins, the
folks with the ribbons on their antennas would believe it, and they
would prepare to hand over any virgins in their households. They would
consider it their patriotic duty. The party line may change from time to
time, but lemmings never change.

Well, the lemmings may believe that U.S. support for Israel had nothing
to do with the September 11 attack or with the anthrax-laden letters now
going around, but no one else believes it. Last week the media bosses
were kicking themselves because they had let the text of a statement
Osama bin Laden had made be published in the United States. They said
that they had made a mistake in putting this statement before the
American public. They wouldn't publish any further Osama bin Laden
statements, they said, because the statements might contain secret
instructions for his operatives.

Everyone I've spoken with laughed at that excuse. In his last statement
Osama bin Laden said that Americans would not be secure and would have
no peace of mind as long as Palestinians were not secure in their own
land. That's the sort of powerful and simple message that even Sally
Soccer Mom and Joe Sixpack might understand, and that's what the Jewish
media bosses don't want the public to hear. They're not worried about
secret instructions; they're worried about the lemmings figuring out
what's going on.

Actually, I think there's very little danger of that. And really, the
changes I'm more interested in are in the outlook of the minority of the
population able to think for itself: the minority that doesn't believe
whatever Tom Brokaw says. You know, I've been talking to this minority
for years -- decades, actually -- warning them about the consequences of
letting their government get out of control, warning them of the
consequences of permitting the Jews of Hollywood and New York to run our
country through their control of our mass media, warning them of the
consequences of continuing to sit on their hands and keep their mouths
shut from fear of being denounced by the media as "anti-Semites" or

And I wasn't having as much success as I wanted at getting them to pay
attention and change their ways. Many of those who listened wouldn't do
anything because what I was warning them about didn't seem quite real.
Despite all the changes they could see around them -- the deterioration
of our cities and our schools, the darkening of the racial complexion of
America, the trashing of our culture by the mass media, the increasingly
obvious efforts of the Jewish media bosses to persuade our young women
that they should bed down with non-Whites -- despite everything, they
themselves managed to remain comfortable and economically secure, so the
things I was warning them about didn't seem quite real. They had
convinced themselves that they were above it all, that they could
continue to watch the destruction of their country and their people all
around them, and it would never affect them personally: that they could
remain secure and comfortable while everything around them went to hell.

Osama bin Laden jolted some of them awake on September 11: some of those
whose attention I hadn't been able to catch with my own warnings. He
convinced some of them that what they had been observing going on around
them for years was in fact real: that continuing to ignore the
degenerative processes promoted by the media and the government and
hoping for the best really wasn't a good strategy for personal survival.
In particular, he convinced many members of the thinking minority that
losing control of our government really is a serious matter, that
permitting our government to be used by the Jews against their neighbors
in the Middle East -- and also against the genuine interests of the
American people -- could have real consequences at home.

I have the feeling that many of these thinking people are paying at
least a little more attention now to the things we've been talking about
here every week. The fact that the number of people who download these
broadcasts from my Web site each Saturday has nearly doubled since
September 11 is a pretty good indication of this, I believe. Just as I'm
getting more hate mail from the red-white-and-blue-ribbon types, I'm
also getting more thoughtful responses from the people who understand
and care. Which is to say, I think I have an audience now that not only
is bigger but also is more attentive and responsive. That is really

I'm not discouraged by the fact that the attentive and responsive people
still constitute only a minority of a minority. I'm encouraged by the
fact that the attentive people now make up a larger minority of the
thinking portion of the population than they did before September 11.
Important things always are done by minorities. Majorities don't make
decisions; individuals do; small minorities do. History is made by
active minorities. Sometimes an active minority may use the passive
majority as a tool or a weapon, but the minority always acts in accord
with its own will.

What's important is which minority is making the decisions, which
minority is active at any particular moment. For at least the past 60
years it's been the wrong minority, an alien minority that is implacably
hostile to our people. If we are to survive, that must change. Our
minority must become active instead. Our minority must grow to include
more of the thinking portion of our population. And that is happening
now. That's been happening since September 11.

