Judeo-Country Music TalMUDvision

by Luke LaVellian


It has bothered me for some time that "Country" music is being pushed so hard by the kikes. The networks broadcast several awards shows annually, and there is even an entire cable channel (CMT) devoted to the genre. I long ago figured out that if the kikes are accepting of or actually promote something "white", then it's a certainty that that "something" has been co-opted and put to use in service of jewry. "Country" music is NO EXCEPTION. Up front, I'd like to make clear that I am not a fan of this style of music but that that in no way prevents me from being fair. As you will see, I am judging the POLITICAL content of this stuff, not my love (or lack thereof) for slide guitar and fiddles.

I meant to research this over a year ago, but as I said I'm not a fan and intensely dislike:

A) Love songs (regardless of the style of music),
B) Un-Aryan sentimentality,
C) Anything that portrays our people as foolish and "harmless" to our enemies.

Well anyway,yesterday morning I sat down and watched two hours (it felt like 12) of Sumner Redstone's CMT (Cuntree Muzak TalMUDvision) network. I came away very glad that it would never again be necessary for me to be so cruel to myself. What I saw (and unfortunately heard) in those 120 minutes was more than enough for me to outright condemn contemporary mainstream Country as hostile to Aryan interests, approving of White genocide, and patrIDIOTIC (as opposed to Pan-Aryan). The rest of this article will share some lowlights of the kike filth served up as authentic "white" music.

First off, coming in at #19 on the weeks "countdown" was some butt-goy named "raydney" or "radney". The lyrics of his stupid song extolled the virtues of his dead granny and included his bragging how she got arrested marching with Martin Luther Koon. The video features him taking his innocent White son to the inner-shitty where he points out all the "nice people of color" that granny loved so very much. The poor child is then "treated" to a ride on a vermin-packed subway.

Next up were the "Dixie Chicks". The theme of the video was that if three White girls want to have a fun and safe vacation, they should "run for the border". These "chicks" flirt with beaners and enjoy the scenery that only Tijuana can offer. Truly disgusting BS intended to subliminally program the white female target audience.

A commercial for "Dr. Pepper" ran next. Garth Brooks is shown enjoying the sexual interest shown him by nigger and spic "babes". It sure is nice that this channel exists so that there is an alternative to all that filth over at MTV, right?!

Back from the break, a song by Toby "Tubby" Keith is played in which he waxes none-to-eloquently as to the virtues of his precious Zionist Occupied Government. The song contained a threat to bin Laden. "Tubby" wanted Usama to know that if he ever walks down the street in Nashville, "Tubby" will be there to stick his boot "up his butt". Basically the song is intended to "whip up the troops" and let them know that "Tubby" will be thinking of them when he's polishing off his nightly 30-pack.

I think I'll spare you a long drawn-out description of every act of racial treason I witnessed in that two hour period and just quickly list a few more.

A few clips of an interview with Shania Twain ran that featured her bragging about her red-nigger daddy. Shania said that she is 50% stone-age Asian and damn proud of it!

A fat ass-clown named "Cledus" sang a stupid song about he and his buddies trashing his house like a bunch of teenagers when his wife is away. One of his friends (of course) is portrayed by a nigger.

Leann Rimes is shown parading herself in front of reeking New Orleans Voodoo practioners and encourages one of the nigger males to follow her into a graveyard. This one was about the worst. With the Ape-on-Human-Female rape epidemic being what it is, there can be NO EXCUSE for this ignorant little slattern promoting such blatant filth.

Some whigger ass-clown whose name I've forgotten sings some formulaic "nostalgia" song about being 17 "in my hometown". Can't a few of these cliches be retired, already? Anyway, the video that accompanies this crappy sappy nonsense features a young white male whose girlfriend is . . . . . . . YOU GUESSED IT, a stinking filthy negress!

Finally, I wouldn't want to forget my all-time favorite butt-goy anthem by Lee Greenwood. You all know it by heart right? I mean post 9-11, this patrIdiot's ode to occupation must be playing itself in your head. If not, sing along with me: "I'm proud to be an AmeReekan, where at least I think I'm free, and I'm proud of all the Pharisees that fed this lie to me . . . . "

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL
"Sheeple always do things the herd way".--LL



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