"Pro-White" Cops!?!?

by Luke LaVellian


Para Believe it ot not, there is a segment of the ersatz "patriot" [bowel] movement that is even more idiotic and dangerous than the "we must work w/in the system" clowns. These are the crazies who exhort their naive charges to "support" their? local (f)Law enforcement, by "networking" and "sharing information", with them. There is only ONE set of circumstances where a "friendly" relationship with the enemies' enforcement agencies would not be disastrous, and that is if the organization in question were ABSOLUTELY no threat whatsoever to the aspirations of the Imperial Corporate Regime, that, at this very moment, is gorging itself on our dead.

Para If you are doing ANYTHING MORE than playing the various system-rigged games that our murderers give us to "blow off a little steam," then the police are your deadly enemy. Federal, State, County, Municipal -- they are all beholden to the ZOG and will carry out ANY order that they are given. Unless one is dead from the neck up, they are fully aware of this. When was the last time that you heard a story about a white pig refusing to do as he/she was told?

Para If you want to play "dress-up" with a half dozen of your drinking buddies, and march down main street, whining about the loss of your "rights", then by all means, tell the world what you are planning to do. Make sure the pigs are there to "protect" you from the wrath of the sub-human filth that call themselves "anti-racists." Give the snivel rights COONmunity, a good laugh at the expense of the race you pretend to represent. BUT, if it's your intention to "monkey-wrench" the beast, or, to in any way that matters, oppose the extermination of the White Race, then you must never mistake an agent of the system as an "ally" or as being in any way "sympathetic" to the Cause of racist revolution. This must be an absolute rule. No exceptions. Immediately purge from your ranks, anyone who displays the slightest hint of "pro-cop" sentiments. At this point, they are either provacateurs or candidates for the loony bin. Either way, they are to be avoided as the neutralizers of revolution that they are.

Para There is no legitimate reason other than information gathering/sabotage, for an Aryan to be a member of the the United Snakes military and the same holds true for the ZOG's domestic enforcement agencies. There may very well be "pro-white" police officers out there, but believe me, if there are any in your area, they are "Deep Cover," and are on a mission. They will run right over you, just as any other pig would. For the sake of "appearances" they will probably be harder on you than the nastiest nigger would be.

Para There is a good reason for all of the dozens of cop "buddy" movies and TalMUDvision series, that many of us watched, growing up. "The Policeman is your friend" is a BIG LIE on par with the"'we'z all bees ekulz" insanity, that was such a large part of these kosher productions.

ParaBottom line: Starsky & Hutch would blow your "evil, hate-filled" ass away in a second if their congoid chief told them to. And you know what? They would feel all "warm and fuzzy" when the kike city mayor handed them their good shitizen certificates for a job well done.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL



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