"Don't Dis Me, Sucka!"

by Luke LaVellian

..... Earlier I was reading a highly amusing account of a murder that occurred in Detroit yesterday.

.....It seems that a car-load of niggers spotted another nigger in front of a liquor store. The soon-to-be-dead apester was wearing a pair of "Cartier" sunglasses, a brand name apparently much coveted by our shit-brown "ekulz". Well anyway, the niggers pulled up to the curb and one exited the vehicle brandishing a "gat", (apester for handgun) and waved it in the face of his fellow simian. To make a long story short, the attacker pulled the glasses off the face of the niglet in front of him, and in so doing they fell to the ground, infuriating this would-be brain surgeon to no end. The nigger entered into paroxyms of rage, arms flailing every which way like the ape that he is, as (sort-of) words flew out of his mouth to the effect of -- "Don't you EVER dis me, muhfuh!!!" I'm sure that you can guess what happened next, right?

and thirty seconds later there was one less nigger male stinking up the streets of a major city. That is, until thirty seconds after that, when another nigger male was shat out by some reeking-to-high-heaven apess at the local hospital.

..... My point in relaying this is simple -- This happens EVERY DAY in any city with any significant number of these pieces of garbage. This is no "aberration", anymore than it is the result of "poverty" or "white racism". This is nigger males behaving as nigger males are wired to behave.

..... All the disengenous "arguments" to the contrary, the behavior of nigger males is all too easy to explain. It has its roots in biology as all things concerning human beings do. The apester's "over-aggression" would suit him fine in the jungle that he should live (and die) in. Its only a "problem" when we stupidly pretend that the nigger is fully human and capable of being anything other than what he is, namely a NIGGER! The nigger has much smaller frontal lobes than White people do. This, combined with a markedly higher testosterone level than Aryan men have flowing through their systems accounts for the nigger and his raping, killing ways!

..... No mystery here, and the people that spout all of the rubbish about the "disadvantaged" nigger race KNOW they are full of absolute crap. They know that two-thirds of Americans living under the poverty line are WHITE! So their neo-Marxist tripe about rape and murder being the result of the "poor unfortunates" not having enough greenbacks is total BS and always was.

..... Personally, I hate with a passion ALL members of my race who exhibit signs of nigger-love. I am sick unto death of genetic-defective "whites" who "empathize" with the "plight" of the nigger. I honestly would love to see White apologists for nigger rapists and killers hung upside-down and butchered like hogs. Anyone who sympathizes with members of another race who have harmed members of their own is beyond reach. They are sick in mind and devoid of racial spirit. They deserve nothing more than the fate that the White Rhodesians are "enjoying" today. I wish that I could round up every Martin Sheen/Susan Sarandon type and throw them in a pit with the animals they apparently much prefer to their own kind. Imagine what you could charge for "ringside" seats for that! Can you imagine how fun that it would be, listening to these self-loathing scum-froths trying to explain to their "ekulz" that they "really, truly" feel their "pain"?

..... I would imagine that the last thing these dolts might hear would be something about not "dissing 'da black man"!

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL



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