CONservatism & System Shills

by Luke LaVellian

..... Have you ever wondered why it is that so many "leaders", who presumably know the score, employ weasel phrases, in lieu of truthful language? Have you ever found yourself shaking your head in disgust, as some clown exhorted his listeners to "resist" an enemy that they haven't even the minimal courage required to NAME? I used to wonder what the "deal" was with these corporate "patriots", myself. That was several years ago, though. I have since come to understand that the "right-wing" is a trojan horse and a standing menace to all true nobility of thought and deed.

..... The best advice that I can give you is to listen to what these people are actually saying. Don't engage in solipsism by projecting your thoughts onto them. Don't be like the folks that thrill to the treasonous words of a Pat Pukeannan, and fool yourself into believing that, though the flavor-of-the-month CONservative condemns the very idea that the White Race has any right to continued existence, that "secretly" he is really "one of us". Where does this madness come from? Are we so desperate for a "savior" that we will let any whoring pig that comes down the pike, spit in our collective face, so long as said race criminal drops a few "code words"- code words that by the way, have long since ceased to have any meaning?

..... Those of us who put the survival and upward expansion of our race FIRST, must never allow ourselves to be led down any of the many primrose paths that the system has concocted to throw us off the scent. The United States government is the enemy of all honorable White men and women -- no exceptions. This kike/judeo-masonic cabal is in no way a legitimate entity. It has no moral authority to tell us anything. It can still harass, imprison and kill us, but it will NEVER command an ounce of respect from White racist revolutionaries. You do not negotiate with an individual or group that is out to unjustly murder you. What you do is either capitulate (like most good-for-nothings already have) OR you fight- until either you or you enemy are destroyed.

..... It is the fervent wish of every judeo-capitalist "carnie", that we continue playing the "rubes", by participating in the latest "good fight" that these sociopaths set up to placate us. There is so very much wrong with what is happening, that the scum-froths' realize that we must forever be kept occupied with phantom menaces and paper tigers. This is where the game of "false opposition" comes into play.

..... Whether it is Hal Turner blathering about China, or some dinosaur senator spouting off about Iraq, it is all part of the same swindle. You should accept that if you send your money to the Turners' and Richard Barretts' of the world, that you are in effect aiding the government in its efforts to destroy our people. You are paying a clever man to lie to you, nothing more and nothing less. You are also paying him to lie to countless other White people who possibly could be of use to the struggle.

..... Revolutionaries know that our fight is here at home. We are not going to pretend that it matters one bit, if the criminal one half of one percent, preside over the execution of our race as "communists", "democrats" or "free-market capitalists", for that matter. The results are the same. Labels tell us very little, most of the time. For instance, many CONservatives are duped into fighting Marxism with a bizarre thing called judeo-"Christianity", which is nothing more than "Bolshevism without the atheism". How those who "call the shots" must laugh at such clowns, and one can hardly blame them!

..... Do we wish to give the ZOG a facelift, or do we intend to tear its face off? That is the only question that matters at this point.

..... Look at the word "conservative", and ask yourself- What is there about the current order that any intelligent White man or woman would wish to see "conserved"?

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL
"Sheeple always do things the herd way".--LL



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