Those Who Care

Dr. William Pierce



American Dissident Voices Broadcast of January 6, 2001


I wish that my people were a little more in touch with the real world.
To say that a different way, I wish that they did not cling so tightly
to the temporary and artificial world of comfort and security in which
most urban, middle-class White Americans spend most of their time these

I talk about real things that are happening all around us: things such
as the horrible rapes and murders of four young White people in Wichita,
Kansas, three weeks ago by non-White animals whom we should not even
permit to live on the same planet with us: animals whom we support with
welfare programs so that they can breed more of their kind, whom we send
to school with our own children, to whom we give the protection of our
laws, whom we flatter by telling them that they are "equal" to us. I
could tell you about such things every week, about the invasions of
White homes by Black rapists and killers, about White women abducted by
Black carjackers, then raped and murdered. I could tell you about such
things every week because they happen every week in this country.

And I think that most of you believe me when I tell you about these
things. You understand that I am not making them up or even
exaggerating. I am sure that many of you, after I tell you where to
look, check out at least one of my Black-on-White crime reports for
yourself, and then you believe, then you understand.

And of course, it follows that those of you who believe the reports I
give you also must believe me when I tell you that the Jewish media
bosses deliberately cover these things up -- because, in fact, they are
covered up. You still haven't heard about the Wichita rapes and murders
I told you about last week except from me.

Remember, I'm not talking about the lemmings now. The lemmings never
understand anything. I received a hate letter from a lemming right after
last week's broadcast, and it was clear that she didn't believe me. She
was sure I had made it all up in order to generate animosity against
Blacks. She wrote to me, and I quote: "I am embarrassed and shocked that
after so many years of pain and suffering by all people you come along
and spread your venom like it is the truth. The unfortunate thing is
that there are people out there who will believe your lies." -- end of
quote -- She went on to say a few nasty things about me personally and
to let me know that she was praying to her god for my speedy demise.

You know, I am sure that if one spread out in front of this woman the
news reports from the Wichita Eagle, she would refuse to look at them.
She would be sure it was some sort of trick to test her Political
Correctness. She knows that Blacks don't do the sort of thing they did
in Wichita last month, because she has been taught by television that
Blacks are morally superior to White people, and certainly the Jews
would never lie to us about such things, because the Jews also are
morally superior people. If we kidnapped this woman and dragged her
forcibly to Wichita to speak with the police and with witnesses there,
she would close her eyes and put her hands over her ears. She doesn't
want to know the truth. She is, as the psychologists would say, in
denial, along with all the rest of the lemmings, because that's the way
lemmings are.

But most of you who listen to my broadcasts do believe and do
understand. And for that reason I do not belabor you with reports of
Black-on-White crimes every week. Usually I talk about such things when
I want to use them as an example to illustrate an idea. But I do talk
about them often enough so that everyone who listens regularly is aware
of the crimes being committed against our people. Everyone understands
that they are real crimes, and that our deadliest enemies, those who are
working day and night, year after year, for the extinction of our
people, are those who suppress the news of these crimes, those who try
to keep us from knowing about what is happening and who also keep the
lemmings hypnotized with ball games and soap operas and smiley-faced
news commentators telling us that we are living in the best of all
possible worlds.

You know, in a healthy world, in a just world, the suppression of that
one news story about what happened in Wichita last month would be
sufficient reason to clean the whole tribe out, to get them out of our
society root and branch. It would justify having a hundred men with
shotguns going into each major media headquarters building in New York
City and cleaning it out, starting with the ground floor and working
their way up, pulling the scriptwriters and the editors and the news
directors and the "spin doctors" and all the rest out from under their
desks and executing them on the spot. It would justify sealing off
Hollywood with tanks and cleaning the place out, block by block.

But we don't do a thing. We just pull our security blankets around us a
little tighter and refuse to deal with the real world. In Russia and
other places in eastern Europe a century ago we at least used to
organize pogroms occasionally. Jewish behavior in a town or a district
finally would overtax the patience of the people, and they would clean
the Jews out, which would cause the Jews in surrounding areas to keep
their heads down for a while. But the pogroms never were done
systematically or on a sufficiently large scale, and so eventually the
Jews got the upper hand by organizing the Bolshevik Revolution, and then
they systematically murdered 30 million or so of our people -- Russians,
Poles, Estonians, Latvians, Ukrainians, and others -- focusing their
hatred on the classes that earlier had kept them in check. 

Have you read a book by Tom Wolfe called The Bonfire of the Vanities? It
was published nearly 14 years ago, in 1987, and is still in print. My
sponsor, National Vanguard Books, sells a paperback edition for about
eight dollars. It's a masterful novel about a man who lives in a
comfortable and secure artificial world and manages to avoid contact
with reality altogether -- until one day he makes a slip and is yanked
out of his security blanket and into the real world. It's not a pleasant
experience for him, and it's easy to see why he preferred to avoid
reality for as long as he could. But Tom Wolfe's protagonist in The
Bonfire of the Vanities, Sherman McCoy, is a man without principles or
ideals, a typical rich New York capitalist. You wouldn't expect him to
care what is happening in the real world, as long as he can live in his
artificial world, protected from contact with the real world by his
money. I like to think that not everyone is like Sherman McCoy. In
particular, I like to think that my listeners have principles and
ideals, that they do care what's happening in the real world.

