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Piglice Report

The Jewplin Glob, Page 5A, Feb. 24, 2004
by Jewplin Glob jewsmedia staff, like Dena-the-Hyena Sloan

Purdy man faces multiple charges in domestic dispute

NEOSHO, Mo. -- A 35-year- old rural Purdy man is facing charges of parental kidnapping, domestic assault, burglary and trespassing in connection with four recent incidents.

Becky Seidl, an assistant Newton County prosecutor, said an arrest warrant was to be filed against Michael A. Whittenburg, Purdy route 3. Three felony charges and a misdemeanor charge were filed Monday against Whittenburg in Newton County Circuit Court.

Whittenburg is accused of second-degree domestic assault for allegedly trying to harm Crystal M. Dubois-Whittenburg by running into her automobile with his automobile on Feb. 16.

In a probable-cause statement, Dubois-Whittenburg wrote that she and her son were northbound at Vixen Road and Route EE in Newton County when her husband, Michael Whittenburg, drove his vehicle into hers in an effort to take their son. Her husband and another person took the child, she said.

"They put him in the van and took off," her statement says.

Whittenburg is accused of first-degree burglary for allegedly entering the home of Dubois-Whittenburg at 28407 Route EE in Stark City on Feb. 9 to commit parental kidnapping.

Whittenburg also is accused of parental kidnapping, a Class D felony on Feb. 9.

In probable-cause statement, the victim alleges that Whittenburg kicked in the front door, and that he and his nephew took the 2-year-old boy while he was sleeping.

Whittenburg is accused of first-degree trespassing, a Class B misdemeanor, for allegedly entering the home of Patrick Watts at 6956 Old 60 Highway in Seneca on Jan. 29.

In a probable-cause statement, Watts said that he refused to allow Whittenburg to come inside, and that Whittenburg tried to hit him five to seven times. Watts said he left to make a phone call, and that Whittenburg entered his property.


1. Here is a question: What happens if these charges turn out to be false? I am not talking of executing only the adulterous slut 'Crystal Dubois-Whittenburg' who filled the ears of the Newton County Prostituting Lesboskank with this anti-man bullshit, I am talking about executing this Prostituting Lesboskank Attorney, with a law degree, who deliberately suborns perjury and then commit acts of treasonous barratry in maliciously prosecuting these political cases -- these anti-man cases manufactured to empower females who want to use the kid to get the husband to pay for them to whore around with others.

I know Mike Whittenburg because he is my common-law wife's nephew. Mike is big and dumb and not a criminal. He has an 85 IQ on a good day. He works hard for a living. And his whore wife decided to run off with the kid and parked her first kid born out of wedlock with relatives because, as she put it, "I simply don't want to take care of this one." Yet she wants the kid born in lawful wedlock because she thinks that she can get a welfare check off of Mike's boy and have Mike pay for it while in prison.

2. The new Prostituting Lesboskank now that Patricia Loveland moved on. I seen the bitch on March 8, 2004, when I filed a demand for jury trial for a seat-belt violation. She acted as if she had never seen a motion before from the cattle she slaughters for a living. Orange-haired bitch with a sour disposition. I bet a big huge male dummy like Mike to pros-titute/ecute makes that lesboskank's nipples hard and cunt wet. Think of the 'victory' scored for lesboskanks in destroying a man by prosecuting the lies of some welfare slut who has given up her daughter born out of wedlock in favor of taking a man's only son away from him and imprisoning him for the priviledge. No wonder the family is breaking up, thanks to this bitch and bitches like her.

3. This is the first time I have heard of what might or might not a simple vehicle accident caused by a refusal on one or both parties to yield being described as a 'domestic assault.' This Prostituting Lesboskank would doubtless file it as a 'hate crime' as well if the woman happened to be a nigger or beaner as opposed to whigger trash. Since the Prostituting Lesboskank wasn't there, then it is simply the word of the adulterous whore against the husband and [4.]'another person'. What if that 'another person' and her husband claim that the goofy bitch got all nutzoid and ran off the road and in the interests of the safety of his son, that they took him back home, as opposed to letting her whore buck nekked for her meth-pimp, Watts? That sure would knock a hole of "beyond a reasonable doubt" of the Prostituting Lesboskank's suborning of perjury from the adulterous meth-whore, now wouldn't it? Since the brewing of doerge-dope/meth here in ground-zero of whigger-Haiti is bad enough, why bother putting some working poor dumbass like Mike Whittenburg in jail for wanting to make sure his son is safe from such goings on?

5. First-degree burglary for entering his house that he lived in common with his wife? ['Dubois-Whittenburg' in Prostituting Lesboskank-spracht, as only lesboskanks and jewspaper reporturds ever called Mrs. Mike Whittenburg anything other than 'Crystal' before she decided to get rid of her first kid and become a meth whore.] How does one commit first-degree burglary by entering one's own house, for which it can be proven that you rented it from ZOG, given a real-property tax reciept? Call it creative overcharging what used to be known as malicious prosecution by femnishevik Prostituting Lesboskank Attorneys, but the 'burglary' is simply a means of falsely claiming . . . .

6. . . . . 'parental kidnapping?' Since there has been no divorce, and custody has not been lawfully established, then how can it be said that a parental kidnapping has occurred? Besides, the adulterous slut has the kid that she got through deceit. Again, we have an unscrupulous Prosecuting Lesboskank making up new crimes unsupported by either the facts or law in order to get passed a result never directly envisioned by the legis-traitors -- letting adulterous meth whores park their kids that they can't or don't want to establish paternity of while getting their lawful working-stiff husband put in jail until he pays the criminal regime managing these meth-whores for whatever neglectful quasi-support his lawful son gets while his adulterous meth-whore ex-wife gets to pursue the pleasures of becoming a five-ZOG-bux-a-blowjob public vagina. Isn't it typical for Deserter-in-Thief, SkunkBlunt and RuntBlunt Republicans to talk about 'family values' while at the same time destroying a family by destroying the husband who has settled down in favor of a woman who has decided to 'do her own thing' regardless of the welfare of both of her children and making the 'deadbeat-dad' man pay for it?

