Woe to Our People's Enemies!

Dr. William Pierce



To: National Alliance (national@natvan.com)
American Dissident Voices Broadcast of Dec. 25, 1999
Subject: ADV10-16-99: Woe to Our People's Enemies!

I've had several film crews visiting my office during the past few
weeks: BBC, the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, Arts and
Entertainment; you name it, they've been here. Reporters and
photographers from the print media too: the Washington Post, Rolling
Stone magazine. The main thing they're focusing on is my acquisition of
a couple of record companies for the production and distribution of
resistance music. They want to tie that in to my two novels, The Turner
Diaries and Hunter -- especially The Turner Diaries -- and suggest that
all of the things I do are somehow connected with the growing threat of
terrorism in America. Their position is that Timothy McVeigh read The
Turner Diaries and got his friends to read the book, and then he blew up
the Federal Building in Oklahoma City; therefore, The Turner Diaries is
a terrorist book and is responsible for the bombing.

I always tell them, no, my book is not what caused Timothy McVeigh to
blow up the Federal Building; it is what the Federal government did in
Waco, Texas, two years earlier that caused the bombing. It was the
murder of all those women and children in the Mt. Carmel Church by the
Clinton administration which made Timothy McVeigh decide that someone
had to strike back at a tyrannical and murderous government. Someone had
to send the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington a message that
there are Americans who will not tolerate such behavior. And I cite the
evidence to these media people: Timothy McVeigh went to Waco during the
Federal siege of the Branch Davidian church and expressed his outrage to
other people who were there. And at the time he was sentenced to death
by the Clinton government Timothy told the court why he had bombed the
Federal Building. He told the court that the Federal government, by
setting the example of terrorism against its own citizens, was provoking
counter-terrorism against the government.

Well, of course, the media people already know these things, but they
won't report them. They won't put the blame for the bombing on the
Clinton government. They love the Clinton government. It's their kind of
government. Bill Clinton is their kind of guy. Janet Reno is their kind
of butch-feminist attorney general. And all those people the government
burned and shot to death in Waco, why, they don't really count. They
were just a bunch of wackos; they were separatists; they were
unfashionable people; they weren't even liberals. They weren't part of
our wonderful TV society, our consumer society, our Clinton-era,
feel-good society. They just wanted to be left alone, and people who
want to be left alone are dangerous. You can't trust them. It's all
right for the government to kill them.

Anyway, the media people certainly are not going to blame the Oklahoma
City bombing on the Federal government, with which they identify. They'd
much rather blame it on me and on my book, because my book predicts
growing terrorism in America and explains why it will grow. And the
explanations in my book are not Politically Correct. My book is not in
tune with the Clinton era. I am a boat-rocker, and it's people like me,
who aren't happy with more diversity and more feminism and more
homosexuality and more multiculturalism and more government intrusion
into our lives, who are dangerous, who are a threat to everything the
media people hold dear.

They take the same attitude toward the music I distribute through my
record company, Resistance Records. It is resistance music. It is
opposed to everything the Clinton government and the media people stand
for. And their position is that my music is responsible for the violence
in which young people often are involved. They say that my music is
responsible for the anger so many young Americans feel.

And I tell them, no, it's not my resistance music which makes young
Americans angry. It is the conditions around them, the conditions in
which they are obliged to live, which make them angry. It is the
alienating conditions in our society, in our cities, in our schools,
which make young people angry. It is being forced to go to school with
non-Whites, being forced to live in an increasingly non-White
environment, which makes young people angry. It is seeing their heritage
stolen from them that makes them angry.

All of that seems clear enough to me, but the media people pretend that
they don't understand. How could anyone not like going to school with
Blacks? Such a culturally enriching experience! How could anyone not
like growing up in the multicultural sewers that our cities have become?
How could anyone object to having his heritage taken away, when it's for
such a good cause: the cause of more feminism, more homosexuality, and a
non-White majority in America? No, no, it couldn't be these things which
are alienating young people and making them angry, the media people
think, because these are all good things. It must be my music -- or
perhaps violent video games, anything except the Clintonista filth,
which the media people are helping the Clinton regime ram down our

You know, these media people really cannot imagine why the prospect of a
non-White America; a mongrel America; a coffee-colored, Third World
America of Black basketball players and rap music and high fives and
Ebonics, should make anyone angry. They just can't imagine it. Take a
look at Newsweek magazine for this week. It has a picture of what these
spiritually sick media liberals want the America of the 21st century to
look like. They really want it to be an America without White people.
Newsweek, of course, is owned by a Jewish company, the Washington Post
Company, but it pretty well represents what all of the media people,
Gentles as well as Jews, think. And they believe that is the way
everyone else should think. They don't understand why their vision of
America should make young people angry. So it must be my music. It must
be people like me who are making young Americans angry by providing them
with Politically Incorrect music.

