George Bush Ain't Worth a Pitcher of Warm Spit!

by Jim Floyd


Para One woman loved me and another woman couldn't stand me. The one that loved me told the other, "You can say what you want to about Jim Floyd but he's an equal opportunity hater. He hates everybody equally."

ParaThat ain't true. I have three life-long heroes. Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, and Jesse James, and I still love them. I love Jesus and Paul because they destroyed Judaism, the most vulgar, filthy, gutter, religion ever concocted. I love Jesse for what he did to the banks.

ParaWe need more like Jesus, Paul, and Jesse.

ParaI hate a lot because there is a lot to hate. However, I never thought that there would come a time, when in my deepest being, in that reserved zone of healthy, virile, hate, anyone could ever have replaced Abraham Lincoln.

ParaYet, I find meself hating George Bush more than the Saddam Hussein of the eighteen sixties, old damnable Abe, our first compassionate republican.

Para George and Abe, irrespective of the time span, are brothers in treason. This nation can not afford another Abe Lincoln nor can it survive the absurd, mindless policies of George Bush and his handlers.

Para Slavery was the worst immigration policy in the history of America. And we have suffered from it and are still suffering from it.

Para Now comes, the Bush amnesty for wet-backs. Play a slow one, Myrtle, it's over! It is now obvious that this cruse will end only when America becomes so repugnant, so like Haiti, that no one wants to come here, or live here.

Para I despise you George. I hate your damn momma and yo double damn daddy, your drunk, strumpet daughters, all your brothers, your harridan drugged-up damn niece, and all your damn jewo-con tutors.

Para I hate it because you are so damn stupid, because you embarrass us all in front of the whole world.

Para George, I'll bet the farm that you don't have a library card, and that you got more cowboy belt buckles than books. Naw, I'll even bet that you have not read an entire book since you left college.

Para As yo sorry ass daddy would say, "It's the vision thing." You obviously have a vision of yourself as the great Patron, strutting about Rancho America, with millions of peons holding their hats in their hands, and pledging their allegiance.

ParaThere are people out here, George, who have a very different vision. Some of the more intelligent among us would like to see you with a year's growth of hair and beard, with yo head pushed back and someone digging around in yo mouth with a tongue depressor.

Para Mr. President, I must qualify all of the above. If God has talked to you, again, and told you to destroy America, then I want you to ignore this letter. Because, God knows that what you have done is the quickest way to bring us all to our knees.

ParaSo, I'll take your latest advice and get me mind off not having a job, being broke, watching my state turn brown, and I'll start thinking about going to Mars. Mars can't be as bad as Alabama -- or Texas.


James Floyd
185 Co. Rd. 254 (Stay White Road)
Cullman, Al. 35057


James Floyd



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