The people who understand and care have been forced to begin paying
attention. I have a very strong premonition that there will be other
things in the reasonably near future that will make them pay even closer
attention. The Bush government, just like the Clinton government before
it, thinks that it can stop terrorism with cruise missiles and smart
bombs. But just think for a moment: whether Osama bin Laden survives the
Bush government's current war against Israel's enemies in the Middle
East or not, he already has become immortal. In the eyes of Muslims he
has been elevated to a status in heaven alongside Mohammed. His name
will be praised, and stories will be told about him around campfires
throughout the Muslim world for countless generations to come, long
after the Bush government has gone and been forgotten. Cruise missiles
can't take Osama bin Laden's immortality away from him. There's nothing
the Bush government can do to diminish his glory in the Muslim world. In
fact, the more cruise missiles and smart bombs the United States
unleashes on the Muslim world, the higher will Osama bin Laden's esteem
rise; the more will his strike against the United States seem justified
to his fellow Muslims.

Don't be fooled by the tame "house Muslims" the media bosses have been
trotting out to explain to the lemmings that violence is abhorrent to
"real Muslims." The real Muslims are the ones rioting against the
government in Pakistan now. The real Muslims are the ones singing Osama
bin Laden's praises now. And there will be no shortage of other young
Muslims lusting for a share in his glory, lusting to have their praises
sung around campfires too. Cruise missiles don't frighten them. There
are enough of them already in this country to keep things jumping,
thanks to the government's insane immigration policy of recent decades.
The anthrax-laced letters that have been going around all were mailed
from inside this country. And anthrax is by no means the nastiest thing
that can be mailed in an envelope. The media won't even mention the
biological warfare agents the government is really afraid of, because
they don't want to give anyone ideas.

The fact is, terrorism has been made much more fashionable since
September 11, and the stakes have been raised. Simple truck bombs won't
get much respect in the future, but I have a suspicion that we'll see a
few more of them anyway. And I suspect that we'll also see people trying
to outdo Osama bin Laden's September 11 televised extravaganza. The
government and the media suspect the same thing, and they're frightened.
That's why they're trying so desperately to stifle dissent and keep
everyone pledging allegiance to the flag.

At the University of California in Los Angeles a library worker,
53-year-old Jonnie Hargis, has been suspended without pay because he
sent out an e-mail letter criticizing U.S. support for Israel's
aggression. The university administration explained that it has a policy
against using university computers for political messages, but Hargis,
who has worked at the UCLA library for 22 years, pointed out that no one
who has been sending out pro-Israel and pro-war messages has been

There are similar situations at other universities around the country.
Jews and neo-conservatives post belligerent, bloodthirsty messages
calling for the annihilation of all of the Jews' enemies in the Middle
East, including Iraq and Iran as well as Afghanistan. Anyone who calls
instead for eliminating the cause of the September 11 attack -- that is,
for stopping the blind support by the U.S. government of Israel's
aggression -- is censured and threatened with expulsion or with being

There are still people around who can remember how it was at our
universities during the Vietnam war. That was when treason ruled on
campuses. Students burned their draft cards and put up Viet Cong flags
and posters of Ho Chi Minh in their dormitories. Jewish activists in
groups such as Students for a Democratic Society organized pro-Viet Cong
rallies on campuses. Professors encouraged this activity, and
administrators didn't interfere, citing free speech.

The switch to red, white, and blue ribbons and saluting the flag came
rather suddenly last month, and a lot of thinking people understand why
it came. They understand that it is when America is involved in a war to
promote Jewish interests that pledging allegiance to the flag suddenly
is declared fashionable. When Israel's welfare is threatened, Jews,
ordinarily noted for their cynicism and irreverence, suddenly put their
hands over their hearts and begin singing The Star-Spangled Banner, and
they glare at anyone who isn't singing loudly enough. And people who
make the mistake of asking why get fired or suspended. But you know,
firing people or suspending people who have dissenting opinions doesn't
go down well with the independent thinkers. And I'll guarantee you:
there will be a lot more dissent before this war is over. And the Jewish
media won't be able to hide it all.

What we are beginning to see now is a sharpening division between the
Jews, their bought politicians, and the "I pledge allegiance,"
authoritarian types on one side, and everyone else on the other side. We
also saw a division, along different lines, during the Vietnam war, with
the authoritarians and the Jews on opposite sides instead of the same
side. I believe that the division this time will develop faster and
become sharper.

