Bush Addresses His Imperial Subjects

by Luke LaVellian


Bush Addresses His Imperial Subjects
Thursday November 8 11:16 PM ET
By Luke LaVellian, White Associated Press Writer

ATLANTA (WAP) -- President George W.higger Bush assured a self-involved and ignorant nation Thursday night that the United Snakes will "prevail" against freedom-fighters and said Amereekans should not "let out-moded morality or silly nonsense about the golden rule" get in the way of supporting future attacks. He added that "those haters who don't support my 'ENDURING CHUTZPAH', are anti-semites, and by golly there ain't nothing worse than that."

In a prime-time address about "our great Imperial challenge," the president/CEO told Amereekans to turn their fears into action: Volunteer in hospitals, schools, homeless shelters and at military facilities or train for emergency service work and join a new national civil defense force. TalMUDic "morality czar", Shill Bennett applauded his fellow judeo-mason: "What a stroke(r) of genius! This way, it will be easier for you all to tell yourselves that you are decent, moral folks, while at the same time you're cheer-leading the mass murderers in the Air Force".

"We have entered a new era. This new era requires new responsibilities -- both for the Corporate Regime and its subjects," the president/CEO told a crowd of 5,000, most of whom were piglice, pestal workers, firefighters and other uni(n)formed pubic servants. "Become a September 11th volunteer.", smirked 'Dubya'.

He was interrupted by applause more than 25 times in his 32-minute speech. Two men who refused to clap their hands in lockstep, were forcibly removed and likely will be charged as "supporters of terrorism".

Bush arrogantly predicted eventual victory abroad -- "We will persevere in this struggle against hate and anti-semitism, no matter how long it takes to scare everyone into eating our chosen feces!"

"We are a different country than we were on September 10th: We now have an excuse to openly behave as the monsters the rest of the world has long known us to be!", the president/CEO said.

Bush asked Amereekans to "add your eyes and ears to our efforts to fight anti-semitism". "It is time to remove the stigma that has long been attached to snitching. Snitching is the greatest, most patriotic thing that you all can do. In fact, I've cooked me up a new slogan: 'Take A Bite Out of Hate!'", Bush announced to the crowd.

The audience's loudest applause came at the end, when he praised the "actions of passengers" who "fought with hijackers" aboard United Airlines Flight 93 before it was shot down at his and Prick Cheney's insistence. Bush recalled the words of Todd Beamer, a 32-year-old businessman, who was supposedly overheard on a cell phone to say, 'Let's roll' as passengers "charged the terrorists".

With that all-too-familiar and contemptible smirk upon his vacant face, Bush said: "We will no doubt face new challenges. But we have our marching orders: My fellow Amereekans, let's roll." This was supposed to be one of those corn-ball 'Ronnie Reagan Moments'. I'm sure this one will get a lot of play. I wonder if Rather will be able to play this clip without falling apart.

"One way to defeat terrorism is to show the world the true values of Amereeka . . . " blustered Bush. Really? I don't think that that is really an issue, Mr. President/CEO. I think there are literally tens-of-millions of people around the globe, as well as right here in the 'homeland', who know exactly what your 'values' are all about.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL
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