Lordy, Lordy! Payback Time Is Here

Dr. William Pierce



To: National Alliance (national@natvan.com)
American Dissident Voices Broadcast of November 18, 2000


As you certainly must know, if you have listened to a few of my
broadcasts, I'm not much of a democrat by nature, and I regard the
present political system in the United States as a disaster; it's a
system in which we count the votes of millions of media-controlled
lemmings to determine who our legislators will be and who the head of
state will be, and everyone pretends that it's the "will of the people"
which rules. The concept of "the will of the people" is questionable
even under the best of conditions, where one has a reasonably
homogeneous group of people with a high degree of commonality of
interests, but in the multicultural chaos of the United States today it
is meaningless; it is an illusion which serves only to deceive and
But it's easy enough to understand how this illusion is useful to the
men who really run the country, the men who pull the strings. It's
useful, because when the voters become unhappy with the way things are
going or the way the system is working they have only themselves to
blame. The stringpullers are safely behind the scenes. There's no king
to blame things on, no dictator, no oligarchs -- or at least, no visible
oligarchs. The only thing the people see is the media circus, with the
commentators maintaining the suspense: Will the voters of New York go
for Hillary or for Rick? Will the voters of Florida go for Al or for
George W? As if it made a lot of difference!

Well, of course, it does make a big difference to many of the voters.
There are hundreds of thousands of Bush supporters, mostly the more
upright and traditional Americans, who are horrified and frightened by
the prospect of having a sidekick of Bill Clinton in the White House and
continuing the Clinton era for another four years. And there are the
assorted bolsheviks, Hollywood trendies, welfare recipients, dykes,
kikes, and the rest of the Clinton Coalition, who see Bush as the
willing tool of fascist corporate bosses eager to grind the working
class -- and more important, the heroic, liberal champions of the
working class -- under their iron heels. The stringpullers, of course,
are not really worried, because they know that either candidate will do
what he is told to do. They will have to use somewhat different
strategies depending upon which candidate wins, but no one is even
permitted to become a serious candidate unless the stringpullers are
certain beforehand that he will take orders.

You might conclude from what I've just said that the whole democratic
process is so tightly controlled by the stringpullers that it is
completely meaningless and should be of no interest to us. Well,
although that is substantially true, it is not completely true. Although
the stringpullers, the people who control the media, usually are able to
make the electoral process go the way they want, nothing in life is
absolutely certain. People miscalculate things. People make errors of
judgment. Even very clever people sometimes trip themselves up by trying
to be too clever. We can see an example of that in the recent
presidential election.
Stringpullers like close elections, because that gives them a greater
advantage. If one candidate is far ahead of the other in the polls -- if
he is beating his rival by ten to one -- he doesn't really have to
promise anyone anything. He knows that he'll win and he doesn't need to
beg anyone for support. Theoretically, he could even rebel against the
stringpullers and tell them to go to hell. That, in fact, is the Jews'
worst nightmare. When a really popular leader arises in any country, a
true man of the people, then the Jews have no leverage at all, and they
usually find themselves in big trouble.
Their survival depends upon playing a balancing game, upon keeping the
population of a country sufficiently divided against itself so that the
Jews have the balance of power and through their money and their media
control can push an election either way. Don't be confused in this
regard by the fact that the little Jews, with their natural bolshevik
tendencies, usually favor the Democrat by four or five or six to one.
They aren't the stringpullers. It's the big Jews, the media bosses and
the money men, who really control the candidates, and their aim always
is to keep things sufficiently divided that they control both
candidates, not just the Democrat.
Balancing the candidates is not their only stratagem for controlling a
democracy, of course. They also aim to divide the people in a very
fundamental way, to divide the people culturally and biologically.
That's one of the reasons they favor Third World immigration and
multiculturalism. That's why they're always pushing "diversity."
Although a diverse population may be more difficult to control in one
sense -- that is, it may be more difficult to keep a diverse population
orderly and moving in the same direction -- it is far less likely to
combine against them. It is far less likely to combine behind a single

They also strive to control the democratic process in depth, not just at
the presidential level. Candidates typically come up through the system
over a period of time. A presidential candidate typically has been a
governor or a senator or a vice president before he becomes a
presidential candidate. The stringpullers have been able to test him and
evaluate him over a period of time, to compromise and corrupt him, to be
sure that he will take orders and will not surprise them or embarrass

