The New Protocols

Dr. William Pierce



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American Dissident Voices Broadcast of October 30, 1999
Subject: ADV10-16-99: The New Protocols

The New Protocols
by Dr. William Pierce

I was amused to note that Bill Clinton's twin across the great water,
Tony Blair, struck another blow for dee-mo-cra-cee and ee-qual-i-tee
last week. On October 19 Blair's Jewish Home Secretary, Jack Straw,
announced that henceforth lunatics would be entitled to vote in all
elections in the United Kingdom. Previously, people confined to lunatic
asylums were not permitted to vote, the assumption being that a voter
ought to be a responsible citizen who understands what he's doing and
can make a rational choice.

Of course, that was just hypocrisy; nobody really believed that voters
knew what they were doing. Football fans and Jamaican immigrants and
couch potatoes on the dole were allowed to vote; that's how Tony Blair
became prime minister. So why not let lunatics vote too? They can be
unstrapped from their beds and given a pencil and a ballot just long
enough to stab the appropriate spot on the paper. What's wrong with
that? I mean, if we really believe that everyone is equal, let's show

I'm just kidding, of course, but Jack Straw isn't. Lunatics really will
be given the vote in the United Kingdom. The Jewish Home Secretary told
the press last week that his move to give mental patients the vote will
be -- quote -- "a major landmark in this country's electoral history."
-- end quote --  Yes, undoubtedly it will rank right up there alongside
Magna Carta.

Did you ever wonder why the Jews are such great proponents of democracy?
Whether in Indonesia or Pakistan or Serbia or you name it, whenever
there is some threat to universal suffrage, the Jews are ready to send
the U.S. armed forces in and bomb and kill until everyone is permitted
to vote.

Why is that? Why can't the Indonesians have an Islamic theocracy if they
want? Why can't the Pakistanis have a military dictatorship? Why can't
the Serbs run their own country the way they prefer? What is the appeal
in making sure that people whose minds have been wasted by Alzheimer's
Disease vote?

Well, let's not beat around the bush: the appeal of mass democracy lies
in the fact that in essentially every country in the world today, the
number of persons unable to think for themselves is substantially larger
than the number able to make independent decisions. Those unable to
think for themselves have their thinking done for them by the people who
control the mass media. Which is to say, democracy is the preferred
system because it gives the political power to those who own or control
the mass media and at the same time allows them to remain behind the
scenes and evade responsibility for the way in which they use that
power. And the more inclusive the democracy is -- that is, the more
Alzheimer's sufferers and Mongoloid cretins and paranoid schizophrenics
and people who live in empty packing cases in alleyways and Jamaican
immigrants and football fans are able to vote -- the more certain is the
grip of the media masters on the political process.

Those voters who buy astrology magazines at the checkout stand and spend
their time watching soap operas, game shows, and Oprah absorb their
general attitudes on things through the television screen. They learn
which ideas are fashionable and which are not by noticing the facial
expression and tone of voice of Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather when the news
is announced each day. Their opinions on specific issues are formed as
they view televised sidewalk surveys taken by reporters. The only
uncertainty about these people is whether or not they'll be able to pry
themselves loose from their couches long enough to vote for the
designated candidates. That's why it's important to have lots of them.

And wherever there are lots of them, the men who control the mass media
also will control the outcome of elections. It's a much surer way of
controlling governments than bribing corrupt dictators or slipping
seductive whores into the king's bedroom, a la Esther and Ahasuerus --
or Monica and Bill.

Believe me, one day soon the Jews on both sides of the great water will
institute a web-TV voting system that allows the couch potatoes and the
ball game fans to vote without having to get up from their couches, just
by clicking their remote controls at their TV screens to select the next
President or prime minister. That'll be real democracy.

You know, back close to the beginning of this century, around 1901 or
so, a book first was published containing the text of what became
generally known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The
publisher was a Russian academic, Professor Sergei Nilus. Nilus himself
allegedly had obtained The Protocols from a Russian official, who had
obtained the text from a patriotic Russian noblewoman, who in turn had
purchased the material from a Jew in Paris about 15 years earlier.

The Protocols purports to be a collection of minutes or reports of
meetings held by the leaders of the world Jewish community, at which
they summarize the progress they had made to that time in their quest
for world subversion, world ownership, and world power and outline their
plans for continuing the process in the future. They talk about gaining
control of the banking systems of various countries, about fomenting
wars and revolutions to weaken and destroy Gentile power, about
corrupting music and art and education, about subverting various Gentile
institutions, about taking over the press everywhere and controlling the
flow of information to the masses, about undermining the family and
bringing family values into disrepute, and so on. The Elders of Zion
really are a satanic bunch of schemers. Reading The Protocols makes
one's flesh crawl.

