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>Dear Martin,
>I read your answers in this post with interest.  As is your practice, 
>you are clear, precise and down to the point.

   This person was talking about my points in dealing with regimeist 
quislings such as Capt'n CONstitution and other idiots, as well as 
my responses to some intelligent people such as Mike Kemp.

>Your discourse here, invokes a memory and some questions I have.
>You speak briefly about a resistance that exists.  Some time ago, 
>someone told me, via telephone, very briefly about an incident that 
>occurred in Somalia, when masses of US troops were down there in 
>that uncalled for fiasco.  

    I read the best account of this recently in a library book I have 
checked out called The Next World War: Computers Are the Weapons 
and the Front line is Everywhere by James Adams.  While the author 
is a typical journalist, i.e., establishment lackey, he did a very 
good analysis of how the Somalia debacle was actually a tactical 
victory in that about a thousand deaths and fatalities were dealt 
out to the Somalis, with only about 50 casualties to the Americans.
However the press, and the televising of the dead American being 
dragged naked through the streets by blacks made it a Somali 
strategic victory in that the UN troops were pulled out.
The journalist matter-of-factly explains what happened in this 
fire-fight, and how the Somalis equipped with RPG-7s and AK-47s 
ambushed the Americans in their helicopters.

>    I wish I could remember who my caller was, so I might refresh my
>memory more with what he said.  As far as my recollection serves, the
>caller mentioned there being a "huge military faction in the Marine 
>Corps that spread to other bases abroad and in the States, and all in 
>this faction "were members of an Aryan, or White Nationalist movement, 
>called `Black Dawn.'"  The caller added that "Black Dawn" leaders 
>believed that American blacks are preparing to take over the nation, 
>and that Black Dawn will put down this resistance by eliminating all 
>these blacks.

    Thomas Chittum, in his Civil War II book and WWW page explores 
this inevitability.  He notes that white officers have been 
discriminated against by black Army personnel officers.  Chittum 
predicts that both the police forces and the military shall split 
into racial groups as the evil multi-ethnic empire breaks up, and 
shows on his WWW page photographs of clippings to prove his point 
regarding these trends. 
   I am in the process of setting up a Resistance Officers Staff 
College, and Chittum's book will be required reading.  In the mean 
time, check out his WWW page in corroboration with his book at:

   Something not usually well known is the fact that most elite 
combat arms positions, i.e., Special Forces, Airborne Rangers, 
SEALS, as well as the Regular Army infantry, armor, and artillery 
positions, and the Marines, have increasingly become majority white, 
as opposed to a few years ago.   The positions in combat support, 
supply, etc., are increasingly held by minorities.
   I do not know if this has come about because of natural 
inclination or because the evil empire is beginning to get concerned 
about the demographics of its armed forces.

    There has always been a 'racist element' in the armed forces, 
especially among the combat arms.  When I was in the Army in a nuclear 
missile unit, there was one person who was continually in trouble for 
being openly a Klucker, and went from E-6 to E-1 to discharge. 
This was a problem for the battalion commander because his plight 
was sympathized with by the white junior enlisted, while it was gloated 
over by the senior enlisted and black and Puerto Rican contingent. 
And this was in a nuclear missile unit, which supposedly had the 
better class of soldiers, or supposedly the more intelligent ones.

   I have no doubt that such a faction exists in the Marines and Army. 
I see no reason that it has spread openly and so far so fast yet.  I 
think it is an element of braggadocio as yet, as the Special Forces 
Underground of a few years ago was. 
   However, such a faction has fertile ground to grow and spread, 
but not into a sizable organization, though it has more than 
enough sympathy in the armed forces to grow quickly and with great 
power as a fragmented 'understanding.'
    This has always been the problem with a police state with ample 
soldiery and a disarmed population.  One can never trust altogether 
a mercenary bunch of thugs armed with overwhelming firepower, as 
their loyalty is a transient thing, as the Roman Praetorian Guard, 
which in the declining days of the Empire made and unmade emperors.