But balancing the candidates, keeping the elections reasonably close, is
a part of their strategy of control, and they work at it just as they
work at increasing the heterogeneity -- the "diversity" -- of the
electorate and at making sure that no honest man gets very far into the
system. But, as I noted, sometimes they outsmart themselves. In the
recent presidential election they kept Bush and Gore so close that we
got the indecisive and really rather embarrassing result we have now.
The media were taking polls every day during the last few weeks before
the election and announcing breathlessly, "Gore is ahead by one point,"
but then they would balance this by saying that they had a poll which
showed that the people didn't trust Gore as much as they trusted Bush.
And the next day they would announce, "Now Bush has pulled ahead by a
point." When Bush got three or four points ahead, then a story about a
long -- ago drunk driving charge was given a big play to bring him back
down closer to Gore. And so it went, right up to election day.
And then we got the sort of result we have now, with the people in both
major parties convinced that the other side is trying to steal the
election. We have Jesse Jackson in Florida with his traveling circus,
organizing demonstrations. During the past ten days we have had the Jews
in the Gore camp demanding recounts in several Florida counties, and we
have had the Bush people in court demanding an end to the recounts. The
media have been playing it up as proof that the system still works in
America. In Pakistan or Brazil under similar circumstances the people
would be rioting in the streets, but here we go by the rules. Isn't that

As a matter of fact, some of the demonstrations in Florida by Gore
supporters this past week have looked a lot like riots to me. More
encouraging than that, however, is a huge amount of grassroots reaction
to the election, as manifested on radio talk shows and in Internet
discussion groups. Paranoia is rampant. Never before have there been so
many claims and such widespread belief in election fraud. While the
media bosses are telling us that the election proves the system works,
more people than I've ever seen before are saying that this election
proves the system is crooked. The really wonderful thing about this is
that no matter whether Gore or Bush ends up in the White House, half the
country will be convinced that the other side stole the election.

That conviction will be good for the country, but it is not a conviction
which will be helpful to the stringpullers. For their racket to continue
being successful, they need for the public to believe in the system and
support the system. When most of the people no longer believe in the
system, we will have a civil war. Civil wars are nasty things,
destructive things, and most normal, healthy people abhor them. But a
civil war is coming, and the sooner the better, because as the country
becomes darker and more "diverse," the other side becomes stronger. The
longer we wait, the bloodier and more destructive the civil war will be,
and the less chance we will have of winning it. That's why I say that
the suspicion and discontent caused by the recent election are good for
America and for our people, and they were not the consequences intended
by the stringpullers. 

I've received a lot of mail on this subject during the past week, and
probably a letter from one Florida voter, Bob, sums them up. Bob writes,
and I quote: "I have always been a voter, but this is the last time. I
have been raped enough by these scoundrels in Washington. To hell with
their elections. Let's start taking our country back -- now. I'm sick
and tired of it all, and I won't take any more."

On the other side we can see a mixture of gloating and whining in Jewish
publications. A Jewish Telegraphic Agency dispatch of November 8, for
example, is headed "Florida Jews may hold key to the presidency." The
first line of the JTA dispatch reads: "In the end the selection of the
next president of the United States came down in many ways to voters in
heavily Jewish South Florida."

Actually, Jews make up only five per cent of the population of Florida,
but they are very heavily concentrated in a few Florida counties, and it
is from those counties that most of the complaints about the election
have come. After Bush won the popular vote in the state by only about
7,000 ballots, a recount was demanded. But in the most heavily Jewish
counties -- Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach -- one recount wasn't enough.
They have been demanding recount after recount, and Bush's lead keeps
dwindling. Jews in Palm Beach County, which is the most Jewish county in
the United States, complained that they were confused by the ballot, and
they want not only another recount but a chance to vote all over again. 

Finally, there are the absentee ballots, all of which should have been
counted by yesterday. An especially high percentage of Florida's
absentee ballots come from Jews in Israel. Jews have demanded and
received the privilege of being able to live in Israel as Israeli
citizens and still retain all the rights of U.S. citizenship, such as
being able to vote in U.S. elections. Virtually all of these Jewish
dual-citizenship votes are for Gore. The nicest possible outcome of the
election would be for a few thousand Israelis to be the deciding element
in putting Gore in the White House. Although Bush himself wouldn't dare
to complain about that, plenty of Republican voters will be talking
about it. As I said, the important thing about this election is not so
much who won it, but that it has served to shake the faith of many
voters in the system.

One other good outcome of this election is the state of gridlock we can
look forward to in the Congress, which is now much more evenly divided
between the two parties. The less the Congress is able to agree on
anything, the fewer new laws with which they will be able to saddle the
American public.

One issue which certainly will be debated in the new Congress is the
issue of reparations to Blacks for slavery. Just over a month ago, in my
broadcast of October 14, I pointed out that this issue, which has been
sitting on the back burner for a long time, would begin heating up
quickly, and it has. I made a wild guess in my October 14 broadcast that
Blacks might ask for as much as a trillion dollars in reparations from
Whites, which would come to a little over $20,000 per White household in
the United States. 

