Luke LaVellian, Reluctant Revisionist

by Luke LaVellian


ParaI have always found my relationship to "holocaust revisionism" to be an uncomfortable and conflicted one.

ParaBeing a full-blooded German and a despiser of all things jewish, it had been a source of great pride that my people had attempted to permanently extricate themselves from the anti-human menace represented by these congenital defilers. When I was eleven years old and first read of the "murder factories" and "mass graves", I was filled with a sense that my people were the greatest to have ever graced the Earth with their presence. Even as a young boy, I HATED "holocaust survivors". They struck me as a despicable and whiny group of self-pitying weaklings. Never did they elicit the slightest bit of sympathy from me. When they would wail about how the "monstrous" Nazis slaughtered their mommies, daddies, siblings and 666 of their cousins, all I could think of was "Hey Adolf, you missed one!" It has always seemed to me, that the most natural thing in the World, is to KILL that which is working day and night to KILL you. The "martyr" status these scum enjoyed, due mostly to their fellow kikes monopoly of the media, did nothing to change my conviction that mass murdering mass murderers was an entirely appropriate behavior, and in fact, provided the best possible evidence of a people's spiritual health. Nietzsche wrote of the "seductive quality of martyrdom", but I had an answer to that to! If the "squeakiest wheel gets the most grease", why not round up and dispose of ALL squeaky wheels?

ParaTo make a long story short, I was motivated to read the works of Richard Harwood, David Irving and Austin App, by a desire on my part, to add to my ever expanding arsenal, YET ANOTHER intellectual club I could use to "beat-up" kikes and "white" judeo-lap-dog trash with. I figured, knowing as I did, what lying filth they were, that specific "horror" stories were more than likely made up. I figured the "6 million" figure was somewhat inflated. What I did not expect, was to find that 99% of "the most (UN)documented event in hue-man history" was pure unadulterated BS! When I dug into the anthology of jewish masturbatorty "poisecution" fantasies, otherwise known as the "International Military Tribunal Transcripts", even I was shocked by the laughable claims they contained. I was simultaneously thrilled and disappointed by my new knowledge. I quickly came to accept that there had been no "holocaust". There had, sadly in my view, been NO attempt to exterminate these swine. Try as one might, it is not possible to cram 500 yids in a "gas chamber" the size of an outhouse, spray them with RAID, and have them all drop dead in 30 seconds. Maybe someday, there will be a technological breakthrough and it will be possible.

Para I sure hope so.

ParaIn closing, I have ZERO emotional need for the "holocaust" to have been a "HolyHoax". I don't need to "deny" what, if true, would make me "proud as a peacock". My NS convictions do not require the sanitizing effects of historical revisionism. In fact, the kind of "white" people that would give a single damn about dead kikes, are the last folks I'd ever want in my foxhole. The "holocaust" isn't the biggest lie of the past century because I want/need it to be. It's quite simply the BIGGEST LIE because it's utterly and completely false.

. --Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL

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