Old ZOG Dogs Can Learn New "Tricks"

by Luke LaVellian


ParaIn this glorious age of equality, "ageism" has gone the way of many other formerly acceptable "isms". It no longer is considered "ok" to assume that, because a man is a little "long in the tooth", that he should be pushed out of a job he's still performing to the "satisfaction" of his employer. This new attitude is especially apparent in the arena of politics, where some of the most "progressive" ideas are being pushed by the geriatric set among our PUBIC Servants. From Jesse Helms to Strom Thurmond, they've learned to "get with the program" and "stay relevant". Just as pop star Madonna, changes her "look" every couple of years, these men change their "stances" on "the issues". In fact, these men adopt new "convictions", in the same manner that their street-walking counterparts whip out new prophylactics, and with about the same regularity.

ParaBelow, I honor a pair of these slatterns, and, if you two are reading this, there is no reason to thank me, for you've truly earned it! You have shown that whores may not be "equal" in the sense of being able to perform the same acts upon their clients, but, that getting an "A" for effort, is all that really counts! Some butt-goys play it fairly "straight", some pay their clients a whole lot of "lip service", while still others perform really neat tricks with a donkey (or democratic jackass), if the price is right. All are considered "equals" in the Halls of Whoredom, and all are pleasing in the eyes of the ZOG.

#1-Senior Slattern of the Decade,Henry (Jeckyl and)Hyde:

ParaThis is truly a special man, and when he is finally dead, he'll be the most missed fat guy since John Candy. One minute he's prattling on about "dignity and honor", the next he's demanding more funding for the kike killers of Palestinian children. He claims to have found Clinton's escapades "repugnant", while at the same time, putting Miss Lewinsky to shame when it comes to the "servicing" of one's superiors. He is a man of many CONtradictions.

FAMOUS QUOTE: "Please do not burn my precious flag, but, do feel free to wipe your ass with it."

#2- Runner-up for Senior Slattern of the 90's - Phil "Seoul Man" Gramm:

Para This is the man who dumped his White wife and shamed his adult children, by taking up with a Korean mail-order bride. As you can imagine, he evinces a deep fascination with inter-racial breeding and loves the "Amerikan" passtime known as "genetic crap-shoot", a game where you "place your bet", then wait nine months to see what you've got. He loves to talk up CONservative niggers JC Watts and Ward Connely, and often lets loose with an MLK quote or three. In other words, nothing ugly enough could ever happen to this man and his new "family" that could ever elicit the slightest bit of sympathy from the author.

FAMOUS QUOTE: "If we start giving migrant mexican workers MORE government benefits, it will make them want to return home!?!?"

--Luke LaVellian

Paraps.-- All of the rest of the "right-wing" codgers tied for third place. Everyone was a "winner".


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL

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