Niggers Have an Unenviable Choice

by Luke LaVellian


Para There are countless examples I could provide of where the kikes and their judeophilic lackies have discarded the wisdom of our forefathers, as if it were the foreskin off a newborn kikelet. One of the most exasperating examples is this whole egalitarian "da races b ekul" nonsense. Almost to a person, Whites will parrot this crap back at whoever brings up the subject of race and the role it plays in EVERYTHING.

ParaOf course, this "belief" of theirs is hardly reflected in a thing these idiots do. They don't choose to live in a neighborhood overflowing with their "poor, put-upon", court-ordered "equals". Even though these loathsome "go-along-to-get-alongs" would be the very first to feign "outrage" at the views of a Matt Hale, or a Pastor Butler, they don't seem that eager to walk their culture-destroying talk. On the one hand, they'll spew the enemies' economic-determinist propaganda, while assuring all who will listen that "race doesn't matter" or even that it "doesn't exist". On the other hand, how happy would they really be to see their daughters paired off with Tyrell or Jamal?

Para Small w "whites" may be able to wrap their pea-brains around such 'up is down, pleasure is pain' "reasoning", but niggers aren't buying it. After several decades of being lied to that they are the White Man's "equals", they are increasingly growing frustrated at the fact that this whole JuTopian Ideal, has utterly failed at erasing the very real differences between simians (aka. Homo Niggerus) and Homo Sapiens. The Nigger is painfully aware of his people's inability, given a level playing field, to compete with Aryans in anything other than athletics. Niggers, also, are aware that one out of every eight of their young males are in prison at any given time. Not to mention the "Un-P.C" fact that more jigs than not just plain LOOK stupid! They never talk about it, but we all know it must really effect one's self-esteem to have a pair of dull black eyes set in a skull with a decided ape-like appearance. Protruding jaws and 20 lbs. lips complete the picture of the full-blooded Nubian "prince" or "princess."

ParaIt long ago, came to the point where the American Nigger had a choice to make:

A) "We are not as intelligent as White people and are far more criminally-inclined then they are."

B) "Outside Forces, namely White Folks, are to blame! For no other reason than that they don't like the appearance of our skin, they've gone out of their way to make it appear as though we are stupid, unassimiliable and dozens of times as predatory as the lowest White man could ever be."

Guess which one the niggers chose! They were faced with a choice between accepting that their status in a White society is rooted in biology, (THE TRUTH), or that Whitey "stole" them from "Mother Africa", and took credit for all those fanciful nigger "kingdoms", and has been making him "look bad" ever since. (THE BIGGEST LIE SINCE THE HOLOCAUST). It's understandable why they opted for the "woe is me" explanation and it would be a complete waste of time and energy to attempt to separate parasitic niggers like Spike Lee and Bryant Gumbel from their "opinions". One argues with another when there is something to be "worked out".

ParaWhite Nationalists know that niggers have no more place in an Aryan Nation than kikes do. Let these living fossils entertain each other with all the "ancient black kingdom" fables they can cook up. It'll help them pass time back "home", when there is no electricity or batteries to fire up their boom-boxes.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL

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