 I tell the media people that the purpose of resistance music is not to
make young people alienated or angry; instead it is to give them a
rationale for their alienation and a target for their anger. It is to
explain to them why they are alienated; it is to help them understand
the causes of their alienation by showing them who and what are
responsible for the alienating conditions around them. The purpose of
resistance music is to direct their anger outward, toward a proper
target, so that their anger will not become self-destructive but instead
can help them by helping our people.

But whenever I say something like this to a media person I just get a
vacant smile. What I'm saying either doesn't register because it's too
far off his wavelength, or he's deliberately tuning me out because he
knows that if he really reports accurately what I'm telling him he'll
need to look for another career shortly thereafter. I'm inclined to
believe that in most cases it's the former: at least, in the case of the
rank and file reporters and writers. The media bosses, the ones who set
the party line, lie deliberately, but the media people in the ranks tend
to be a highly socialized group, very dependent on their interactions
with their peers. I don't think they're even capable of independent
thought. They can think only as a group. Each of them can think only
what the others are thinking. If you put one of them in a room by
himself somewhere, his brain would just shut down until another media
person came into the room. Perhaps this is the way people tend to be who
were raised in day-care centers, always surrounded by other children
when they were very young.

Be that as it may, whether the media people deliberately twist and
distort the reality they present to the public or do it unconsciously,
it really is a big problem for all of us. Most Americans depend almost
entirely on the mass media -- on television, radio, newspapers, and
newsmagazines -- for everything they know, or think they know, about the
world outside their own neighborhoods. And when that view of the world
is distorted, is falsified, then we have difficulty making correct
decisions and acting in a way that is consistent with our interests as a

There are other ways of learning about the world besides watching
network television, of course. One can find out almost anything by using
the Internet as a research tool. By learning where to look and how to
read critically, one can pretty well get around the media controllers --
which is why they're working so hard now to try to build public support
for their effort to control the Internet too, so that they can censor
it. They want to protect us from pornography and terrorism, they tell
us. What they really want to do is protect us from the truth, because if
most Americans had any hint of the truth, the media bosses would have to
start swimming for Israel to save their hides.

Well, as far as the public is concerned all of that is pretty much
irrelevant. Expecting the general public to read anything critically or
to learn how to use the Internet for research is just a pipe dream. The
public may use the Internet for on-line shopping, but for 99 per cent of
them that's it. Most of them always will get their news and their ideas
from the easiest source, which is television, and they will believe what
they see on the screen and what Tom Brokaw or Peter Jennings or Dan
Rather tells them to believe.

Is that important? Is it really important what fools believe?

Well, yes, it is important. In the first place, we still have a crazy
system where what the couch potatoes and lemmings believe has a big
influence on public policy and on the type of government in Washington.
When evil men, whose interests are diametrically opposed to the
interests of our own people, are able to determine what the voters
believe, then that is a matter of concern to us. That is the root of
most of our problems today, this deliberate deception of the voters by
the media bosses.

But even if couch potatoes weren't allowed to vote, we still should care
what they believe. We often may be contemptuous of people who can't
think for themselves and who are so easily misled, but the fact is they
make up the bulk of our people, and if we want a truly healthy society
again, we need for even the sports fans to have at least a rudimentary
understanding of what's happening in the world and why. We want at least
the great bulk of our people supporting the goals of our society.

Anyway, that's in the future. Let me give you a very specific example of
the way in which the masses of the American people are fooled today. I'm
sure that you remember the massacre at Columbine High School in
Littleton, Colorado, in April. I've already spoken about that at length
on earlier broadcasts. The slant that the media people immediately tried
to put on that massacre was that the two killers were neo-Nazis of some
sort, or at the very least White racists, who had deliberately targeted
Black students. And they put this slant on it knowing that one of the
killers was a Jew -- hardly the neo-Nazi type -- that only one of the 13
victims was a Black, and that both killers were explicitly anti-racists
and talked about how they wanted to kill White racists. And it has been
this slant which has stuck in the public mind, even though the facts
have been available, not only on the Internet but even in some widely
distributed print media. It is television which makes a lasting
impression on the average sports fan, not the news on the inside pages
of the New York Times.

