"V-Chips" & ZOGites

by Luke LaVellian

..... Periodically, you hear calls for "responsibility" directed at the jewsmedia, from various scum-froths in Washington. This silly crap is often accompanied by "amens" from the drooling drones that comprise the bulk of "informed citizens". What exactly is it that unites such "disparate" men as Joe LIEberman and Bill (the shill) Bennett in an effort to "clean up" what the kiddies are exposed to? Are these "moderate" democrats and "Christian" CONservatives tired of seeing the genocide of the White Race being promoted 24/7 on everything from MTV to the 700 club? Have they finally decided that "enough's enough" and it's time to put an end to the campaign of lies and villification directed at all Americans of European descent? Well, we all KNOW the answer to that one, don't we?

..... So, what is it that compels these "men of conscience" to raise various "concerns" about the effects of the entertainment industry on young (presumably white) minds? It couldn't be that this is yet one more entirely self-serving gambit on the part of kike and whigger criminals, could it? Is it possible that, as is the case with gun (Aryan) control, that it is themselves and not the "children" that they are attempting to protect?

Para It is my position that this is EXACTLY what this is all about. Here's a helpful bit of advice -- Assume that "morality" has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything that the kike/white traitor establishment are doing at any point in time, and you will ALWAYS be right! Then all that is left to do is to hunt down the monetary or security reasons that they are championing _______(fill in the blank). This is fairly easy and can be a whole lot of fun too.

QUESTION: What are the future lamp-post ornaments who currently rule over us, REALLY afraid of here?

ANSWER: While paying lip-service to being concerned about "sexually explicit" content, their over-riding concern is about all of the wonderful, desensitizing violence that permeates the movies, video games, pro wrestling, and Black Metal music. They are afraid that young WHITE people will visit extreme, racist, revolutionary websites while listening to hardcore, nihilist, Social Darwinist metal bands like Burzum, Darkthrone, and Emperor. They mess themselves worrying about all of those angry young people who, having figured out why they live in a filthy brothel of a society, will start taking notes while watching "Pulp Fiction" and "Hannibal". I am not one to argue against their concerns, for they have every reason in the world to be DEATHLY afraid of the White Aryan Monster that they have created.

Para Unwittingly, the kikesmedia has done us a huge favor. They have done much to tear down the values and mentality that made Tom Brokaw's "Greatest Generation" of "true-believing" goyim possible. They have engendered in us the cynicism that makes us laugh and spit at the Sally Struthers/Tom Hanks types when they implore us to feed starving niggers or support the building of monuments to honor the men who paved the way for judeo-masonic hegemony. As "The Joker" said to "Batman"- "You don't like me?--YOU MADE ME!" Now that the horses have left the barn, along come the "moralists" to shut the doors!

Para We have been taught to care for nothing but our own self-interests. Well, what happens when tens of thousands of us accept that "White Revolution is the Only Solution!" and that answering genocide with genocide is what is truly in our self-interest? What will restrain us at that point? Certainly not the laughable, phony morality of a Jerry Falwell, who preaches that it is "wrong" to kill a kike baby-butchering "caregiver", BUT that it is "right" to kill Palestinans, Serbs, or Iraqis so long as the "God-ordained" man who sits in the (Off)White House tells us to!

Para ( As an aside, don't you "hate monitors" who may be reading this absolutely HATE the fact that even after the last 40 years of egalitarian mind-scrambling, that there are still so many White people like me who possess something that you will NEVER rob us of, namely LOGIC? Scary, huh? )

ParaIn closing, I would like to say that I am highly appreciative of "V-chip" technology. If I ever have children it will be a wonderful tool for helping me to select the programs that are fit for family viewing.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL



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