To Hell With Window Dressing

by Luke LaVellian


. . . . Last night, I watched a segment on "The O'Reilly Factor" that featured some hapless, old White man that thought he was "fighting back" by reciting the "Pledge of Allegiance" at a city council meeting. He was whining that some nasty old "leftist" woman objected vehemently to his display of "patriotism" and booted him from the council. This was typical who-gives-a-rats-ass stuff, that you would expect the kosher CONservative Fox News Network to make a big deal out of. In this case, both the "liberal" woman and the "patriotic" man, are both first-class, A-1, Ass-Clowns. Neither one has a clue as to how the world works or what constitutes a fight that is worth fighting. This was a clash of ideological window dressing, an argument over empty symbolism, and a fight that no true resistor to ZOG predation would weigh in on. I couldn't care any less about this BS. I bring it up solely to provide an example of what it is that we are dealing with.

. . . . The "Left vs. Right" game has absolutely NOTHING to do with US on any level. By "us", I mean the White Racial Resistance. Whether we are led by "conservative" White Genocidists, or we are led by "liberal" White Genocidists, is a matter of great indifference to those of us who place the good of the race above all else. This seems so very obvious to me, that I sometimes forget that tens of millions of our people, still don't understand what the real issues that we face are. I lose sight of the fact that silly nonsense like whether the corporate rag is allowed to hang in some public library, or whether or not the kiddies are allowed to ask God to "bless" the Imperial Corporate Regime, are actually seen as matters of some real import, by a sizable number of our people. What does any of this silliness have to do with securing the existence of our people or a future for White children?

. . . . Oh, how those who hate us must laugh up their sleeves at such an easily manipulable mass of sheeple! Imagine how funny it must be to them, that all they have to do is set up Argument # 6,666, between their left and right hands, and sure as death and taxes, along comes the sheeple, baahhing in lockstep with the voice that most agrees with their particular mind-laundered state. A case in point would be this "national discussion" we are being encouraged to have over displays of "patriotism". Ass-Clown A wants to hang a giant flag from the ceiling of his/her local library. Ass-Clown B is afraid that might make some mud-crud from Timbuktu feel "uncomfortable". Ass-Clown C is US, if we actually feel that this kind of crap is of any importance whatsoever.

. . . . I've written about the importance of recognizing non-issues/ZOG disinformation when you see it, many times in the past year. I've tried to make it clear that if they're debating it on "Hannity and Colmes", then it doesn't matter one bit to the system. You will never see the scum-froths who provide us "fair and balanced" news discussing the fate of the White race, beast-on-human crime, or whether or not the hateful, lunatic "One America" vision of judeo-masonry is good or bad for this country or the other formerly White nations that have been forced to adopt the same anti-nature, Zionist policies. What you will see is con-men and crazies all up in arms over meaningless symbols and deceitful window dressing. You will see judeo-secularists and judeo-"Christians" arguing over whether or not it is appropriate to lie that there is a God in heaven who supports this Babelized, Backed-up crapper of a "nation" in its latest hostile takeover of a country that has resources (oil and opium) that the system desires. You will see and hear everything BUT anything that actually has a DAMNED THING to do with a single thing that matters to us as White people.

. . . . You would think Whites would be able to figure out that they are being mocked by the suddenly flag-waving kikes and their White traitor lap-dogs. What a joke! Since these pieces of spiritual excrement long ago made this country a vassal state of Isn'tReal, every kike and his rabbi feels quite comfortable flailing the rag around in our face and singing the alleged praises of Uncle Sam! It is customary to change flags after a successful revolution. The jew being a despicable little coward, thinks that it is far more clever to leave the goyim with their symbols. Now that they have been stripped of all meaning, they pose no threat to Zion. They now stand for the filthy religious goals of the self-chosen. So wave the flag and sing the virtues of ZOG! "We're gunna beat them thar evil-doers! Fraud bless this RePubic!"

. . . . I would imagine that virtually everyone reading this understands that America is an occupied land and that its symbols and values have been co-opted by the proponents of International Zionism. I don't think I'm telling any of you something that you are unaware of. I am sure most of you are as angered by kike/White traitor displays of "patriotism" as I myself am. I'm just pointing out an area which has been opened up for us to pursue with our own propaganda efforts. We should help our fellow Whites (those who are still salvageable), learn to hate this phony crap as much as we do. We should do all we can to make it clear that they are being asked to support the strengthening of their children's executioners.

. . . . In closing, we should shout from the roof-tops that the Corporate Regime poses a thousand times the threat to our people than does the Al-Qaeda/Taliban. You might want to consider taping one of those "I am an American" public service announcements off of the jew-tube. These idiotic spots say all that need be said. America= Muds, Cruds, Queers, and above them all is the "Light unto 'de Nations", the Eternal jew! Show it to a fence-straddling friend and see if he/she can be made to accept the truth when it comes from the horse's own mouth.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL
"Sheeple always do things the herd way".--LL



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