I'm a Libertarian Politician. What Do I stand for?

The Libertarian party stands for less government interference in people's lives, and the best way to accomplish this bloodless revolution is to remind some people and educate the rest that the government has no more power than what we give it. If, at any time, a sizable minority deliberately refuses to file income-tax returns, refuses to obey the laws that governing bodies churn out at the behest of special interests, refuses to take seriously the decrees of the trumped-up lawyers known as judges, if the people go on strike and flee to their homes, lock the doors, and take up arms, saying "Enough! No More!" then the government must come to a decision: "Will we listen to their grievances or will we kill them?" Then each person must come to the decision: "Liberty or Death." "Freedom or Slavery," "Will I knuckle under now so that I may survive tomorrow?" And when this Day of Decision arrives, either the King must die or the people must be enslaved.

I often ask, "How long do you think that this country has?" in the same sense that I judge how long a $300 used car will get me to where I have to go. And I listen to the answer. And I ask more questions, especially if I get unrealistically long answers. I estimate that this country has from four to twenty years left in it. Closer to four than 20. Like many Christians that I have talked to, I am getting a bit antsy at the arrival of the Seventh Millennium, although for different reasons.

If you vote for a Democrat, the odds are that he will advance this Day of Decision. If you vote for a Republican, he or she will skirmish around a little bit, might even hold the Day of Decision off for a while. But since Republicans have no vision, the people will perish. Republicans have no idea of how to wage a successful counter-attack, much less wage offensive warfare, retake new ground, and take the war to the enemy, to the government's heartland.

For American society is engaged in a civil war, a Kulturekampf, against the forces who would destroy it; who have destroyed it. This Cultural Struggle won't be won if your champions only act to protect themselves. A series of Dunkirks, of withdrawals, won't win this war. You need someone who will counter-attack, then fight hard for your legitimate interests of civil peace and prosperity.

The first counter-attack I waged was to collect 277 signatures for Hancock II. I went from door-to-door, explaining to people why they should trust no politician with the decision as to whether their taxes should be raised. I included myself when I said "You should trust no sneaking, lying, thieving politician, and the best way to do that is to sign Hancock II." "Don't put yourself in a position to where you must trust any politician; Sign Hancock II." "Take away power from the rascals in Jeff City; Sign Hancock II."

And I got a bunch of people to sign Hancock II. I have noticed that most Democrats consider Hancock II to be the Mark of the Beast and Mel Hancock to be the Anti-Christ. Most Republicans put their finger to the air, saw which way the wind was blowing, and signed it themselves, maybe even got friends and family to sign it. And that's about it. Most Republicans have damned Hancock II with faint praise.

As far as I know, there is no area politician who has gotten as many signatures as I have for Hancock II. Makes sense. Hancock II is the curse of the political class.

The second counter-attack involves struggles with the Granby City Council. It is foolish for a Libertarian to say, "bring things back to local control," and then turn around to find that the local hogs are clubbing the local flock of sheep over the head, then skinning and devouring them. Well, I've picked up the club, and I will render those hogs to bacon.

If elected, I intend to take new ground. I will initiate an Anti-trust suit against the American Bar Association. I will make it possible once each year, for the humblest citizen to make a complaint against local elected officials and bureaucrats and have it stick by means of grand jury investigation. No more immunity for doing evil in the name of the people. I will change the educational landscape by releasing vouchers to parents so that they can freely choose how to educate their children and let inefficient public schools die. I will make it so that no longer can so-called civil servants harass private citizens and get fat pensions for committing 20 years of mischief. No citizen has a right to 20 or more years at the public trough. Other problems that I will address I have listed in my papers.

I don't have time enough tonight to fully attack all the problems that an out-of-control government has imposed upon us. I fight, I struggle because I clearly see what is coming and I want to avoid it. We should have enough sense to follow the rule of holes: When your are in one, you had better stop digging.

I am running because there are issues that have been tabled for so long. I will go from door-to-door in October and November and feel the political pulse, inject Libertarian solutions, ask for support. I have challenged my opponents to debate.

I won't win this election. Too many of you white-chickens still blindly peck the Republican or Democrat ticket. Mrs. Bartelsmeyer and Mr. Fenske are good people. But they can't and they won't change anything. They have the same vision that has gotten us into this mess of our own making. Two years from now, the social rot will have grown worse. You have a choice, now. Seek out us Libertarians while we still may be found.


Speech given in front of the Lawrence County Christian Coalition, September 29, 1994, when Candidate was running for 132d State Representative.

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