by E. Thomson

Iraq (Click for giant map)With the capture of former U.S. ally, Saddam Hussein, the jewsmedia are putting on their maximum sheenie-spin, in hopes that the morale of the U.S. people and troops will be improved. Even journalists surmised where he would be hiding, near his hometown of Tikrit, so his hideout was no big mystery. A single tip would have sufficed to catch him.

Iraq has never been peaceful nor stable since its creation by the British who carved it and it’s oilfields out of the Turkish Empire after World War I. The only peaceful regime change in that multi-national entity, to my knowledge, was imposed by Saddam, when he shoved the #1 ruler aside from his former #2 post in the Iraqi government. Certainly, that was more peaceful than was U.S. President Johnson's accession to the U.S. presidency! Obviously, Saddam was given the green-light for his accession to power as Iraqi dictator ruling on behalf of his Sunni Arab minority. Now, who would have given him the green-light? Only Britzog and Uszog's petro-bankster regimes have such power to say 'yea' or 'nay' in that area, as we know. Thus it was no surprise that Saddam performed like a good little ZOG puppet:

(1) He kept the bastard, Babel state of Iraq unified, as an oil-producing entity for the ZOG.

(2) Like Abraham Lincoln he killed lots of his fellow Iraqis to maintain this artificial unity.

(3) When the U.S. turned against its former ally, the Shah of Iran, thus allowing for that country's takeover by the present Islamic fundamentalist regime, Uszog urged Saddam to invade Iran, and he did so, supplied with U.S. procured weapons, including chemical and bioweapons.

(4) The Iran-Iraq war between the two Moslem countries ground to a bloody halt, leaving Uszog puppet Saddam still in charge of Iraq.

Kuwait(5) In its campaign to destabilize the Middle East, on behalf of oil and Israel, Uszog had its ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, toss Saddam more bait, in the form of Iraq's long-coveted territory of Kuwait, which had been stolen from the Turkish Empire by the British, before the First World War, much as was Egypt. Kuwait was allegedly using directional drilling to suck Iraqi oil and was selling it at cut-rate prices, to the detriment of Iraq's economy. Uszog had Glaspie tell Saddam that "the U.S. had no interest in Kuwait". The Iraqi invasion resulted.

(6) When the U.S. expressed shock and anger at Saddam's takeover of Kuwait, he withdrew his forces, which the U.S. shot up once they were in Iraqi territory during their withdrawal to Baghdad, exactly as the Soviet Jewnion had done to the Finns while they were withdrawing under truce, during the Russo-Finnish War. Soviet satellite photos sold to ABC news revealed the absence of Iraqi forces in Kuwait, despite Pentagonian prattle about "extensive fortifications", &c. The U.S. invasion of Iraq, under jew general Schwarzkopf, was suddenly curtailed. Several reasons have been given for this, two of which are

(a) the use of U.S.-procured chemical and bioweapons against the U.S. invaders, many of whom suffer "Gulf War Syndrome";

(b) possibly to leave well enough alone, by leaving Saddam in charge of battered Iraq. On behalf of Israel’s expansion, Bush #2 ousted Saddam and presided over the worst trashing of Iraq in its history. So Saddam has progressed from being an Uszog puppet into a symbol, a scapegoat upon whom the jewsmedia can excrete their misdirected blame, so as to bemuse the Gentiles. Indeed, Saddam is symbol, rather than substance, and jewsmedia pundits even hint that he may have little to do with the ongoing violence in Iraq, just as Lebanon became too dangerous for Israel and Uszog after the trashing of that tiny country. The danger for the ZOG in Saddam's capture lies in making too much of him, and in seeking to label him the source of all U.S. misfortunes in Iraq, for which we, ourselves, bear overwhelming responsibility. A cheap propaganda victory, for the sake of boosting ZOG-mercs' morale, may just as quickly turn sour, if Iraqi resistance continues, or even intensifies. ORION!


P.S.: Thinking of former U.S. allies and CIA assets, I wonder where Osama bin Laden is these days. Maybe he is dining with our former allies, the Taliban. Let's test our memories: Former CIA asset, Noriega, of Panama, apparently still sits in a Florida ZOG-gulag. Another name for such ZOG-minions is "dictator". This also brings to mind such U.S. allies as Diem of South Vietnam, whom we murdered; Batista of Cuba, who we betrayed on behalf of Castro; Somoza of Nicaragua, who we betrayed and subsequently murdered on behalf of the Sandinista-Castroites. Obviously, to be a U.S. ally is hazardous to one's health, like being "president for life" in an African country. There's a lesson there, friends: when one sups with the ZOG, he'd better do so with an exceedingly long spoon!