The Enemy Looks Like You

by Luke LaVellian


ParaPower is what we all know that we must aquire if our race is to survive the next century. Power and the exercise thereof is EVERYTHING.

ParaFirst thing to do, if you want something, is to determine who currently is in possession of it. As most of us are already quite aware, the kike/white traitor establishment currently has a monopoly on the "legal" use of power. They have all along, really. The only thing that has changed is that the jew/judeophilic lapdog wing of the crud cabal that has always been motivated by hardcore animus against our race, have been allowed the last 60 years or so, to "call the shots". Outwardly, on the surface, now, the system flaunts its disdain for our people. Where once they hid their contempt, or at best, indifference towards us, now the "old money" elite white traitors, compete with one another to see who can curry the most favor with their kike colleagues by denigrating "their" race and by proxy themselves, in the most convincing cur-like manner. These scum, who serve as proof that flotsam can walk, talk, and do a fair to middling job of imitating human beings, NEVER gave a rat's ass about the land-masses they exploited or the Aryans who toiled in the fields and factories for them. It doesn't begin to be good enough, to blame the miserable eurasian mud people, I lovingly refer to as kikes, for simply taking advantage of the criminal garbage that rule over us. White traitors are our worst enemies. They always have been and until we deal with them the way we should have hundreds of years ago, they always will be.

Para Once upon a time, the "upper classes" saw the maintenance of a homogenous White population as "good business". Then "Whitey" became a real pain in the rear! He expected a living wage, a shorter work day, and even an annual vacation. Are you starting to see what all the labor-busting, "Communism vs, Capitalism" BS of the early twentieth century, was all about? One thing I'll give the sons-of-bitches, is that they have always had a finely developed sense of humor. Can you imagine how funny it must have been to them, to get right-wing reactionary morons to beat the crap out of picketing white workers, who were justifiably fed-up with their miserable lot in life?

Para To make a long story short, the final "stab in the back," (in the form of the 'Immigration Act') was all about driving wages down. The maximizing of profits is the sole motivation for "elite" renegade Aryan support for the open annihilation of the White race that we are seeing today. The kikes and their wannabe butt-goys are motivated by a heart-felt malovelence that would shock Ted Bundy, but the Bush family and others of their contemptible grasping ilk, are motivated by nothing greater than greed. That is all there is to it!

ParaWhen you accept this, it should make you see that no one is more deserving of our hatred than the CONservative wing of the Imperial Corporate Regime. The next time that mental midget of a "president" shoots his mouth off about the "magic" of Amereeka, steel yourself for what is to come. Know with every fiber of your being that the smiling sack of sh-t means to see our people dead. When he laughingly refers to an "American People," remind yourself what race criminals like "Dubya" mean by the creation of a "One America".

Para In closing, never forget for a second, that this campaign against America and all of the other formerly White nations, has been primarily, an "inside job"!

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL



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