Blood In The Water

by Luke LaVellian


Para Given the ever increasing numbers of self-identified Aryan Sharks out there, it amuses me to no end, how many "schools" of Mud-Fish seem all too eager to swim with us. It would hardly be "sporting" if we neglected to warn those groups who are way down the food chain, that we are sensing "blood in the water", and that horror of horrors, many of us WISH to live up to our (until-now) undeserved reputations.


ParaFrom your championing of all that leads to genetic extinction (for Aryans), and all that results in the ignobling of mankind, you are quite properly, the most despised identifiable group in the World. You know that the creation of a "jewish World", presupposes the elimination of mine, so spare me your sickening hypocricy! Prattle not, in my presence, about "tolerance", "(in)Human Rights" and your other quite transparent euphemisms for White Genocide. I am beyond being manipulated, especially by the amateurish likes of you! Cease and Desist or watch as your Holocaust fable becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You parasites are highly unlikely to choose the former, and an increasing number of people like myself, are pulling for you to opt for the latter.


Para Bottom line, Niggers: You are fully aware that you are the most useless race on the planet. Your demands for "equality" and "justice", have earned you every bit of the scorn and derision you are receiving. Racially aware Whites, are every bit as "pissed off" over the "legacy of slavery" as you are, only for VERY different reasons. In our minds, the legacy of slavery has meant putting up with a race of glorified beasts fouling up our country with their very presence here. It has meant being expected to bury our dead in silence, and never daring to, in a meaningful way, hold you living fossils responsible for your actions. Think about it apelet, how long do you think your "homies" can keep raping 20,000 White Women a year, while your spokesapes whine about 'institutional racism' and imply that we are all 'getting what we deserve' if we don't give you exactly what your want, this week? You must know the "gravy train" is coming to the end of the line. Even a nigger must realize that there will one day be a reaction to all of this, right?


Para There is not a lower person on Earth, than one who profits off of the destruction of their people. It matters not, whether you see the White worker as being of "your" people or not. THEY ARE, and playing host to the jewish parasite WILL prove to be quite costly! Your embracing of a judeo-Christian/masonic, Brown-Every-Man world-view, will not protect you from what is coming. We could care less, whether you are a conscious worker of iniquities, like a Bill Clinton, or if you are a 'true-believing useful idiot', like Jimmy Carter. You will be judged according to the effects your deeds have had on the biological collective, NOT on whether or not you fell for the idiotic "philosophy" behind the I.C.R (Imperial Corporate Regime). Forget about "riding the fence", we Aryans are the only constituency that you had better worry yourselves about. Time is running out for you 'go-along-to-get-alongs'.

ParaFAIR WARNING -- We will not be accepting any "whitey-come-lately" cowards into our ranks, post-revolution.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL

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