by Jim Floyd


"O thou monster, ignorance, how deformed dost thou look!
Shakespeare: Loves's Labor Lost

There is an unbelievable, blind, naked, ignorance flying through the air, tonight. An ignorance emanating from the very womb of monsters.

And it is specifically directed at your children and young adults who can't read. They are reading it for them.

Oh, ironies of ironies! I have written, all week, about Black rap, Mexican rap, kill Whitey, so-called music. The most hate-filled, criminal non-lyical, loathsome, garbage to ever be called songs. And now comes MTV, promoting, of all things, 'hate crime legislation'.

Well, well! You know there is a black comedian -- his name is Spanky, or something, he does a line about the difference in how Whites and niggers begin a fairy tale. He says, of course, that Whites begin with, "Once upon a time," not so for blacks, he says, theirs begin with, "You ain't gonna believe this shit."

Dear hearts, turn to MTV. You ain't gonna believe this shit!

MTV you is out of yo element, hell, listen to the Justice Department, ya'll;

Ahh, to hell with it! Rap on MTV! You and your audience have truly made ignorance a voluntary, national misfortune.

James Floyd



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