Apples & Oranges

by Luke LaVellian


Para As most of us in the Resisistance are painfully aware of, the majority of "our" people are caught up in an alien mindset that tells them that the accumulation of material things of highly questionable value, is the "be all, end all" of existence. That and the indulging of various carnal urges, is all that gives "meaning" to the average denatured whites' life.

Para While they may "object" in their own weak way, to this or that yank of the master's leash, they will personally do nothing about removing the collar from around their necks. In fact, most can not bring themselves to acknowledge their subjection, for if they did, conclusions might [have to] be drawn. These conclusions would inevitably lead to the realization that they are not "good" or "honorable" in any way that matters. They would be forced to "look in the mirror," and most would come away from the experience, despising the hollow shell they were forced, perhaps for the first time, to make an honest assessment of. It is far easier to play a good old game of "Let's Pretend!"

Para So, these individuals, who are in possession of enough decency to be somewhat bothered by what the system is making of America and all of the other formerly White Nations, look for ways to apply band-aids to some of the various "gut-shot" wounds that are to be found in abundance in today's (anti-)Western World. What they do is start with a system (ZOG) that is profoundly counterproductive to racial health, and begin advocating "reasonable" and/or "moderate" reforms, that if enacted, would only serve to mask the symptoms long enough to allow the disease to render the "patient" (The Aryan Race) "terminal." This approach can be compared to wearing a heavy flannel shirt over a t-shirt in 100 degree weather, then starting to worry about heat prostration, and opening a button or two.

Para While these milqetoasts may "mean well", it is high time that each of as, as individuals, examine the fruits of 50+ years of right-wing labor. It is time we accept life as it is, not as the timid would have it be. You wouldn't buy a car that looked great on the outside, but that you knew packed no punch under the hood. So why would you embrace an ideology that says all the "right" things but whose purported "road to victory" leads straight to the graveyard? The madness of the last century, is coming home to roost, in a big way.

Para There are many out there, who are salvagable, but, there are still more, who are lost to their people. This is a fact. Fools are not often, successfully separated from "their" opinions. The revolutionary propagandist should lay his cards out on the table, and move on. There is no time for debating the finer points of right-wing whiggerism with members of our biological "fifth-column." The comparing of apples with oranges is pointless.

Para One day the choice will be crystal clear to even the most timid among us-- "BARE YOUR THROAT OR FIGHT". The shameful thing is, that if recent World events are any indication of what we can expect, most of "our" people will be too "good" and "decent" to do anything other than "BAAAH" in lockstep with their executioners.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL



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