Well, since first scenting the possibility of squeezing some reparations
money out of Whitey, Sambo has become more ambitious. Now spokesmen for
the Black reparations movement are talking about five trillion dollars,
or more than $100,000 per White household, and that's a wonderful thing.
I suppose that a lot of timid, brainwashed, middle-class Whites might be
willing to cough up $20,000 in order to avoid being denounced as
"racists," but when somebody comes around to collect $100,000 from each
of them instead, he's going to catch a 12 gauge rifled slug in the gut
coming right through the door. That's another good reason for getting
the guns away from all of those White crackers now.

Really, if there's any group of people in America who deserve to suffer,
it's the White middle-class. It's the people who have been warned for
decades about where this country is headed, but who were too
shortsighted, too timid, and above all too greedy, too selfish, to do
anything about it. During the 1960s, when Blacks were rioting and
burning our cities, middle-class Whites refused to take a strong stand
against them because that would disrupt the country even more and would
be bad for business; instead they tried to appease the Blacks with all
sorts of new civil rights laws and other government programs. They tried
to buy them off. The Whites just wanted to continue indulging
themselves; they didn't want to do anything that might require a bit of
austerity in return for the long-term improvement of the country. 

In the 1970s, when the real push was on to racially integrate the
country through forced busing and forced housing and forced employment
laws, and many White working-class people were demonstrating in the
streets against this forced racial integration, the comfortable middle
class, which was not being as adversely affected as the blue-collar
class, refused to become involved. The White lawyers and doctors and
accountants and professors and engineers and small businessmen just
looked the other way and kept on stuffing their faces. Their kids
weren't being bused to Black schools; their employment wasn't being
threatened by affirmative action. They certainly weren't going to
jeopardize their own comfort and security and respectability, just
because of what was happening to working-class White kids and
working-class White parents. 

Of course, many middle-class Whites were concerned about the
degenerative trends which were all too obvious in America during the
1960s and 1970s. They just weren't concerned enough to do anything.
Their solution was just to vote Republican and keep making as much money
as possible, so that they could insulate themselves and their own
immediate families from what was happening around them, and to hell with
everyone else. And so we had the Reagan era, and the White middle class
thought that their strategy of compromise and appeasement and
selfishness had worked. 

Well, of course, it hadn't worked. Such strategies never work in the
long run. People who will not fight eventually will be eaten by people
who will fight. A community whose members are so self-centered that they
will work only for their own personal benefit and not for the common
good eventually will be destroyed by its enemies. 

And our enemies have been at work, day and night. They opened our
borders to the subhumanity of the Third World and began building up
their numbers. They encouraged feminism and began reducing our numbers
by persuading our women that careers were more important than families.
They infiltrated and took over our educational establishment and taught
our children that  they should be ashamed of their own race, that their
own history and traditions weren't worth learning about. 

And the children of the White middle class learned instead that doing
drugs and putting safety pins through their noses and wearing baseball
caps backward and listening to Black rappers is cool. And the daughters
of the White middle class began bedding down with Blacks and becoming
pregnant with mongrel babies, and their parents didn't like it, but they
tolerated it, as long as they could hang onto their money and their
comfort and their lifestyle. And eventually the enemies of our people
were strong enough to launch the Clinton era. But the members of the
White middle class were still comfortable, and so they tolerated the
Clinton era too, with all of its treason and degeneracy. They tolerated
the total Judaization of their government. They tolerated the Clinton
government's bombing of Belgrade to force Serbia into line with the New
World Order. They didn't like it, but they tolerated it. 

And so now the fruits of all that toleration are almost ready to be
harvested -- and it's about time. It's about time for the White middle
class to have to deal with the problem of 30 million Blacks who believe
they are entitled to reparations and who very shortly will be clamoring
for $100,000 from every White family. They believe they're entitled to
at least five trillion dollars in reparations from us, because we
tolerated the Jewish media pumping expectations of that sort into them
during the past 50 years. We tolerated all of the Hollywood films and
the television propaganda telling them about how they were persecuted
and mistreated by us for 400 years and that they really are equal to us,
and the only thing which has kept them from achieving what we have
achieved is White racism. We knew it wasn't true -- we knew it was
Jewish lies -- but we tolerated that propaganda rather than risk being
called "racists" for contradicting it or "anti-Semites" for pointing out
who the liars were.

And we also proved to 30 million Blacks that we're a bunch of wimps who
won't fight for our people or for our own rights. They believe that the
White man owes them five trillion dollars and that he doesn't have the
guts or the gumption to stop them from taking it. 

It'll be an interesting fight. And you know what? I'll be cheering for
the folks demanding reparations. I think it's about time for the soft,
White middle class to begin facing reality and to experience a bit of
trauma and privation. Perhaps it'll help a few of them learn how to
survive in the jungle from which they have been too far removed for too


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