White Revolution #9

by Luke LaVellian


Subject: The Majority Drools

Seeing as how George W.higger Bush's poll numbers are constantly used by the jewsmedia to "justify" the entirely bogus war on "terror" and "evil", I think I now know how bin Laden could have avoided the current unpleasantness in his adopted homeland of Afghanistan. Since telling the masses what they think and then having them parrot it back to you apparently provides one with all the moral cover that one needs, it now seems obvious that had the Taliban conducted a poll and found that 9 out of 10 Afghans were in support of deconstructing ZOG outposts, that "our" leaders would have been forced to honor the will of the Afghan people, right? "No", you say? Well, why not? The kikes and white racial traitors in the Corporate media seem to think that is how it should work. I guess that, as per usual, there are two sets of rules. It must be one of those "sacred" talMUDic moral codes that a mere White racial loyalist such as myself, can't wrap his mind around huh?


Subject: The Ananda Lewis Show

[Personally, I long ago decided that I would never cooperate on any level with the Corporate media. I prefer to stick to those mediums that are completely under my control. I appreciate your interest however, and will pass your message along to my list. I read earlier today that PM Matt Hale has agreed to appear on your show. I know that he'll do a wonderful job of representing our (the REAL resistance's) views on the United Snakes government's promotion of genocide against the White race.
--Luke LaVellian]

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From: "Greene, Nyja" (ngreene@kingworld.com)
Sent: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 18:46:36 -0400
To: "'lukelavellian@hotpop.com'" (lukelavellian@hotpop.com)
Subject: The Ananda Lewis Show

Dear Mr. LaVellian,

My name is Nyja Greene and I'm an associate producer
for "The Ananda Lewis Show" in New York City.  We are 
currently producing a show on parents who prefer that 
their children play, socialize, and interact with children 
of the same race.  I read your article entitled 
"Why I Hate so many White People." I was wondering
if you have any friends who this specific issue may apply 
to.  The show will be taped on Tuesday, November 6.

Just in case you haven't seen our show please visit
our website at www.theanandalewisshow.com.  I can also 
be reached toll free at 1-866-258-4257, ext. 5491.  I am 
in the office until 8PM eastern standard time today and 
would love to speak to you today so please call me at 
your earliest convenience. I'm also in the weekend on the
weekends so please feel free to call me and/ or forward 
this email to anyone you feel may be interested.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to speaking
with you.


Nyja Greene
Associate Producer


Subject: Ass-Clown Of The Week

It's a tie this week between George W.higger Bush and Johnnie Ashcroft. It was impossible for me to decide which one of these double-dealing stooges was more "deserving" of this honor. Recognition as "Ass-Clown Of The Week" will only go to the most "upstanding" and agressive champions of judeo-AmeReekan "ideals". Bush, as a result of his daily assaults on our intelligences, as well as his abuses of the english language, will most likely remain the "man to beat" for some time.

Here a few "dubya" quotes that I've documented in the last seven days.

1) "Anybody that sends poison in the mail is ...aa-a-a terrorist".

2) "People who send people Anthrax are evil."

3) " This [the sending of Anthrax] was an act of hate and evil."

I honestly find it highly amusing to watch the Zionist scum in the media attempt to "make over" this mental midget's tripe. My feeling is that the powers-that-be thought that this simpleton was the closest thing to Ronnie Reagan that they could hope to find.
Note to my readers: The selection of this doltish, brain-damaged ex-cokehead tells you all you need to know about the ZOG's estimation of our collective IQ. Their thought was that we'd eat up all this laughable comic-book "good vs. evil" rubbish if ersatz "regular guy" Bush was the one serving it up. So when you see highly intelligent (but loathsome) media scum-froths telling you what an "inspiring" and "strong" leader that we have, just know that they are laughing up their sleeves at what they consider the idiotic, butt-goy White populace.

The thoroughly loathsome Johnnie Ashcroft ties with his boss this week due to all his work in ramming the Anti-Dissident bill through the Congress. As a personal note, this is a man I've hated with a whole heart for quite some time. He has long been one of those worthless, trojan horse, judeophilic, nigger-loving CONservatives that we in the racial resistance hate with an all-consuming passion. How appropriate that he was the one chosen to enforce the "law of the [occupied] land". His pretensions and the phony "attitude" he cops, make him one of the most contemptible individuals that I have ever laid eyes upon. Yeah, you're a real "big man", Johnnie. We are all so very lucky that a "staunch" CONservative and all-round "tough guy" like you, is defending the rePUBIC.


Subject: Isn'tReal Suspends Planned Withdrawal

By Luke LaVellian, White Associated Press Writer

BETHLEHEM, West Bank (WAP) -- Isn'tReal suspended a planned withdrawal from two West Bank towns Saturday after it lied that Palestinian gunmen fired on its pissant, make-believe "soldiers". A Palestinian was murdered in yet another contrived clash, bringing the death toll to 38 in Isn'tReal's weeklong occupation that prompted a "wink-wink" U.$. "rebuke".

Isn'tReali officials said they would not withdraw from the biblical town of Bethlehem and nearby Beit Jalla, as long as they were having "so much fun". "There is nothing that the jewish people love more than a settling of accounts with those who do not regard us as the sacred things that we are!", said one official.

Hours before the withdrawal was to begin, Isn'tReali gunmen began murdering Palestinian civilians who refused to kiss their "star of david" rings. "Until we are shown the proper respect, we will remain in these cities", said one repulsive, sweaty jew-boy.

Since fighting erupted more than a year ago, 728 human beings and 186 kikes have been killed.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL
"Sheeple always do things the herd way".--LL



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