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Election Questionnaire 1996

To help us vote intelligently in upcoming elections, please tell us what you would do to make our Good Community into a better one. If it doesn't concern the position for which you are a candidate, answer as a private citizen, not as a possible officeholder. (Many problems can be solved by community members working together.) Continue on back of page or use a separate sheet of paper if you want more space.

Trash: What can you do to help clean up the roadsides and keep them clean?

Campaign Promise: I won't throw trash out the car window.

Seriously, perhaps making the people who throw trash onto the road pick it up and everyone else's trash for a 1/2 mile on both sides a few times per year would curtail such behavior.

Education: What ideas do you have for helping the schools deliver a superior education to young people?

I intend to finish off government-run public schools in favor of free-market parental choice privately run schools. A gradual approach would be through the use of vouchers uncontrolled by the educational bureaucracy, which I intend to eliminate.

Jobs: How can we create more work paying livable wages in our community?

Through the cutting of high taxes and the elimination of government regulations which benefit corporate welfare. As governor, I have the power to cut state taxes and state government red tape to make Missouri more competitive via other states.

By using the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, it should be possible to limit federal regulation to federal property and set up trust funds on taxes going to Washington so that the State of Missouri, not federal bureaucrats, holds the whip hand..

Affordable housing: What can we do about the fact that some people have difficulty finding a place to live on the wages they make?

People have problems finding low-income housing because of high local property taxes and local zoning regulations which diminish the supply of low-income housing.

Cutting taxes and cutting regulations are the best cure of the source of these problems.

Domestic Violence: Statistics indicate that rural areas have considerable spouse abuse. What can we do?

Move to town.

Summer Programs for Children: Parents who work sometimes leave children unattended at home because they can't afford child care. What is the solution?

Lower taxes on people so that one paycheck can support one family. Either that or increase the welfare rolls, because it is stupid to pay for daycare so that momma can flip hamburgers or sub tables at McDonalds.

I much prefer to let people keep their own money.

Agency cooperation: Do you believe that city, state, county agencies, working on the same issue, such as crime, should cooperate to solve problems? How would you help achieve this cooperation?

I don't believe that further dossiers should be made to control the population. Greater numbers of policemen and more people in prison is an admission of social failure and impending collapse, not success.

It would be far better to cut the number of laws governing political or crimes without any "victim" other than government power and control and concentrate only on crimes committed by people who violate the rights to life, liberty or property of others.

I will resist and fight any further centralization and control of citizens by army-of-occupation bureaucrats, cops and lawyers.

0ther -- What problems in our community do you consider most serious and how would you help solve them?

My two priorities are:

#1. Eliminate the government-run public school system in favor of parental-choice free-market educational alternatives such as religious, private, computer, Internet, or home based schooling. This now quite possible, and it is imperative we stop mentally crippling our children and bankrupting the state treasury in order to support the education bureaucracy.

#2. Totally change the judicial system in Missouri so as to break the monopoly of the lawyer's guild, kick out the current corrupt and government-dependent judges, empty the prisons of political prisoners and smugglers, and fill them up temporarily with corrupt politicians, police, lawyers, judges and government workers until the guilty can be judged and hung, branded, and/or banished from the presence of their former victims. The smartest and most corrupt criminals are presently ruling over the citizens. In short, people will only be charged and convicted for actual crimes against another persons' life, liberty, or property, and I don't intend to build any more prisons when there is no shortage of rope or horsewhips.

Name_____________________________ July 8, 1996

Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Missouri

Return questionnaires by July 8, 1996 to:

Election Information Committee,
Buffalo Area Professional Women,
Route 1, Box 1965,
Urbana, Mo. 65767

Stamped addressed envelope enclosed.

Thanks for the SASE. It saves me money I don't have. -- M.L.

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