I don't know how the war itself will develop. It was clear before it
began that the U.S. military machine is quite capable of flattening
Afghanistan or any other Third World country without suffering any
significant losses to its own personnel, simply because we can hit them
from a distance with a great deal of destructive power, and they don't
have the means to hit back -- except through what we call "terrorism."
It is certain that there will be more terrorism, although, of course, I
cannot predict the form it will take or its magnitude.

I can predict, however, that the media and the politicians will denounce
it as "cowardly" and will act as if America has been wronged: that
whatever form the next blow against America takes and wherever it comes
from, it will be declared "unprovoked." And I can predict that the polls
published by the media will continue to show nearly every American
wildly enthusiastic about the war, even as the opposition to the war

One interesting thing about the opposition this time is that it is
growing both among the Gentile Left and among genuine patriots. During
the Vietnam war the members of the Gentile Left all were on the Jewish
side. Despite the current agreement between leftists and patriots on the
single issue of ending support for Israel and limiting the war in the
Middle East, I don't see much chance of real collaboration between these
two elements. The Gentile Left is still hopelessly confused on such
essential issues as race and feminism and homosexuality and
permissiveness. But the war is indeed driving a wedge between Jews and
Gentile leftists -- a deeper wedge than that driven by the development
of Jewish neo-conservatism after the Vietnam war, and for that we should
be thankful.

There may be other hopeful developments as well. The assassination in
Jerusalem this week of one of Israel's most bloodthirsty Jewish
militants by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine certainly
was a welcome move. Until now all of the assassins have been Jews, and
all of the victims have been Palestinians. It's too soon to know whether
or not this one act of retribution against the Israeli leadership will
be followed by other successful blows, but it may be that the events of
recent weeks have emboldened the Palestinians to act with more
imagination and enterprise than before.

Looking ahead a bit, there are several signs of hope here on our own
home front. The heightened sense of reality among non-lemmings, the
lessening of their sense of detachment, the stronger realization that
they cannot survive by continuing to sit on their hands and watch the
Jews destroy the world around them- -- this is the single most important
consequence of recent events. This, together with the growing alienation
between Gentile leftists and Jews, leaves the Jews in a weaker position
than they have been in a long time. They will crack their whips more
frantically than before, trying to keep everyone in line, but the
principal effect of that will be to generate even more resentment
against them.

Things are a bit brittle now. A few dozen more anthrax cases, another
truck bomb in a well chosen location, and substantial changes could take
place in a hurry: a stock market panic, martial law measures by the Bush
government, and a sharpening of the debate as to how we got ourselves
get into this mess in the first place. As the debate sharpens, the Jews
and their collaborators will pull out all of the stops in an effort to
stifle it, but I don't think that even a declaration of martial law can
stifle it now. Too many people already smell the stink in Washington.
Too many people already understand on whose hands is the blood of 6,000
innocent Americans who died last month. Too many people understand the
true motivation behind the current war against Israel's enemies in the
Middle East. The genie is out of the bottle now, and not even Mr. Bush's
new anti-terrorism agency -- what does he call it? -- the Office of
Homeland Security? -- not even this new Federal agency can put it back
in the bottle.

It's a strange thing: in a novel I wrote more than 12 years ago -- the
title is Hunter -- I talked about the formation of a new anti-terrorism
agency, separate from the FBI. And I pointed out that the principal aim
of the new agency would not be to protect the public from terrorism, but
to protect the government from an increasingly restless and
disillusioned public: a sort of modern Praetorian Guard. I think that
we'll be seeing more developments in that direction in the next few
months, with the timing depending upon when the next surprise comes and
its magnitude.

Of course, I don't know what will happen next to shatter already jangled
nerves, but it is likely that something will happen. My advice to
responsible patriots now is this: Expect a surprise, and remain calm
when it comes. But don't wait for it to come to raise your voice. Speak
out now. Don't be intimidated by the mindless yahoos waving their flags
or by the government or by the media. If you point out calmly and in a
reasoned way who is responsible for what happened to America last month
you will have more people agreeing with you than you might imagine. If
you call for your fellow Americans to join you in regaining control of
their government, the response will be greater than at any time in
recent years.

Thanks for being with me again today.


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