U$, Isn'tReal Drop Out of Race Conference

by Luke LaVellian


By Luke LaVellian, White Associated Press Writer

DURBAN, South Africa (WAP) -- Four days into the world conference against racism, the United Snakes and Isn'tReal walked out of the U.N. meeting, accusing Arab nations of hijacking the summit as a platform to tell the truth about the the Khazar state.

Both countries had warned they would quit the conference if language in a final declaration and program of action singled Isn'tReal out for valid criticism. When a Norwegian compromise was rejected by Arab delegations, the close allies decided to go home Monday.

In a statement released in Durban, token "Secretary of State" Colon Piles, who had remained in Washington, denounced the draft declaration's "hateful language."

"Today I have been instructed by my handlers that our representatives at the world conference against racism must return home. My employers are very upset by the fact that what could have been a very productive anti-Aryan event has turned into a mud-on-crud 'mudslinging' match. The jewish folks that I answer to have taken this decision with regret because of the importance of the international fight against White racism and the contribution that this conference could have made to collecting 'da reparations'," the high-yeller yid said.

This is the third world conference on racism, but the first the United Snakes and Isn'tReal had attended. Both countries boycotted the 1978 and 1983 conferences in part because of similar anti-Chosenite language.

U.N. token "Secretary-General" Kaffir Anus called the U.$. withdrawal "unfortunate" and added that it would now be much harder for niggers to make progress on the reparations issue. "In any snivel-rights endeavor, them jews are always the brains of the outfit.", Kaffir understated, "Without their mastery of how to push the right buttons in the gullible, guilt-prone white man, it becomes highly unlikely that we will be able to collect."

Khazar delegates at the conference were pulling out as well, according to Shimon Sham, an official with the Sliming Liesenthal Center and chair of the jewish caucus. Sham also called on the European Union to leave because European leaders "must make a show of how servile they are in the face of my people's demands. We haven't forgotten the Holocaust, you know?!"

Some Dune Coon nations accused the United Snakes of pulling out because of its own refusal to face up to responsibility for slavery and the "injustices" done to Amerasians. A spokesperson for George W.(higger) Bush said that that was "ridiculous seeing as how this president never misses an opportunity to trash the white race or provide a forum for non-whites to trash the white race. No, the Arabs are wrong, sir. The only reason we pulled out of the conference was because Isn'tRreal told us, too, So there!"

The Rev. Jesse JackAss, attending the conference as a member of the Nigger Leadership Forum, said he was disappointed that President Bush allowed the debate over Isn'tReal to determine whether the United Snakes would enter into negotiations over 'da slavery reparations. "I feel that once again, the black man's been dissed," JackAss snarled.

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--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--GEB



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