Even now, with excerpts appearing in Time magazine from the transcript
of a video the two killers made before the massacre, most couch potatoes
still believe they were neo-Nazis, because that's what Tom Brokaw and
Peter Jennings and Dan Rather told them back in April and have been
hinting at ever since. We need to get those neo-Nazis under control. We
need new "hate crime" laws. That's the media message. Even with the
video made by the killers now public, you can ask most sports fans,
"Hey, you remember those two neo-Nazis who shot all the kids at
Columbine High School?" and they'll answer, "Yeah, I remember them."
Which just goes to show that it's a lot easier to fool people than it is
to un-fool them.

Nevertheless, the video made by Klebold and Harris is very interesting,
because it ties in with some other issues I've commented on. One of the
first things that struck me when I read the transcript of the video the
two killers made in Klebold's basement was the statement made separately
by both the killers in slightly different words to the effect that they
hated everyone: "It's humans that I hate," Klebold said. That reminded
me of something the first-century Roman historian Tacitus wrote about
the Jews more than 1900 years ago, and I quote: "They hate all humanity,
except their fellow Jews," Tacitus wrote.

Christians, especially, seemed to be hated by the two killers, and they
made a number of obscene and derogatory comments about those of their
fellow students who were Christians whom they intended to kill. Is this
something Klebold learned from his Jewish mother? We don't really know,
and we certainly won't find out from Tom Brokaw. One thing which is
clear from their video, however, is the almost total sense of alienation
felt by the young killers. They really hated the world.

Now, they certainly didn't learn that hatred from reading one of my
novels or listening to the resistance music I distribute or from
visiting one of my Internet web sites or even from playing violent video
games -- and yet Jewish groups and much of the media have been trying to
convince the public that they did. Actually, there are some trendy folks
out there who are an easy sell for that theory. There are people in
America -- White people -- who really believe that things are getting
better and better as they become more and more "diverse," more and more
chaotic, more and more multicultural, more and more Jewish. They can't
imagine why young people should be more likely to be alienated growing
up rootless in the Clinton era. I mean, it just couldn't be the feminism
and the homosexuality and the racial mixing and the behavior of the
Federal government -- all of those things are just so wonderful -- so it
must be those awful heterosexual White males who put hate on the
Internet and write hateful novels and distribute hateful music.

Anyway, the value in the video that Klebold and Harris made, and the
reason that you should read the transcript on the Internet or at least
read the excerpts in Time magazine this week, is that it provides a
horrifyingly graphic picture of the depth of the alienation and the
intensity of the rage inside many young Americans today. And keep in
mind that Klebold and Harris were not my kind of young Americans. They
had no healthy racial feelings, no understanding of what was happening
to their world. One of them was a Jew. And yet they were totally
alienated. This sickness around us -- this liberal, Jewish, feminist,
egalitarian sickness -- corrupts everyone. The video Klebold and Harris
made will convince you, if you weren't already convinced, that the world
young Americans are growing up in is profoundly unnatural and unhealthy.
Some adjust to it, more or less, but a growing number do not. Instead,
they become alienated, and they become filled with rage, and in the
years ahead there will be hell to pay.

This Klebold-Harris video being made public now is a fluke. It gives a
perceptive few a chance to see some evidence that they wouldn't
otherwise have seen. It's not likely to sink into the consciousness of
the sports fans, however, because it won't get the intensive TV coverage
the original story got. Most couch potatoes still will believe that
Klebold and Harris were neo-Nazis who learned to hate from the Internet
and from listening to the wrong kind of music. And so most Americans
still won't have a clue as to why more and more young Americans are
intensely alienated and angry. And not having a clue, they're not likely
to exert any pressure on the government to change things in the right
direction. And that's the way the media people want it. They like the
way things are going now, and they intend to keep on protecting the
voters from the truth.

Listen! Being in the resistance music business has given me an even
better opportunity than before to talk with young Americans. When I tell
you that their alienation and rage are growing, I know what I'm talking
about. There are hundreds of thousands of young, White Americans who
would like nothing better than to rip out the throats of the people who
have made their lives pointless and meaningless. You can't build enough
prisons to hold them all. You can't become safe by passing new gun
control laws. The rage building now will find a way out. My aim is to
help it find the right way, a constructive way. Not the Klebold and
Harris way, certainly, but a way which will result in a lot of throats
being ripped out nevertheless: the throats of the people who have been
deliberately destroying our world, stealing our heritage, and trying
their damnedest to keep the American people from learning the truth and
healing themselves.

We will be healed. We will be cleansed. We will bring the truth to our
people despite the controlled media. We will take our heritage back. The
young people who listen to resistance music will be the vanguard of our
army of liberation. Woe to those who try to stand in their way!

Additional reading:
Cornelius Tacitus, The Histories, Book 5


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