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Submitted to: The Neosho Daily News, Aug. 27, 1996

Printed: August 29, 1996


Looking at and reading the TV and newspaper accounts about the Robert Joos preliminary trial hearing of Aug. 26, I am not surprised that few comprehended the main issue raised that day. Very few people understand the U.S. Constitution or the moral foundations necessary to maintain a stable social order anymore.

The main issue is not Bob Joos' brand of Christian Identity religion, or his 'anti-government' stubbornness in refusing to cop an Alford plea. The main issue is whether the hirelings we trust to enforce "the law" will obey it or not and what we will do about it when they don't.

This issue came to a head when State Prosecutor Ahsens said in objecting to Robert Joos' motion to dismiss the resisting-arrest charge: "Irrelevant. The fact as to whether these arrest warrants were signed or whether the police officer has them in his possession is irrelevant."

Prosecutor Ahsens had to say this. Robert Joos had proven that the arrest warrants were not signed as a judge can be held civilly liable for bogus arrest warrants he signs and no judge wanted to stick out his neck. The arresting officers would testify that they had no arrest or search warrants in their possession. Therefore Joos could not be charged with resisting a false arrest.

Since an arrest warrant, even if legitimate, is not the same as an search warrant, the so-called "inventory" of vehicular contents carried out without a search warrant is illegal, therefore the charge of carrying an allegedly loaded (by whom?) .32 caliber pistol should be dismissed as well.

So much for the two charges left to justify the politically and religiously motivated imprisonment of Robert Joos since June 1994.

We have entered an era of warrantless arrests and warrantless searches, based upon the whim of the police and judicial system. Bye, Bye, Bill of Rights, Bye, Bye!

History should teach us that terror and lawlessness from the top down will be met and matched by terror and lawlessness from the bottom up. The Homer Simpsons in the middle will be caught in the crossfire.

Are you sure you want this, Middle Amerika?

A Friend of Bob's,

Martin Lindstedt
Granby, Missouri

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