We should remember that when The Protocols began circulating in Russia
in the first decade of this century, that country had not yet fallen
victim to Jewish Bolshevism, but that wasn't for lack of trying on the
part of the Jews. The Jews were generally recognized as a dangerously
subversive element in Russia, as the schemers and stringpullers behind
every attempt to damage or upset the established order in Russia, and so
Professor Nilus' publication of The Protocols found a ready market among
the Russian public. After the Jewish Bolshevik revolution of 1917
overthrew the Russian government and established a communist
dictatorship in Russia, anyone found with a copy of The Protocols was
liable to be summarily shot. The text already had been translated into a
dozen other languages and distributed far and wide outside Russia,
however. Since then it has been published in virtually every language
which has a printed form and has been read by tens of millions of people
around the world.

The Jews have been claiming hysterically since The Protocols first
appeared that the text is -- quote -- "a forgery." I guess that's their
way of saying that it's not what it purports to be: namely, the actual
minutes of meetings of Jewish leaders discussing their plans for world
domination. The great American industrialist and automaker Henry Ford
was very strongly impressed by The Protocols and helped circulate the
text in the United States. When told by newspaper reporters in 1921
about the Jews' claims that The Protocols was "a forgery," Mr. Ford
responded that all he could say about the material was that it fit what
was actually happening in the world and had been happening ever since
the The Protocols first appeared in print.

Of course, what Mr. Ford had especially in mind when he made that remark
were two momentous things which had happened during the previous decade.
One was the Jews' success in taking over Russia and imposing communism
on the Russians, and the other was the recently ended First World War: a
horribly fratricidal and senseless war, which had destroyed the old
order in Europe, had spilled the blood of millions of the best
Europeans, and had weakened all of Europe's long-established
institutions, leaving every European country open to all manner of
social, political, and cultural ills -- in particular, to the further
spread of communism.

Well, Henry Ford was a very hard-headed, practical sort of man, and it's
easy to understand his attitude. He had no way of knowing whether or not
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was actually what it
purported to be, but he was quite impressed by the fact that the plan
for world subversion and domination by the Jews outlined in the book
seemed to be happening pretty much as described.

I'll go a step further than Henry Ford was willing to go in assessing
The Protocols. I think that they very likely are not what they purport
to be. In the first place the text of The Protocols doesn't ring true.
It's too straightforward, too open. It doesn't use the sort of
deceptive, weasel-word, self-justifying language that Jews customarily
use in expressing themselves, even to one another. When a group of
Jewish leaders get together to discuss their plans for the destruction
of a host nation, they don't use straightforward expressions such as
"encouraging miscegenation" and "leading the goyim to the slaughter."
They use weasel-expressions, such as "building tolerance," "increasing
diversity," and "eliminating inequality."

In the second place, it's difficult for me to imagine the head Jews
laying out such a complete, self-contained, and pat explanation of what
they're up to. It's just too convenient for those of us who aim at
alerting our people as to what the Jews' intentions are and then putting
a monkey wrench in their gears.

I wouldn't call The Protocols "a forgery," as the Jews do whenever the
book is mentioned. I'm inclined to believe Professor Nilus was an astute
observer of the Jews and also was a patriot. He wanted to warn the
Russian people of what the Jews were planning to do to them, and so he
imagined how the Jews' plan might look if it were all laid out in
straightforward language. I believe that he wrote the text he published,
but that he believed it was a reasonably accurate description of what
the Jews actually were doing. And the reason that The Protocols ended up
being translated into hundreds of languages and read by millions of
people is that many people, like Henry Ford, saw that they fitted what
was happening.

Sometimes I have tried to imagine what Professor Nilus might have
written if he were writing today instead of a century ago -- and if he
were writing still in the straightforward sort of language he used
earlier. A 1999 version of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
might read something like this, and I quote:

Greetings, my fellow Elders of Zion! Today I am happy to report to you
that our plan for the destruction of the hated Gentiles and the
acquisition of their remaining wealth is practically complete. There
remain only a few loose ends to tie up, and then the struggle in which
we have been engaged for thousands of years against the filthy goyim,
against the Nations, against all the non-Jewish peoples of the world,
finally will be victorious, and we will be able to devour everything
they have created, as Yahweh, the god of our tribe, has commanded us.

Everywhere we already rule behind the scenes, with puppets completely
under our control in the offices of power. In Russia, where they
resisted us for so long -- where the ordinary people always hated us as
exploiters, as moneylenders and tax collectors and purveyors of alcohol
and merchants in the sweet, white flesh of their daughters and sisters,
and where the aristocrats also hated us, as subversives and
troublemakers, and kept us confined to only certain areas of the
country, so that we could not exploit all of the people -- in Russia we
used the doctrine of our dear, departed Elder of Zion, Karl Marx, to
divide the Russian people against themselves and get the power into our
own hands, where it remains to this day. We butchered their Czar and his
whole family like the Gentile cattle they were. With the help of the
common people we slaughtered all of the Russian aristocrats and took
their wealth.

