To Hell With The Red, White(Traitor) & Jew

by Luke LaVellian


I have often marveled at the fact that there is no government on Earth that produces anywhere near the low quality of propaganda that "our" U$ Imperial Corporate Regime does. At the same time, there is no group of citizens on the planet that swallow up the intellectual swill more readily than the average denatured judeo-Amereekan. What accounts for this? Why is it that all a jewish speck of spiritual excrement has to do is say the word, name the enemy, and millions of patrIdiotic "red-blooded Americans" everywhere are suddenly ready to go charging up the proverbial hill?

I know that there are many reasons for it, chief among them being the authoritarian nature of most White people. If we had state power, the drooling drones would be cheering us on as we ethnically cleansed the whole of North America. Some might say "No way, Grant, the people are too moral to support such cruelty and barbarity". My response to such ass-foolery would be this: ANY "People" that can be convinced to support the murder of their ENTIRE race, and chooses to view its own cowardice, flight from blood duty, and treason as "virtues", can be made to accept ANYTHING. Spare me any BS about the much vaunted AmeReekan sheeple and their alleged dedication to "lofty?!, moral?! ideals".

I have lost all patience which such crap. The last thing in the world that we should be doing is patting the average ass-clown on the back and lying to him/her about the "greatness" of them and their fellow jerk-offs, who make judeo-masonic empire possible with their tacit support of their childrens' murderers. I frankly don't care if what I'm saying "offends". If you are put off by this article, then you should be. It is aimed at you and yours. The contemptible, "living, breathing", pliable sense of "morality" that most people have is why we are in this mess to begin with.

Trendiness, having the "right" opinion, going-along-to-get-along with those who hate and use you, are these the traits of a "great" people? It is little wonder that the duplicitous kike is so enamored with the concept of "democracy". As a congenital liar and actor, the jew knows he has nothing to worry about so long as he operates in a "majority rules", poly-glot empire of losers. DeMOCKracy = Rule by those most adept at playing the average butt-goy for the chump that he/she most assuredly is.

Alright, enough "negativity" for the moment. Every cloud (even this one) has a silver lining. The one good thing that is coming from the 90% "approval ratings" for the cocaine-addled George W.higger Bush and all the moronic "United We Stand" crap, is the growing realization on the part of revolutionary White racists that we are basically "on our own". Some of our greatest thinkers have been trying to get us to see this for years. Now it can hardly be denied by even the most stubborn "we gotta wake 'em up" types.

The lunatic "holy-roller" Israel-firsters and the Ronnie Reagan CONservatives will NEVER get a clue. They will continue to hate and revile us so long as they are instructed to by the filth they worship. The self-loathing judeo-religionists and the greedy capitalist GOP'ers are not and never will be "allies" in the struggle to bring the 14 Words to victory. I'm at a loss to explain why anyone on our side ever thought they were.

Now is the time to really drive the point home. ALL future propaganda efforts should be aimed at the those who actually CARE about the fact that the United Snakes government is openly and arrogantly committing genocide against the White race.

To hell with the mind-laundered butt-goys who think that the "culture war" is about "school prayer", Imperial rag-waving and other warm and fuzzy BS that our clever little rulers have given us to bicker over.

Those of us who know what must be done should be looking to reach those who are already basically on the same page we are. As Rocky Suhayda has pointed out many a time, ONLY 23% of those under the age of eighteen in AmeReeka are White! What the hell else is there to discuss? We are being buried alive in filth.

You know it, I know it, and the future oven-fodder "Learned Elders" know it too!

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL
"Sheeple always do things the herd way".--LL



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