So why have there been no pogroms in America? Why has not even a single
righteous Gentile gone into a major Hollywood studio with a shotgun and
even begun to clean the place out? There hasn't been a significant
bombing in New York since the World Trade Center bombing eight years
ago, and that was done by a bunch of Muslims. What's the matter with our
people? Why do we let our enemies walk all over us without striking

I was talking about this with a member of my organization, the National
Alliance, a couple of months ago. I told him that I thought the reason
is that our people have been comfortable for so long that we've become
soft. The only White people who aren't soft, the Ku Kluxers and the like
at the bottom of the White socioeconomic ladder, aren't smart enough to
organize a good bombing or a good studio cleaning party, and the
professionals, who do have the technical skills and the organizational
ability to put together a good pogrom, are too spoiled by comfortable
living to take the risks involved. It's too bad the economy has been so
good for so long, I said. It's made cowards of us.

He had a slightly different view. He's a professional himself who's
doing quite well in his business, but most middle-class and
upper-middle-class Whites don't really feel secure, he said. They are
living well at the moment, but very precariously; they're spending a lot
of money, but they're up to their ears in debt. They have big mortgage
payments to make every month on their $400,000 homes, big car payments
on their BMWs and Mercedes, huge credit card bills to pay as a result of
their wives' weekly shopping excursions to the malls. They feel that
they are living in houses built of cards, and any disturbance will bring
everything down in ruins. If they miss a payment, they will be out on
the sidewalk, with bill collectors tramping through their repossessed
homes and carrying away all of their worldly goods. This is what makes
them afraid of any exposure, afraid to speak out, afraid to do anything
except slip a hundred-dollar bill into an envelope and send it to us

Well, probably there's a lot of truth in his explanation for the
inaction of our people, although it's difficult for me to sympathize
much with folks who have let themselves be emasculated by their craving
for wealth, regardless of the details. To the extent that his
explanation is correct, it is evidence of the need for us to structure a
post-revolutionary society quite differently from this one.

For example, credit undoubtedly is a very handy thing sometimes, but
encouraging people to get themselves into debt by spending money they
haven't yet earned seems to me an antisocial activity. I've always been
in favor of letting individuals have the freedom to harm themselves in
any way they want: to take up cigarette smoking, to try sky-diving
without a parachute, to borrow money and become debt slaves. Not only am
I in favor of freedom, but this sort of thing can have the eugenic
effect of weeding the genes of the foolish and the undisciplined from
our gene pool, if we don't make the mistake of rescuing them from their
folly. But when a particular folly weakens the whole society -- debt
slavery on a large scale, for example -- it's time for the leadership to
step in and restructure institutions in such a way as to minimize the

Well, that's getting away from the main idea I want to talk about today,
and that is the passivity of our people, the non-resistance of our
people to the Jews' campaign of genocide against us. Why don't we
resist? Why do we just watch what the Jews are doing to us without any
significant reaction?

Is it callous indifference of the Sherman McCoy variety: the attitude
that as long as we personally aren't threatened it doesn't matter what
happens to the race? Is it concern about the precariousness of our
personal situations, as one of our National Alliance members suggested
to me? Is it simply cowardice resulting from being too comfortable and
too secure for too long, as I often have suggested? Is it that even our
independent thinkers have a little lemming in them and simply refuse to
face difficult truths, truths that demand personal sacrifice from us?
Are we all in denial, like the female lemming who sent me a hate letter
after last week's broadcast? Do we look at the films coming out of
Hollywood which more and more blatantly and unmistakably are encouraging
impressionable young White girls to bed down with jungle bunnies and try
to find some other explanation for why the Jews are doing it, some
explanation which doesn't demand that we grab our shotguns and head for

Actually, it may be all of the above. It may be that the more
self-centered individuals among us haven't yet realized that their fate
is tied to the fate of the race. And it also may be that as a society
prolonged prosperity has left us too soft, too unwilling to take
chances, and that this timidity has been exacerbated by a feeling of
precariousness from being financially overextended. A sharp economic
downturn undoubtedly will help a lot by knocking down the house of cards
many people feel they are living in now, but it won't do much to cure
ingrained selfishness or ingrained cowardice; that will take a
generation or more of hard living.

As for the lemming factor, I do believe that there is some of that in
most of us. We want to be liked; we want to be popular. We all flinch at
the thought of public censure. No one wants to be condemned or ridiculed
or hated or even considered weird or odd by the people around him.
There's a tendency to conform, to go along with the crowd, in all of us.
The true lemming is completely dominated by that tendency, but it is
present to some extent in all of us.

When I was a child independent thinking was fashionable, and so I was
taught always to do what I knew to be right rather than what everyone
else was doing. I believe that teaching helped me overcome the lemming
factor in myself. In recent years independent thinking has fallen out of
favor, and going with the crowd has become fashionable instead. And so
modern teaching tends to strengthen the lemming factor. That, I'm
afraid, is just something we'll have to live with until we instead of
our enemies are in a position to determine what is fashionable.

