TO: The Forces of Reaction

by Luke LaVellian


Para One thing that is taken for granted among White Racist Revolutionaries, but is often lost on the reactionary right-winger, is the fact that there is an unbridgable gap between the respective positions of the entrenched kike/white traitor system and the Resistance. In fact, attempting to "meet half-way" the murderers of our people constitutes treason to one's racial family. What separates a revolutionary from a reactionary more than anything, is that the former recognizes that if the society we lived in yesteryear had been truly predicated on the good of the race, things would never have come to this.

Para For the most part, the CONservative is motivated by a desire to "bring back" the very conditions that birthed what they are railing against today. Revolutionaries realize that all systems are only as good as the fruit that they bear. At least as far back as Lincoln, AmeReeka has been controlled behind the scenes by incredibly wealthy kikes and their intellectual fellow-travelers, the judeo-"Christians". Just because AmeReeka wasn't as overtly evil 100+ years ago doesn't change the fact that the great-granddads of today's "elites" were pursuing the very same goals and objectives that have brought us to the brink of biological disaster. The "good, old days" are as much an enemy-generated lie as the "Brotherhood of Man" is.

Para The raceless, baseless, culture-less, judeo-ma$onic beast that has run roughshod over our ancestral homelands of Europe, must DIE. These insane, products-of-a-madmans-dream, these laughable yet monstrously cruel untruths that "race doesn't matter", and its bastard twin of "America is a set of 'ideals', not a people", have earned their proponents WHATEVER we choose to give them. Anyone who mouths these two "Big Lies", is either an intellectual non-entity OR a Corporate Regime criminal. Either way, they are to be stepped on, HARD. Counter-revolutionaries come in all shapes and sizes, and have a variety of agendas, but to the revolutionary, they are all "equal". That is, they are all slated for the same fate that they and all "decent" folks wish upon us.

Para The international banker, the Pubic servant w/ his PolyTricks, right on down to the talMUDvison evangelist, ALL sing the same tune of Kapital-uber-alles, and Brown-Every-Man-Ism. Certainly we all realize this by now, right? Is there really anyone out there that is fooled by any of the silly little cosmetic differences between the messages of "liberals" and "CONservatives" or between 501c tax-exempt, jew-worshipping churches and secular humanists? What, if anything, do these "differences" amount to? All of this nation's "respected" organizations and institutions support the ongoing campaign of genocide against the White Race. Not "some", but ALL "mainstream" religious denominations champion our cultural/biological displacement. Oh, and let us not forget that there isn't ONE White individual in national office who doesn't play the butt-goy for Isreal and do everything in his/her power to hurt their own people. These are undeniable facts. There is literally nothing worth "conserving" about this system. I know that many will not "agree" with me, though I seriously doubt that they will be able to "refute" anything that I've written here today.

Para When confronted with new facts,(as opposed to mere opinions), one can either acknowledge reality and adapt OR one can stay mired in comfortable illusions by employing denial. Denial is the lifesblood of reactionary politics. Parents and spouses will often find themselves in "denial" over one thing or another that concerns their loved ones, BUT, inside they "know the score". It is a choice to indulge one's ablility to deceive oneself. I'm asking that we all "grow up" a little bit, and accept where we are today, and more importantly, where we are headed if we don't get wise to the fact that our enemies aren't in the slightest bit of "denial" over their intentions towards us.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL



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