Bushie's First Monthly Report Card

by Luke LaVellian


The Great Meztizo Hope has just completed his first month in office and I think it's time for his report card:

Snivel Rights: A --From his "you're in my prayers Brother Jesse" routine, to his "racial profiling must end" stance, right on up to the foot-washing he performed on Vicente Fox, 'dubya' has shown himself to be a staunch defender of the civil wrongs set.

Ejewcation: A -- Everyone loves a good game of " Let's Pretend Joaquim can't read as a result of White institutional racism", and Georgie didn't disappoint with his "reading is the new snivel right" prattle. His pledging crap-loads more of other peoples money towards the laughable neo-marxist position that "we'z all be ekulz" and that all existing evidence to the contrary is indicative of the "soft bigotry of low expectations", earned him his high mark here.

(Israeli) Foreign Policy: A+ --He has proven to the satisfaction of the most blood-thirsty khazars that he truly is possessed of a busted moral compass that perpetually points east towards 'de Hully Land'. He has proven a quick study in the art of talmudic subterfuge language and in fact almost managed to keep a straight face the other day while feigning moral outrage at Timothy McVeigh's 'shedding of innocent blood', while at the same time, the mongrel hordes under "his?" command were for the umpteenth time in the last ten years, dropping bombs on Iraqi civilians. His utter lack of anything even remotely resembling Aryan honor, earns him the highest mark possible here.

Divershitty: A+ -- The Texican oil-man picked every mamzerized combination of down-bred dreck he could scrape off the sides of the genetic commode for his cabinet. Why he even threw in a Jewry Fagswell-approved Khazaria-First! Whigger for appearances sake in the form of Johnny "My daddy woulda been soooo proud iffin I'd married a negress" Ashcroft. The Yellow Yid Powell and Ms. Congo-lezza Rice round out this motley crew of cruds quite nicely.

Room For Possible Improvement: Imagine if "dubya" would lose his current wife and drink of the same Multi-Kulti Kool-Aid Jeb did, it would serve as a fine example to the kiddies of Amereeka.
The gum-smacking 'first Mestiza' of Florida, mother of Tom Brokaw's favorite "hunk" George P., would look so nice stamping a wad of Wrigleys spearmint into the Oval Office carpeting. Maybe they could work out a swap.

Overall, a damn fine first thirty days. He's shown real chutzpah and a whole heck of a lot of moxie. I look forward to reviewing his service to "the people*", next month.

. --Luke LaVellian

* "The People": An expression I wouldn't think it possible to use when referring to this Babelized Hell, without breaking out laughing, but somehow "our statesmen" manage it.


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs". -- LL

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