>If you know about this matter, and if this is true and if there 
>exists such a large Aryan or White Nationalist resistance, maybe you 
>can not share this data with me.  If you are at liberty to do so to 
>any extent, please tell me if there is in fact such a huge military 
>faction called Black Dawn.  And are their intents the one mentioned 

    There is ample reason to believe such a limited organization exists 
and that they are of the intent mentioned above.  I see no reason to 
believe that this organization has/has not this particular name, or is 
anything other than a disinformation organization given such a name.

>At the same time, Martin, it is hard for me to believe that the White
>Resistance as a whole, as intelligent as many members are, believe 
>that pathetically manipulated blacks are their largest enemies.  Of 
>course, I realize that "separate nation" espousing nationalist blacks, 
>like Black Power factions, like the Farakhan fawning fools, as any 
>other manipulated ethnic group, if owning large quantities of 
>armaments, can be most dangerous and terribly destabilizing to 
>the nation.  But...take over the nation...I don't think so.

    The current nation, as we know it, will not be around for much 
longer.  It cannot be, because it is not a nation with one nationality, 
but rather a multi-racial, multi-ethnic evil empire about to experience 
the reality of 'diversity' being not a source of strength, but rather 
conflict inevitable.

    The problem, as any White Nationalist knows, isn't in the Black 
Nationalists, who are really potential allies, but rather in the 
corrupt criminal regimeists, who are the real enemies.  Given their 
criminal nature, it is a waste of time to negotiate with them for 
our freedom, just as it is undesirable for us to leave them alive to 
corrupt our future White Nationalist nations.
   These regime criminals have usefully segregated themselves into 
professions such as lawyers, politicians, bankers, police.  So now 
that they have made themselves known as oppressors to the people by 
their conduct, it is an easy thing to identify them for justice.

   A second consideration is that the other racial nationalists are 
similarly oppressed by white regime criminals, and have similarly 
recognized them as well.  

    For example, last weekend's "Million Youth March" instigated by 
Khallid Abdul Mohammed was particularly instructive.  It ended with 
a speech by Mr. Muhammed which triggered a police riot on a 5,000 
negro youth crowd which netted 5 civilian injuries and 16 police 
    The speech was peppered with Mr. Muhammed chewing out the 
police ("no-good bastards") and Mayor Guiliani ("no-good cracker
bastard"), the white man's law (Ain't worth the paper it is written 
on"), Uncle Tom negroes ("Boot-licking Charlie Rangel is pissing in 
his pants"), Jews ("Repeat after me . . . The Jews are all a bunch of 
bloodsucking bastards. . . . bloodsuckers . . . nothing but 
bloodsuckers").  But most of the speech was devoted to devoted to 
the necessary action should there be a police riot -- which Khallid 
Abdul Mohammed spent a good deal of time provoking.  

   I myself loved the speech.  I listened to it twice, and found it 
both funny and realistic.  Mr. Muhammed certainly did not pull any 
punches.  In fact, Mr. Muhammed called the Establishment a "criminal 
regime."  Sound familiar to those who get my communications?  It is 
my favorite appellation for the very same people who misrule this 
    Mr. Muhammed's speech can be heard in Real Audio at:

   Mr. Chittum himself commented on the speech as well:

       I saw it on TV. Shortly after Mr. "K" called Jews 
       "Bloodsuckers" the station (RNN) switched the live 
       feed from the demonstration back to the studio to a 
       pair of salt-n-pepper puppets - a black "yesum massa" 
       Uncle Tom and an "I kiss black ass on sight" white 
       yuppie. I was one yuk short of rolling on the floor 
       laughing. No matter how much they suck up to Mr. "K" 
       via $10,000 speaking "honorariums" from colleges, the 
       dude just won't cork the "Bloodsucker" thing. 
         When he was finished speaking, they put the camera back on 
       the demonstration. Mr. "K" grabbed a large can of cash he 
       had collected from the suckers - excuse me, I mean march 
       attendees - told them to attack the police, and exited 
       the area at top speed. A few bottles and a chair were 
       thrown, but otherwise it was a bore. His Honor, the Mayor 
       of NY City, has threatened to put Mr. "K" on trial for 
       inciting a riot, but it's just media bluff for the voters. 
          --Million Youth March Ends in Clash --

    Mr. Chittum was not the only one who found this speech highly 
amusing.  I found it hilarious as well.