So, being realistic, I think that we must count on most of our fellow
White Americans remaining passive as long as conditions remain
approximately as they are now. My great fear is that they will remain
passive even when the current Jewish program to abolish our Bill of
Rights reaches its final stages, and the politicians are told to enact
"speech crime" laws and to round up privately owned firearms. Certainly,
the lemmings are ready to go along with that now. In every major
newspaper you can read their letters to the editor and on every radio
talk show you can hear them parroting what they have learned from the
Jews: namely, that the First Amendment was never intended to protect
"offensive" speech, speech which hurts other people's feelings; and that
the Second Amendment has nothing to do with private rights but only with
the rights of government militias. They spout this nonsense with the
confidence that comes from knowing that all of the other lemmings agree
with them, and this air of confidence does tend to some degree to
intimidate the independent thinkers who know it's nonsense.

Being a bit of a cynic, my guess is that when the secret police start
locking people up for saying or publishing something which is
Politically Incorrect, the independent thinkers won't make much of a
fuss. Most of them will look the other way and pretend not to notice
what's happening -- if the economy remains stable and they are still
comfortable. If someone else can arrange to damage the economy or
otherwise make our people a bit less comfortable, then more power to
him. I wish him success. But unlike Bill Clinton's pal Michael Milken I
know nothing about manipulating the economy, and so I will continue to
do what I'm doing now, which is to provide information and inspiration
to as many people as I can until the police come to lock me up as a
"speech criminal."

Actually, I don't mean for that to sound pessimistic. I'm rather
encouraged by the response I'm getting now. That response has grown
enormously during the past few years. It's a response from a minority of
a minority, but it's still very encouraging to me. The minority to which
I refer is the two or three per cent of the White population which is
essentially non-lemming in character, the two or three per cent which
has enough independence of mind to overcome its lemming tendencies and
to think for itself -- at least, under ideal circumstances -- even if it
lacks the courage or the motivation to act. That's a minority of two or
three million White adults just in the United States. I'm reaching a
minority of that minority now and getting an increasingly positive
response, and I believe the response will continue to grow. I believe
that in the reasonably near future I'll be reaching a majority of the
independent-minded minority, and maybe even receiving a favorable
response from a majority of that majority of the independent-minded
minority. Anyway, that's my goal at the moment, and I can see it coming
closer month by month.

I also should tell you, however, that I receive many letters from people
who lament the fact that I haven't made much headway among the great
majority of the White population -- that is, among the lemmings. They
tell me things I mustn't say lest I alienate the majority, and they also
tell me the things I should say in order to gain the support of the
majority. But mostly they give me pessimistic reports of their
observations that the majority of the White public is still solidly in
the grip of the Jews, and they want to know why I don't try harder to
win the support of the public. And this tells me that no matter how many
times I explain it, they still don't understand that there are two
distinctly different types of White person making up the public, and
that my broadcasts are aimed entirely at just one of those types.

The two types are the lemming and the non-lemming. The lemming is not
interested in what is true and what is false or in what is good and what
is evil. In fact, those distinctions have no meaning, no reality, for
the lemming. In deciding what to believe, the lemming is interested only
in what the other lemmings believe -- or in what he thinks they believe.
It doesn't do any good at all to try to change a lemming's opinion by
showing him factual evidence or by appealing to his ideals. The only way
to change a lemming's opinion is to trick him into believing that all of
the other lemmings have changed their opinions. And I suppose that under
the right circumstances I might be able to do that with some lemmings.
The Jews do it all the time with all of the lemmings. But I really can't
compete with the Jews at trickery. To compete effectively I would need
to own a couple of television networks. So I don't even try. I direct my
message entirely toward that minority of the White population which
actually cares what's true and what's good.

And it's not always easy to persuade even the people who care. A lot of
them don't want to have to deal with the responsibility of knowing the
truth if it's an unpopular or uncomfortable truth. A lot of them would
like to continue blending in with the herd. They would like to continue
running with the lemmings even though they themselves are not true
lemmings. That's why, after all of my efforts, I still am reaching only
a minority of a minority. But with this minority which does care about
what is true and what is good I am making progress. With this minority I
have an advantage over the Jews. They have the television networks and
the Hollywood studios and Madison Avenue and the government and the
mainstream churches on their side, but I have the truth and right on my
side, and that is what will win with those who care.

And once I have won the hearts and minds of a majority of those who
care, even though they make up only a rather small minority of the total
White population, I will have the means to begin competing with the Jews
for the support of the lemmings too -- even if those means must be
unconventional. But for now the only ones who count are those who care,
and our problem is not just to provide the truth to these people, but to
inspire them to act on the truth, to do whatever it takes to make them
overcome their passivity, even if that means organizing another series
of savings and loan failures the way Bill and Hillary Clinton and their
buddies did a few years ago, but on a bigger scale this time.

Well, as I said earlier, I don't know how to do that myself. I'll have
to depend on other people who care to figure out how to make our fellow
White Americans less comfortable and less secure than they are now, and
I'll stick to providing truth and inspiration.

Thanks for being with me again today.


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