Land of the Greed & Home to the Depraved

by Luke LaVellian

..... "Poor man's Zionism." That is what I label the abhorrent sense of entitlement that I see in so many of my "fellow" AmeReekans.

..... They have adopted the contemptible world-view of their executioners, while stupidly believing that they themselves are to be spared the kosher knife.

..... They pledge support to those who live to see their children defiled and/or slaughtered in this repulsive "culture" of "freedom?!?" and "plurality".

..... What kind of White person is it that could see in this race-destroying and culture-raping monstrosity, anything warranting a "defense"?

..... Let us take a brief look at what we as Aryans, are being asked to "support" and what kind of filth we are being encouraged to "rally behind".

..... We are told that it is in our "best interests" to help strengthen the position of our murderers in the global arena. This is called "defending freedom and civilization". If you haven't already, I suggest you read "1984".

..... We are supposed to accept that those (Bush, Ashcroft, etc.) who have sworn to uphold the "right" of kike fiends to commit 1 million+ acts of infanticide (abortion)annually against our race, are suddenly "horrified" by the loss of "innocent" life. If what the ZOG does domestically isn't enough to convince you of just how worthy of destruction it truly is, go ask some Serbs or Iraqis about how "squeamish" the Corporate Regime really is.

..... The feces-on-legs that currently serves as CEO, George W.(higger) Bush has openly proclaimed his support of White genocide so many times that it is inexcusable that so many of "our" people see him as anything other than a criminal of the lowest order. Is it really necessary to say "I hate you and want you dead" if I hate you and want you dead?

..... ZOGites are the cowards that they label their opponents. A kike or a judeophilic "honorary Pharisee" NEVER tells the truth. They are congenital deceivers. As Hitler wrote, "The lie is their weapon..." The "old money" Whites and the kikes who they emulate have been working towards their "global plantation" for longer than any of us have been alive. If they remain ensconced in power, we are doomed. What a display of yiddish "chutzpah", when a genocidal madman like "dubya" asks us to "join the fight" against so-called "terrorism" (aka. Acts of War), so as to ensure the "future of our grandchildren"?!? May he and his know eternal life in a boiling cess-pool of rotting jew-flesh!

..... In closing, the United States government was the deadly enemy of the White race BEFORE September the Eleventh and a deadly enemy it shall remain. All the "Holocaust"-styled propaganda in the world will never get Aryans of sound mind to join the swine for a "weep". We long ago "disowned" Big Daddy ZOG and as men/women "without a country", we look forward to a RACIAL future, which by definition, presupposes the fall of the "red, white and jew" forces of disintegration and death.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL
"Sheeple always do things the herd way".--LL



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