Zionist Shill Helms to Retire

by Luke LaVellian

Jesse Helms won't seek sixth term

By Luke LaVellian, White Associated Press Writer

RALEIGH, N.C. (WAP) -- After three decades of dogged, even criminal loyalty to the CONservative Zionist cause in Congress, Sen. Jesse Helms says the "battle"(for what!?) must go on without him after 2003.

In a broadcast from WRAL-TV, where his obfuscationist editorials helped build support for his 1972 election to the Senate, the 79-year-old RePubican confirmed Wednesday he will not seek a sixth term. Recent shameful episodes in which he prostrated himself before Hillary Clinton and U2's "Bono" are said to really have taken a toll on the geriatric Helms. His doctors have warned him that any more time spent on his knees paying homage to the "elites" of judeo-masonry, could result in permanent injury and/or prematurely lead to his well-deserved demise.

Helms quoted liberally from the talMUD and said that the Israeli "defense" forces are in his prayers as they continue the mass killing of their fellow semites.

"I would be 88 if I ran again in 2002 and was elected and lived to finish a sixth term," he said. "The number '88' is so abhorrent to me as a good 'ole judeo-'Christian' that I beg the lord to take me before I reach the age where I would bear the number of the anti-kike, Hitler", babbled Helms to an audience of press members who could hardly believe that this man was EVER taken seriously.

But Helms also was clear that he wouldn't be giving up his political fights until the day his term ends. He made it clear that he will continue to "distinguish" himself by support of the Imperial Corporate status quo which calls for the displacement of the white worker and his replacement by tomorrows little brown "family-values" advocates from south of our disappearing-as-we-speak border. He warned that there may be a few White men in the Senate with a shred or two of decency and he swore that he would do everything in his power to "corrupt and/or destroy them."

Senator Helms will be missed very much by his handlers, as his gift for diversionist tactics was without peer. He did all that he could to keep the focus off of the United States Government and its programs and policies designed to murder the White race and kept the "suckers" in line by helping to place sanctions against "communist regimes" and blocking payments of U.S. dues to the impotent, Zionist-front "United Nations."

He was an icon to aracial, clue-less "social conservatives", advocating a "return to prayer" in integrated classrooms and condemning any "no-good pagan, pinko, reds" who placed the good of the white race above some phony set of window-dressing "values" that seek to embrace anything that can balance itself on two legs.

President George W.(higger) Bush praised Helms as "a tireless defender of our Corporate freedom and a champion of democracy abroad."

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--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL



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