   However, the most interesting part of this story isn't how the 
racial nationalists all were looking forward to getting to see New 
York burn down as a result of a police riot -- though we were. The 
Black Nationalists, White Nationalists, and Hispanic Nationalists 
would have liked nothing better than to see NYC burn down and see 
regime criminals and uncle toms swinging from a lamppost.  So the 
real news is not that the criminal regime is under siege, but that 
the racial nationalists of all races have common ground against the 
criminal regimeists.

    Who does the White Nationalist view as his predominant enemy? 
The Black Nationalist?  No.  The Hispanic Reconquestadorito of 
California?  No.  Rather he views the criminal regimeist White 
Establishment ZOG/NWO as not only the most dangerous enemy but as a 
racial traitor as well.  To hear the Black Nationalists denounce the 
Jews as "bloodsuckers" is music to the ears of a White Nationalist. 
Any White Nationalists hearing Khallid Muhammad's speech will both 
laugh and say, "Them niggers are starting to figure it out.  Now go 
ahead and burn down Jew York, Jew York."

   You see, the White Nationalist/average white working-class male 
thinks that the only worthwhile black leader is someone like Louis 
Farrakhan or the even more militant Khallid Muhammad.  White 
Nationalists and Black Nationalists want exactly the same thing: a 
country of their own, where they are led by honest leaders who have 
the interests of their own race first.  This is why an understanding 
between Black Nationalists and White Nationalists has always existed. 
Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican black, formed an alliance with the 1920's 
Ku Klux Klan, who certainly agreed with Garvey's "Back to Africa" 
movement.  George Lincoln Rockwell of the American Nazi Party in the 
1960s said that if he had been born black that he would have been a 
black leader like Malcolm X.  Back in 1994, when the militias were 
forming under effective leadership, long since gone to ground, I 
watched as the effective leadership of the militias (as opposed to 
figurehead militia generals) made contact with the Nation of Islam 
leadership in Kansas City, St. Louis and Little Rock and pledged, 
if not support, at least a sort of 'non-aggression pact' of sorts. 
I have no doubt that if the inner cities were to explode tomorrow 
and you were to see blacks killing and eating white bureaucrats and 
policemen, unless we had relatives living there not a single 
White Nationalist militiaman/Resistance cell would lift a finger 
to save white criminal regimeists or suburban white chickens.

   So the White Establishment and assorted criminal regime hangers 
on has the power of the Army (only the ground forces have any 
relevancy in a civil war, as it is ground soldiers who can target 
and engage guerrilla forces), and police, its legal apparatus, and 
the media.  Only military or police power have any relevance given 
total civil warfare.  The White Establishment/NWO/criminal regime 
has the notion that the despised white "trailer-park trash in 
fly-over country" will save their assets from the Black or Hispanic 
mobs.  Good.  But this is not the case.  The first order of business 
is to take care of local regime criminals and their police in those 
predominately white areas.  Those lower-class whites living close to 
the inner cities will be busy refugeeing to the rural areas.  When 
South Central LA erupts, not only will the police not intervene as 
in 1992, but Hollywood and the rich white areas, absent all support 
from the white rural areas, will doubtless be cut off and overwhelmed 
by the Blacks and Hispanics.  It is doubtful that the White 
Nationalist militias or Resistance cells will save the white criminal 
regimeists -- even if they could.

   You see, the white establishment criminal regimeists have all the 
Racial Nationalists as enemies, but none of them as friends.  For 
White Nationalists and white criminal regimeists to form an alliance 
for mutual survival is unthinkable -- for White Nationalists.  For 
criminal regimeists to make an alliance with the Black and Hispanic 
Nationalists is impossible.  Remember Khallid Muhammed?  Why would 
any Black or Hispanic wish to appoint a white regime criminal over 
himself?  Any such attempt by the criminal regimeists to overtly 
betray the whites would lead to them into an intensified crossfire 
between all racial nationalists.