And then we turned on the common people. First we murdered their leaders
-- their writers and teachers and intellectuals and military officers --
so that there would be no one able to turn them against us, and then we
began murdering the common people themselves, the farmers and workers,
first by the millions and then by the tens of millions in labor camps
and death camps all across Russia. And most of them never did understand
what was happening to them. One of them, who had been studying to become
a Christian priest, we corrupted and made into our ally. His name was
Stalin. Later, like the pharaoh who knew not Joseph, Stalin tried to
turn against us, but one of our women was his doctor, and we poisoned
him before he could harm us.

When the system based on the theory of our departed Elder Marx had bled
the Russian people dry, we launched a "privatization" scheme, which put
most of the remaining wealth which had belonged to the government
directly into our hands. Their gas and oil, their forests and their
lumber industry, their mines and factories -- and especially their
television broadcasting facilities -- are now owned by us acting as
capitalists. Today we have a drunken, sick, old Russian clown, Boris
Yeltsin, as the nominal leader of the Russians, but one of our people,
Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, tells him what to do and keeps him under
tight control through bribes.

In England, the country from which all of us were expelled by the king
as exploiters and troublemakers just over 700 years ago, we now have
another puppet, Tony Blair, in place as the nominal leader of the
English, but like Yeltsin he is completely under our control. One of our
people, Michael Levy, finances his election campaigns and controls his
purse strings. Another of our people, Jack Straw, controls his domestic

America, however, is the prize example of our success. Just as in
England and in Russia, also in America we have been able to put a
totally corrupt Gentile politician into the position of nominal power
and then to surround him with our own people, who wield the real power.
Actually running the American government, our people are in charge of
America's State Department, America's Defense Department, America's
Federal Reserve System, and America's Treasury Department. When one of
our people, Robert Rubin, retired recently as secretary of the treasury,
we simply moved another of our people, Lawrence Summers, into that
position. Clinton appoints to every high office in the American
government, whether the Supreme Court or his own cabinet, only those
people we suggest to him, and the totally corrupt politicians of the
Senate dare not disapprove anyone we suggest, lest we label them as

We have gained nearly complete control of America's educational system,
from kindergarten through the universities. No ideas or facts may be
taught unless we have given them the stamp of Political Correctness. We
have made it impossible for anyone in an American university to
contradict anything we have claimed, no matter how preposterous, about
what happened to us during the Second World War. We now have the
American government, just like every government in Europe, paying us
"reparations," because not enough was done for us during the war.

We have succeeded in corrupting and then dominating America's art and
music and literature. We have made degeneracy the touchstone for
American culture. We own the art galleries and set the standards for
painting and sculpture. We have the Americans lining up and paying
admission to see a "work of art" which consists of animal dung smeared
onto a crude painting of a Negress, which we tell them is their Virgin
Mary. They read the depraved and trashy novels we tell them to read and
believe that these novels are "literature." Their children listen to
Negroid rhythms and chant Negroid "rap" ditties, because we control the
popular music industry.

Through the immigration policy we have imposed on America we are
increasing the percentage of non-White minorities in every part of the
country. Within the next few years we will succeed in making White
Americans a minority in their own country.

Our success in America has been due to two things: our control of the
mass media of news and entertainment, through which we control the ideas
and attitudes of the masses; and the system of mass democracy, which
ensures that the votes of the masses under our control determine which
figurehead politicians actually make up the American government. Since
the last part of the 19th century we have been gathering the power of
the mass media into our hands. In those days many of us were only
rag-pickers and dealers in used merchandise, recently off the boat from
Russia or Poland, but whenever a Gentile newspaper got itself into
financial difficulties, we were ready instantly to pool our resources
and buy it out, so that henceforth it could be in the hands of one of
our people.

In the 1920s, when radio was becoming a powerful medium of persuasion,
we began buying broadcasting stations and putting together networks. At
the same time we saw the potential for motion pictures and began moving
into Hollywood. By working together with each other we were able to
bankrupt or buy out every Gentile film producer except Walt Disney. We
had to wait until he died to take control of his film company, but by
then we already dominated the entire motion picture industry.

After the Second World War, when television became the most powerful
medium of mass persuasion, we were ready to move in and dominate the TV
industry from the beginning. Today no motion picture can be made and no
television program can be broadcast in America without our approval.
Only a few independent commercial radio stations, a few shortwave radio
stations, and a handful of book and magazine publishers remain free of
our control. But the American masses, for the most part, never see or
hear anything we have not approved. They do not understand shortwave,
and they are afraid to read any publication we have not approved, for
fear that it might be "hate" material.

There is, of course, that pesky Internet, which is not yet under our
control, but we are moving rapidly to deal with that matter. We expect
soon to have our puppet politicians enact "hate speech" legislation in
America, similar to that which we already have succeeded in having
enforced in Europe, so that no one can say anything on the Internet
which has not been approved by us. The couch potatoes will not object,
because we will tell them that the new laws will make them safe from
terrorism. By that time we also should have achieved our goal for the
disarmament of the American population. And then, my fellow Elders of
Zion, we can do to the American people what we did to the Russian
people. With our power of television, we will have them voting for their
own slaughter.

Long live our mass media! Long live democracy! Long live the power of
triumphant Zion!


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