What's "Free" about Free Speech?

by Luke LaVellian


Para One thing that really betrays a lack of understanding of AmeReekan history, is when someone gushes over our supposed "legacy" of free speech. This "freedom" -- like any other that you are in no position to secure/defend for yourself -- is purely illusory. There is indeed "freedom of expression" IF you are a perverted yid producing porno-flicks or you are a "angry negro" taking a "stab" at poetry, said poetry usually concerning the "authors" desire to rape White women while his fellow apes force their "honky" men-folk to watch. Basically, free speech is for subhuman trash and the "white" garbage that agrees with them. White people who show even the slightest bit of concern about what is becoming of this country, are skating on mighty thin ice with the judeo-ma$onic schemers who want their "One (brown) America", and want it yesterday!

Para Jews and the "white" future lamp post ornaments that cooperate with them, view "our" 1'st Amendment much as they do "our" 2'nd. They see it as something that should be payed lip-service, but that never should be allowed to get in the way of business. This is why they have obtained virtually complete control over every form of media BUT the internet, and the rabbi's down at the B'nai B'rith and the Jabba the Falwell "Christians", support removing us "haters" from cyberspace as well.

Para TYPICAL 'PATRIOTIC' NON-RACIST: "But, we have a free press that keeps its eyes and ears on the rascals, Grant."

Para Oh, really? First off, can you Corporate Regime partisans ever make a point without using cornball cliches? The genocidal devils-in-somewhat-human-form that currently rule over us are not "rascals", they are entirely self-serving mass-murderers. Secondly, your much vaunted "free press" is owned by the very same Corporate entities that run the government. This is all very easily verified. Why do you think that the "20/20"-"48 hours" type shows run "daring" pieces exposing the danger of over-the-counter diet pills? Why do you think that we get endless coverage of the "Robert Blake Murder Mystery" and the "Where's Chandra Levy" silliness? You are being played for a chump and you seem to like it. I suppose it's easier to get all "up in arms" over the Bush Energy Plan, then it is to deal with the fact that "your" government is your childrens executioner.

Para Whatever the CONstitution's 1st Amendment may have meant to the Founders, it was unceremoniously KILLED by (dis-)Honest Ape Lincoln and has never been binding since. If you doubt me, read about the scores of newspapers, run by decent White people, that were shut down at his behest. Ape's criminal effort to preserve the (dis)Union, wouldn't hold up under any real scrutiny and he knew it. He shut up all of the "haters" who opposed him. If you still beLIEve in "our" free speech protections, read about how Woodrow Wilson's kike-riddled administration imprisoned 700 people for criticizing USZOG's involvement in Corporate War One. It really should suffice to take a look at what the system is currently doing to White people who speak up against its genocide of the Aryan Race. "Hate" Pampheleteering is virtually a "hanging offense" now. Loss of jobs, harassment, as well as revocation of what little remains of our Orwellian freedom, awaits anyone seen as posing a "threat" to the engine of White destruction.

Para I have often wondered at the fact that it is White "speech" that these criminals seem to fear so much. If I were a kike or a judeophile Kapitalist, I'd be more afraid of the "speech" stopping. History speaks volumes about what happens next!

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL



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