   So seeing the faction military potentialities shows that while the 
white criminal regimeists are right now the strongest, in any civil 
war they are actually the weakest, having only the power to destroy 
through nuclear or biological warfare the big cities.  Having the most 
to lose in any escalating civil war, they will try to keep it suppressed 
for as long as possible.  However the conditions leading up to this
current civil war becoming a total civil war will heat up due to the 
corruption, cowardice and degeneracy of the criminal regimeists.  They 
cannot but help bring matters to a boil, as they continue to increase 
the debt, speculate away the pension funds of the declining middle 
classes, and pass more legislation which pushes Racial Nationalist
recruits into choosing whether to accept their genocide or to stockpile 
   The White Nationalist faction, with its holding the rural terrain 
which make up 95% of the current country, and due to its numbers and 
political and military position in these rural and small-town area, is 
the faction which holds most of the cards.  Everyone will wish to 
be a White Nationalist, even the criminal regimeists and their police 
forces, who will be expelled and exterminated for past crimes.  In a 
small-town or rural setting everyone knows who the lawyers, politicians, 
policemen, and other criminal regimeists are and where they live.

   The Black Nationalists, with most of their number in the non-South 
inner cities are largely cut off from support.  However, being cut off 
from food supplies into the inner cities will have the effect of 
ensuring that the criminal regimeist bureaucrats, their police, the 
non-racialist whites will be attacked without the benefit of White 
Nationalist protection.  Thus the white criminal regimeists and 
Black Nationalists will have a free hand to destroy each other, without 
the White Nationalists having to do anything except watch, wait, 
chuckle.  The white criminal regimeists might well destroy their 
habitations by nuclear bombing and biological warfare, while the 
blacks are doing it one block at a time.
   The Hispanic Nationalists are in a similar position as the Black 
Nationalists except for the advantage that they have internal lines 
of retreat and supply via the Mexican border.  In cities where there 
is a substantial Black and Hispanic population, look for them to 
start fighting for dwindling means of survival once the white criminal 
regimeist element has been destroyed and looted.

    To summarize:  The criminal regimeist White Establishment, seemingly 
the strongest faction right now, is actually the faction which will be 
the weakest come the escalation of the civil war they started.  They 
must and will be utterly exterminated by the White, Black, and Hispanic 
Nationalists.  The Black Nationalist faction is the most restive. 
Living in inner-city areas away from sources of survival, their 
desperate wrath will fall most harshly on the criminal regimeist White 
Establishment.  If they are unlucky in their rising, they will either 
be repatriated to Africa or, if lucky have a Black homeland in the 
deep South states of Georgia to the east bank of the Mississippi river.
The Hispanics will be pushed back to the Old Southwest, gaining the 
border areas from Texas to California.
   The White Nationalists will regain most of the lower-48, except 
that which is ceded to the Blacks and Hispanics.  The criminal 
regimeist White Establishment will be utterly destroyed, replaced by 
a new elite of Revolutionary/Resistance soldiery who waged successful 
civil warfare.

>I think you are in a position to know the answers to some of my 
>questions.  A response would be appreciated.  I hope there is a 
>large resistance against the true enemy of all people.  

    The first thing which must be understood is that all the political 
'realities' of yesterday will be swept away, replaced by the political 
and racial realities of today and tomorrow.  The people who survive 
will be those whose brains are unclouded by any indoctrinated sentiment 
that the criminal regimeist White Establishment found useful to plant 
in our heads.  The average white man never had any use for black or 
hispanic labor, which was imported to this country for the benefit of 
a few rich white plantation or corporate masters.  The sellout of the 
majority whites by racial traitors interested in assuaging their own 
greed thus began with the Erasmus -- the first slave ship to America in 
1619, and is currently going on with the Tyson chicken plants importing 
wetbacks today.  Thus in the interests of the vast majority of the 
whites, it will become necessary and desirable to instead allow for 
segregated homelands for all races, as opposed to engaging in racial 
warfare to the last minority first thing right off.  What must be done 
first thing right off is the extermination of every regime criminal, 
most of them white, in order to implement a White Nationalist solution.

