Separation of Synagogue and State

Jim Floyd



Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 07:55:49 -0600 (CST)
From: James Floyd (
Subject: Separation of Synagogue and State

   Oh, yes! The people who make movies love those scenes 
   where a sensuous young, deranged Catholic girl goes into 
   the booth and whispers to the Priest, " I don't have on any 

   Oh yes, and they never tire of heaping derision upon the 
   trailer park, Southern, lass who falls under the sway of the 
   Evangelist and is swayed, from the brush arbor meeting, 
   into the bushes with the, hedgerow, preacher man.

   Oh yes, what fun they have with those poor masses of 
   contrite sinners who leap to their feet and run to the front 
   with tears, snot, and slobber flowing from their sinful faces, 
   while the altar-call is given and Amazing Grace plays 
   mournfully slow. 

   Oh, yes, yes!  Isn't it just spellbinding and so wickedly 
   humorous to see those Holliness snake-handlers, talking 
   in tongues, shouting and jumping around -- tattoed, shabbily 
   dressed men and overweight women kissing poisonous 
   vipers and drinking poison drinks.

   Ah, but all this is old-hat. Y ou know what I'd really like to 
   see?  I'd really like to see a movie about spiritualism on 
   Capitol Hill.  I'd like to see that less-than-holy spirit that 
   has taken over the hearts and minds of our Senators, 
   Congressmen/women, and every President during my 
   lifetime.  I'd like to see them all gathered in an Oral Robert's 
   tent and have this spirit sweep over and sit upon their heads 
   like cloves of fire. 

   I want to see that most powerful, most fanatical, other-
   world, unholy ghost that, invariably, takes possession of our 
   leaders.  Show me this strongest of all nefarious spooks, this 
   poltergeist that knocks on the hearts of our leaders and causes 
   them to run and grap for the horns of a Khazaric altar. 

   Lets see it, Hollywood!  Show me all these dignified 'Hill Rats' 
   running through the sawdust, down to the scrolls, cherubim, 
   and menorahs.  Show them with tears, snot and slobber flowing 
   from their faces.  Give us a close-up of that mystical, far-off 
   look in their eyes as they lunge foward with AN HUNDRED AND 
   THEIR LORDS AND MASTERS!  Play the Hatikvah, play it soul-stirringly 

   Only a g-d can count to an hundred and ten thousand million 
   dollars and only a demon posessed congergation of extremely 
   stupid, treasonous bastards would give it to Israel!

   Oh, sweet spirit of logic and reason, please,  separate our 
   government, once and for all time, from its de facto, State 
   sanctioned, Congress approved, media affirmed, Presidentially 
   endorsed, fore-skin loving, damnable, religion.  

                                   Rev. J. Edward Floyd
                                   Home Missions Director



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