7. Finally a mere misdemeanor, trespassing. Not mentioned is the fact that this Patrick Watts is the party who has committed adultery with Mike's wife. Under Biblical Law, as opposed to the corrupt pretend legis-treason beloved of crooked pigs, lawyers, judges and twisted out of shape by Prosecuting Lesboskanks, both Mike's wife, Crystal 'Dubois-Whittenburg,' and this Patrick Watts would be taken out and put to death by stoning, a capital crime. If Mike knocked down the door, then beat the ever-living dogshit and then castrated this piece of shit, it would be no more than it had coming.

Let's say, given that finally there are two witnesses claiming that Mike Whittenburg, under extreme provocation, did exactly this trespass? What sort of minor trespass is this, given the capital trespass first committed against Mike?

And what sort of witness is this, that the Prostituting Lesboskank Seidl, would want to test-i-lie on her pore little meth-whore's behalf? Does she really want to righteously yap, yap, yap like a tit-dragging puff-twatted bitch-in-heat this bullshit about ZOG being a 'nation under [d]rule of law' while pursuing all of this treasonous and perjurous bullshit against a normal man wanting his only son to be safe out of the control of his adulterous bitch of a wife fucking bare-butt nekked what little brains she got left for a nickle-bag of blow? C'mon now, is this the sort of shit that taxpayer dollars should finance?

Commentary: Hell, I live in the buckle of the Baal-belt, the former #1 county of the #1 state for meth production, land of doerge-dope, home of piglice and kort corruption, nothing less than whigger-Haiti. My common-law wife has a number of white-trash relatives, and some who, by means of adultery, bred both upwards and downwards. I cannot stand my wife's older sister, one of who's daughters likes screwing Mexicrement. But her son, Mike Whittenburg, although big and dumb, has straightened his life up the past couple of years.

A couple of years ago, Mike married this slut who had a daughter by one of several male dogs running around. Mike didn't think he could get any better, and she did come with a double-wide owned by her mother, a drunkard. Her mother ran off when they married and had a son. Crystal never kept a bit of the house clean, it is lucky that they live on the eastern edge of Newton County where the piglice and DFS scum seldom go.

There is something to be said about family pressure, even if it isn't much of a family. Several years ago Mike was selling the food stamps and buying pot with them and starting with Mike's sister and ending with Mike's aunt and myself we made it clear that what he was doing wasn't right. And Mike changed for the good of his son and because Mike's family made it clear that we wouldn't support him running off with his kid under these circumstances.

But over the past couple of months it has been Crystal who has been running around. She got a job at Shoneys and decided to become a meat inspector with a male co-worker. Then she gave up her five-year-old daughter to her aunt or something, saying that she couldn't deal with having to take care of her daughter and sending her to school. But she and her new shackup lost their jobs and took to the meth scene and they wanted Mike, who had a job, to pay for it. So she ran off to Lesbian House Neosho (what many call Lafayette House, where no men are allowed to visit, especially the fathers of the professional 'battered wymyn'). And the professional lesboskanks there said that she couldn't get any support unless she filled out a false complaint against her husband. Hence all the bullshit above.

Crystal got the boy. She got the boy by deceit, claiming that she wanted to make up, then having sex with her husband. The first time she ran off the road, and Mike and another person got the boy back. The second time she peddled her tail better, ran to her grandma's house and called the piglice and kept the boy. It is a wonder that the Prostituting Attorney Seidl isn't charging Mike with domestic rape.

The morning after getting home after being arrested by this lying bitch of a municipal kort judge Ann Wells for contempt, I read the above article in The Jewplin Glob. I immediately recognized it as serious, and called Mike Whittenburg. I told him to stay out of Newton County, tell the piglice nothing because almost all of the lies above are disprovable given that Mike has the majority of the witnesses, and when arrested by the Barry County piglice to simply not waive extradition to Newton County. In any case, to simply go about his normal business so as to not be accused of evading the piglice. There is no law saying that Mike needs to stick his head in the trap by going over to Newton County. Well, hopefully Mike has listened to the rest of my instructions, because supposedly he let his crazy mother talk him into running when the Barry County Sheriff's Department came. As if a 300-lb man is going to outrun a bullet.

I'm going to let Mike cool his butt a while in the jail now that I have found out that the Newton County social workers have called his mother wanting to know where Crystal is. It seems that Crystal has flown the Lesbian House coop and can't be reached by the Prostituting Attorney Seidl to test-i-lie. So after Mike loses a few pounds and enjoys the comfort of Ron Doerge's jailhouse, and Crystal doesn't show up or refuses to go along with the above bullshit she said, then a motion for dismissal and release on own recognizance might be entertained by judge Stremel.

It is a waste of time to ask the Jewplin Glob or its Mangyturding Editor Edgar bar-Symp, the rat-faced kike, to print a retraction. Nope, the solution for lying jewspapers is for yourself, once you come to power, to print a retraction. So the question remains of just how many jewspaper pelts from these lying degenerate scribblers, these 'windy and incoherent sub-editors of the village jewspaper,' and their families will it take to print the above in one-inch block brands or tattoos? Inquiring minds want to know.