Bestiality & AIDS

by Luke LaVellian


TO: "Mainstream", White American Parents
RE: The Health and Welfare of your precious White children

..... You know, it really amazes me how the average mind "works" (or actually, DOESN'T work), today. Let me provide an example. If a building you wished to pass on foot was undergoing re-construction and I knew for a fact that the scaffolding on "side A" of the structure was 15 TIMES as likely to come cascading down upon you and your loved ones, as the scaffolding on "side B" was, would you be angry at me for suggesting that you stay away from "Side A"? Wouldn't you in fact, be grateful that I cared enough about your family to warn you off? If you later heard a news report about a family that was crushed under the weight of rubble from "side A", wouldn't you be thankful that you had not foolishly insisted on putting your loved ones in harm's way?

..... The answer is obvious. Knowing the facts, you would NOT knowingly endanger the lives of your own flesh and blood, am I correct? Of course I am. That is why the foreign elements in "our" government and media go out of their way to keep from your awareness, information that is absolutely vital to protecting those you care about. If somebody wants you to support a program or policy that is destructive to your own interests, you wouldn't expect that they would inform you as to what dangers lurk around the corner, for those who comply with the latest edict from on high, right?

..... It would seem to me to be impossible that ANY functional White parent has failed to take notice of the fact that the US government and the media are obsessed with creating a one-size-fits-all brown-every-man-ism. It is portrayed as downright "wicked" and "hateful" to look forward to being a grandparent to beautiful White children. There is NO way that you can, with a straight face, say that you are unaware of the tremendous pressure that is being applied to White parents to just "let go", step off the world stage, and stupidly "celebrate" the open and arrogant campaign of genocide being carried out by Corporate America, which by the way, IS the US government and OWNS the media. The powers-that-be are obsessed with creating their dumbed-down, drooling drone, producing/consuming race of carnal clones, and they aren't about to inform you that there is more than just your honor at stake if you shirk your racial/parental responsibilities.

..... Turning your back on your people may very well result in your daughter's dying a brutal, messy death, as a result of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). In the first paragraph of this article, I used the analogy of the two sides of a building. The one side represents the relatively safe path of doing what nature dictates and keeping your children within the protective folds of their own race. The other side represents doing nothing to discourage bestial "relations" with negroes, which is 15 times as likely to lead to your child contracting AIDS.

..... This isn't Luke LaVellian telling you this. It is the CDC (Center for Disease Control) that has compiled this data, and it is the deadly Zionist enemy that does all it can to cover up the facts. They don't want you to know that by "rubber-stamping"/reinforcing the unspeakably ugly, sewer values that the system teaches your children, that you may well be conplicit in their contracting a death sentence. No, instead they call those of us who attempt to warn our fellow Whites, "haters" and "extremists". They attempt to divert attention away from their own murderous deeds by whining that we "haters" are just "trouble-makers" who refuse to recognize the "strength" inherent in "diversity" (read:The Death of The White Race).

..... As "extreme" as it may sound, if you are White, moral and truly love your children, then you are a man/woman "without a country". The jews and masons that are working day and night towards their vision of "New Brazil" couldn't care less about dead white AIDS victims. To these blatant swine, your children are just the eggs that must be broken in order to make their precious "One World" Omelette. Our people have never, and hopefully will never, know a deadlier enemy than the judeo-masonic "elite" who masquerade as a government "for and by the people".

..... World AID's Day is coming up on the First of December and I think it's time we dealt honestly with this issue. Bottom Line: Healthy White people who associate exclusively with other healthy White people, are very unlikely to contract this disease. All self-serving "PC" nonsense to the contrary, AIDS is a disease of sodomites, mud people, and those who share needles with the aforementioned groups. Two healthy heterosexual Whites engaged in natural behaviors, will NOT create the HIV virus within their own bodies. Unlike the silly crap about Whites "evolving" out of the nigger race, AIDS can truly be said to come from "out of Africa". Stop letting those who spit upon and use you, transform you into an agent of your own destruction.

..... Don't take my word for any of this. STUDY the issue yourself. If you knew a man wished to rob your house, you wouldn't let him serve as your security advisor, so don't let those who despise your children for who they are and what they represent, serve as your moral/ethical "examples". How can any of you deny the foulness of jewish values? How can any fail to see what these perverted fiends are all about? Awaken, White people. Put your precious children first. Place their interests, their safety, above any and all concerns of a material nature. Doing what is right (and White) may cost you "friends", "job promotions" and the like, but at least you will retain the greatest possession of all, that being your honor. Not to mention the lives of yourself and your children and grandchildren as a bonus for following the natural law of life.

..... I will leave you with the story of Nushwan Williams. Nushwan is a nigger buck who infected 13 White girls with the virus that causes AIDS. This glorified ape was a resident of the virtually all-White town of Jamestown, NY. Six repulsive, HIV-postive, mullato muts also resulted from this piece of filth's defiling of the local young White girls. Where were the parents? Where were the "men" in this town? Don't you think that this filthy beast stuck out like a sore thumb while walking around town with White girl after White girl?

..... Think about it. You and I both know that this sorry mongrel must have infuriated many local White men with his nigger arrogance. As he walked paw-in-hand with all of those mind-washed, trendy young girls, there had to have been the instinct to rise up and STOP that repulsive bastard. All the emasculating, anti-Straight, White Male propaganda aside, in their guts they must have longed for the lifes-blood of this sack of excrement.

..... We are born with instincts and values that if honored, aid in preserving our species. If we allow the programming of the enemy to over-ride our natural instincts, we become creatures turned against themselves. What could be more unnatural than thinking it one's "moral duty" to stand back, shirk one's blood responsibilities, and let one's people be devoured by the lust and hatred of one's enemies? Think about it.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL
"Sheeple always do things the herd way".--LL



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