    This is why I find any "Black Dawn" element among the Marines to 
be a foolish rumor.  First of all, it is the wrong branch of the 
military to form any such White Nationalist element.  Marines are 
an adjunct of the Navy.  The current Navy is divided into carrier 
forces and nuclear submarines, in which the Marines act as ground 
forces for foreign overseas missions.  Thus the Marines have no 
mission beyond their bases less than 75 miles away from the ocean. 
   The Army/Air Force is related in the same way as the Navy/Marines. 
The Air Force used to be the Army Air Force until 1947 or thereabouts. 
The Air Force, with its high proportion of officers and the demands 
it makes for intelligent forces, is typically the 'whitest' of all 
the branches of services.  Yet it is not the military service which 
will be all-important in the coming total civil war, but rather the Air 
Force will be engaged in service to the Regular Army forces, supposing 
that the racial nationalist guerrilla forces hang around in large 
enough numbers to justify an air strike.

   It is the Army/National Guard which is the service of importance 
when this civil war heats up.  It will be the Army which will be called 
upon by the criminal regime for counter-insurgency once the police are 
unable to maintain things, as happened in the LA riots.
    However, due to the necessity to keep the Army loyal, or at least 
neutral, the criminal regime is justly paranoid as to the loyalty of 
its white combat troops, few of which come from Washington or Jew York 
or even the state capitals across the land.  The blacks are likely to 
become effective Black Nationalists who know how to use small arms. 
Even the Puerto Ricans are suspect as to tendencies toward racial 
nationalism.  There is not much racial integration among groups 
eating in mess halls unless the soldiers are lifers or dopers.  So 
given the likelihood of racial nationalists using their skills learned 
in the Army to subvert the Army's loyalty to the criminal regimeists, 
the CID (Criminal Investigation Division -- the Army's detectives) 
is always on the lookout for the dreaded White Nationalists forming 
cohesive groups.  This is especially the case today, far more so than 
in the 1970s and 1980s.  Even so, the loyalty of the Army cannot be 
assured.  Given a racial civil war, white units cannot be counted on 
to fire on white civilians, blacks cannot be counted upon to fire on 
blacks, hispanics cannot be counted to fire upon hispanics.  Given 
this reality, is it any wonder that the white criminal regimeists 
have cut down on the Army, trying to gauge its loyalty through UN 
'peace-keeping missions'?

    So it is extremely stupid to form an overt White Nationalist 
or Resistance group while in the Army, just as it is useful to have 
the sell-out Clinton generals seeing an armed-&-dangerous skinhead 
in every white recruit.  It is useful to have young white men in the
Army learning useful skills, such as how to fire an assault rifle, 
lay down a stream of machine-gun fire, dig a foxhole, learn how to 
use communications and gather intelligence on an enemy force.  The 
better element will learn to despise the criminal regimeist Army 
careerists who give them senseless orders while at the same time 
learning soldier skills implanted in basic infantry training. Some 
will learn military realities, learn what is capable with the armed 
forces and what is not.  The Army has trained its opposing forces 
very very well.  It behooves the White Resistance to take advantage 
of this useful military training.

   So the rumors of a 'Black Dawn,' of a White Nationalist group within 
the Army is doubtless just that -- a rumor.  However, it is a rumor 
which is largely correct in that there are doubtless half-squads of 
soldiers in the Army with exactly the same point of view within every 
company.  Doubtless there are junior and field-grade officers and 
junior enlisted and NCOs who feel the same way as well.  Given a total 
civil war with racial fighting, one can expect to find that large 
portions of the Army will be politically unreliable by the criminal 
regimeists.  Large portions of the Army will defect by partial squad, 
platoon, company, battalion level elements and take themselves and 
their weaponry over to the Resistance/Revolutionist forces.

--Martin Lindstedt, Former Specialist Four, 1981-83
C Battery, 2/42 Field Artillery (Lance)


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