Primal Aryan-Speak

by Luke LaVellian

"It is natural to wish to eat your enemy"
-- Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecter

..... Last night I rented "Hannibal" on DVD and while viewing this destined-to-be-classic film, I was struck by the cold, historically Aryan manner in which Dr. Lecter disposes of his victims. I actually highly recommend the film and would remind you to be sure to have a note-pad and pen handy.

..... I especially appreciated the "hit and run" stabbing in the street, as well as the wild throat-slashing of another pursuer, both of which were accomplished with an approximately three-inch folding knife. I am sure that you'll all love the hanging/disembowelment of the police detective who was out to collect the three million dollar bounty that is on the head of the good doctor. Truly great cinema! There are actually a lot of films that have stuff that we could learn from. Does anyone remember the scene in "Scarface" where the government informant is drop-hung out the side of a helicopter above the cartel-leader's palace?

..... As I was watching Hannibal "do his thing", it occurred to me how "primal" this behavior truly was. I was reminded of the many accounts I have read of sessions of bloody dismemberment and horror visited upon the enemies of our Aryan ancestors. I am sure when our Northern Barbarian forefathers had a defeated people lined up before the chopping block, that their mind-set was not one strictly of "business". No, I am quite certain that it was very pleasurable to them to separate the head from the body of a vanquished man, while the next in line was bug-eyed crazy awaiting "his turn".

.....What of expressions like -- "I'll rip your f'n face off!" Where do you suppose this comes from? I would submit that this is instinctual and represents race memories of what healthy, sane White men did to those who presented a threat to their community. The "taking of souls" via peeling the faces from off the skulls of the enemy- at one time this must have seemed, "science"!

..... Let us not forget one of my all-time faves -- "I'm going to tear his heart out!" This too, strikes me as primitive Aryan science. What could be more natural than to yank out that which is responsible for pumping the blood through the system that animates something that poses a danger to one's Folk?

..... Far from running from such a "horrific" heritage, we should look it squarely in the face until we accept that THIS was racial health, NOT what we (for the most part) are today. THIS represented our people's fitness for life, NOT the emasculated, butt-goy, "charitable" (read: contemptible cur) mentality that we see today. Does the "cosmopolitan", "enlightened" "tolerant" small w "white" of today, REALLY represent anything more than a species in self-imposed decline? In all reality, who is more historically Aryan, Jimmy Carter OR Hannibal Lecter? The next time you say something in anger that involves bodily dismemberment or the infliction of extreme pain, just realize that this is your Aryan blood crying out to be heard in a world that exalts its spiritual castrates and demonizes the sane.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL



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