Tearing Down the Walls

by Luke LaVellian


The title of this article has nothing to do with the "wall" that paper dragon Ronnie Reagan "ordered" torn down, but instead refers to the figurative walls in our minds. Learning to live in the world that truly IS, instead of the world of denatured castrates and other pacifist windbags, is TASK #1, if a future for our kind is to be anything more than a cruel joke. Let's take a look at some of the emotions and ideas that White revolutionaries would be well advised to excise from their minds ASAP. If you recognize yourself in one or more of the below paragraphs, then you know that you have "walls" that must come down, if you are to effectively serve your people.


Escapism comes in many forms. What drives one man to the bottle or needle, leads another to suicidal idiot-ologies that make something of a "virtue" out of what sane men would label high treason.

The "white" judeo-religionist who actively works against the interests of his race, has no right to feel that he is in any way a better person than the drunkard or heroin addict. In both cases, the individual chooses not to deal with reality. The Universalist judeo-cultist is every bit as lost to his/her people as the junkie is. A nice suit and a shave doesn't make treason the slightest bit more palatable in the eyes of those who KNOW the score and are making a (mental) list and checking it twice! The white zombie with his/her adopted turd-world brat is as much, (if not more) a race criminal than the lowest purse-snatching gutter-snipe that lives "fix" to "fix". Revolutionaries live life with both feet planted firmly on the ground and haven't the time nor the inclination to deal with those who are too weak to do the same.


The revolutionary is a dedicated student of history. He is always looking for what has worked in the past, to help him formulate strategies for the present. The watchword must be: TAKE WHAT IS USEFUL AND DISCARD THE REST.

What the revolutionary would never do, is pretend that 18th Century solutions can be succesfully employed in dealing with 21'st century problems. For all the "good" that the average blight-wing patriot does by calling for a return to the (not)so "good, old glory days" of an America that in reality never was, the pseduo-resistor might as well be calling for a return to the reign of Caeser! In other words, unless these kooks invent a time-travel device, they will never know what it was like to live under the CONstitutional system of the Founders. The revolutionary understands that if the past was so great it couldn't have given birth to the present, and doesn't lament the passing of a far-from-perfect system that in no way was predicated on the good of the race. We don't live in the Germany of 1933 OR the America of 1776. Instead of asking what Jefferson would do, we should be doing what any sane man would do when the life of the community is at stake. Who needs 200+ year old quotes, when survival has always been its own justification?


Bottom Line: The White race is allowing itself to be pseudo-intellectualized and sermonized into extinction!

Is this "moral"? Is this "decent"? Any student of history can tell you that there have been as many "moral" systems in the last two thousand years, as there have been ruling classes. Each crud cabal has had the effrontery to posit "values" and set the parameters of "acceptable" thoughts and behaviors. What such systems have had in common is that they have all been one-hundred percent self-serving, being dedicated to nothing higher than the perpetuation of their own privileges. They all have promised Orwellian "peace" and "prosperity" to those willing to obscenely debase themselves and act as contemptible curs awaiting the table scraps. What revolutionaries must do is look for the common threads that run through all of the various manifestations of the kike-masonic drive for a global plantation. Forget about the intellectually bankrupt philosophies and meaningless window-dressing symbols that are employed to mislead you.

For instance, one can attack the Hammer and Sickle without reservation, but it is a rare individual who will stand up to criminals that wave the Stars and Stripes, or flail crucifixes in their faces. That is the true test of emotional emancipation.

Once a revolutionary has rendered himself immune to the power of empty symbolism, he is truly free to move ahead with the final solution. Do not misunderstand me. I am fully aware of the positive nature of symbolism. What I am talking about is the use of symbols by the enemy, to elicit a prescribed response. For instance, I have four confederate flags in my home. I love the symbol, BUT, I consider it a mockery to see it fly over enemy strongholds. I could care less when political whores bow to nigger pressure and take it down.


How many times have we seen "patriots" spout off about the "revolution" that will come "when?!" the Imperial Corporate Regime takes their snivel rights away from them? Surely you can see that White racial revolutionaries have absolutely nothing in common with such ass-clowns? Where do these morons come from?

Their priorties are so skewed that I truly don't believe that most of these "Fraud, CuntRy, and apple-flavored bagel" goofs are at all salvageable. We understand that we must bring the 14 Words to victory, while the right-winger wants a tax-cut and assurances that he will be "allowed" to keep his duck-hunting rifle. For us, the survival and upward expansion of the race is EVERYTHING, while the CONservative wants Tom Brokaw's "Greatest Generation" back. He wants to mouth the "big lie" AND be able to believe it, the way his grand-dad did. Saying that White revolutionaries can find common cause with these "undead" drones, is like suggesting that David Lane and Rush Limbaugh are "Brothers in the Cause"! It is beyond ridiculous.

Today's establishment political and religious entities are sworn enemies of the White Race. We all know this, so it is time we walk our talk. It may be comforting to pretend we have "some issues" in common with the Jabba the Falwells' and the Newt Gingrichs', but it is not the case. As Friedrich Nietzsche said: "It is no requirement of truth that it makes one feel 'good'".

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL



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