Rice, Powell, Bush – Shabbas Niggers, Puppets, and Jewish Warlords

by Jim Floyd


Preface – People of Color, Black People of intellect and conscience, indulge me, please, as I do what should have been done, long ago, by a Black writer. None have been eager to challenge these two ‘willing executioners’ who have had, and still have, a prodigious role in justifying, and rationalizing the killing of People of Color around the globe.

. . . . . I listened to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others, on the Word TV network, as they told Blacks not to criticize Rice or Powell because it would not fare well for Black candidates in future administrations. If you are Black then you must surely recognize this as an insult.

. . . . . Both Rice and Powell are, of course, hopeful that they will find a place of honor in Black history. They will not, because all of Africa and most Black Americans loathe them. The sum total of their fame will probably be a mere footnote in a future edition of the Encyclopedia Judaica.

Bush first:

. . . . . Mr. President, are you the Messiah or should we look for another?

. . . . . Are you that warring Messiah? Are you that killer god whom the Talmudic Jews have so long awaited? Was yesterday’s oracle, (inaugural speech) a divine calling to kill every man that pisseth upon the wall, cut and slaughter the unborn from the bellies of dead mothers, utterly destroy cities and all that dwell therein, sparring not their men, women, young, old, ox and ass, not even their virgins? What are the voices in your presidential head saying?

. . . . . Those awaiting the first coming of the promised Messiah want to know, is this the beginning of the Messianic age? Will you push the nuclear button or hold the Jew’s prayer shawls while they nuke Iran, Syria?

. . . . . Your vision, outlined yesterday, could only come from a man, a man with serious delusions, and could be accomplished only by Almighty God Himself.

. . . . . George, we have not heard such a profoundly amoral doctrine since the bad old days of the Comintern. Total war, Perpetual War, World Revolution, Permanent Revolution, killing for the ‘greater good,’ none of this is new. It’s banal and stinks to the high heavens!

. . . . . Have you made Iraq safe for the United Fruit Company; safe for democracy? Of course not, this war is an abysmal failure, unless “mission accomplished” was, as I suspected, concocted to create civil war and chaos for your * Jew-o-con Warlords. It is patently obvious that your Warlord Jews did not give you an ‘exit strategy.’ An exit from and democratization of Iraq comes to us as a transparent afterthought, still in development. I have written many times that the Jews in Israel want a thousand miles of chaos and devastation all around them; was that ‘the mission?’

. . . . . And we know the origins of your preemptive strike doctrine, don’t we George?

"I could give you the names of 25 people who are within a 5-block radius of this office, who, if exiled to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened!"
-- Thomas Friedman, New York Times (April 4, 2003)

. . . . . We know these people, George; we know the Trotskyite whores that gave them birth; we know their callus theories of revolution from the barrel of a gun, and their talents in the art of puppetry.

. . . . . I hate you, you sorry son of a bitch, but if I had you lined-up in my AK gun sight I would not kill you. No one ever stopped a puppet show by destroying the puppet. The puppeteers, of whom I speak, will use you, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Cheney, et. al., as long as you move precisely to their tug on the strings, and when they are finished with you they will throw you into the nearest dumpster. Their supply of marionettes, in this government and waiting in the wings, is inexhaustible.

. . . . . I watched your performance at the coronation. That’s right, it was not an inauguration; when the price tag exceeds a hundred million dollars then it must be a royal event. And I listened intently, probably, more attentively than anyone in the world, as is my wont.

. . . . . I even found humor in your babblings. You told the leaders of the world that they “. . . . must trust their people.” Then you were surrounded by your Praetorian Guards and escorted to an Abrams tank which was masquerading as a Cadillac. I even noticed how you royal coach driver sped-pass protest signs, slowed for supporters, and then he stopped for the photo-op where, in your true war-stud style you tried to feign courage by debarking, and swaggering along before the expensive bleachers filled with only true believers.

. . . . . As you spoke, George, I saw all America standing along side Dorothy, the Lion who needed courage, the Tin Man who lacked a heart and the Straw Man who was brainless. You were the talking head on the table and behind a thin screen was the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz, throwing his voice and pulling the strings.

. . . . . Beware George, learn a lesson from the second visit to the throne room of the Wizard; the screen falls and there stands a very small, fearful, cowardly, and powerless man incapable of even helping himself.

** Shabbas Niggers:

. . . . . If Condoleezza Rice is a doctor then I’m Shaka Zulu!

. . . . . In her confirmation hearing she used the word “diplomacy” over and again. The word "diplomacy" from the mouth of this woman is tantamount to the word "love" from the mouth of a street-walking whore.

. . . . . Every time she has appeared before a committee it has not been just a dog and pony show, rather a strange, laughable, new mix between a minstrel show and Yiddish theater. The very idea that Barbara Boxer, a Yid, and Condi Rice, a Shabbas Nigger, somehow represents me and my opinions of world affairs is as repugnant to me as is the thought of being double circumcised.

. . . . . She didn’t dance? Is that what you said? There wasn’t any banjo music but by damn, she danced, and dance, around the torture questions, the lies that got us into Iraq, the reality of today’s Iraq, and most important of all, she danced around the Israeli Holocausting of Palestinians.

. . . . . She said, for the first time,” They hate us because we support Israel.” But the only reason for her throwing out this minuscule morsel of candor was to get Boxer off her ass. If you are waiting for her to be candid again regarding anything Israeli, forget it! This woman would not say Mossad even if an agent jumped upon her flat chest and defecated. She will say that she and this administration did not lie to us; they were told lies by “the international intelligence community,” “our friends in intelligence,” “foreign agencies,” etc. etc. So, a Mossad lie is a lie only the first time someone tells it; the second time it is told it is not a lie, and the person telling it, from that point on, must not be called a liar.
. . . . . I’m old, I’m on Metamucil, and I’m confused.

Condi Rice, Consort of the Jew Fear Merchants;

. . . . . Damn it woman, we heard you, time and again, telling us to be afraid; freighting the hell out of children and the child-minded. This is not a new tactic, old darling. You did precisely what the KKK did all those many years ago. Playing on the fears and superstitions of child-minded ex-slaves, novel schemes were employed by the Klan:

“A night traveler, provided with a rubber sack, would stop at a negro’s hut and ask for water. After ‘drinking’ three bucketfuls, to the consternation of the trembling black, the traveler would observe that he had traveled a thousand miles in twenty-four hours and ‘that was the best water I have had since I was killed at the battle of Shiloh.’ The Negro, chattering, would take to his heels . . . .”

. . . . . Then there were signs in the clouds, you know about using clouds to generate fear, don’t you, Ms. Rice?

“Tales would be told of White men sailing through the midnight skies on white horses . . . . Could the bad Negro escape? Not at all – these spirits always follow them and catch them and no living man ever hears from them again. The leader of this spectral band was unthinkably terrible – ten feet high, his horse fifteen, and he carried a lance and a shield like those of Goliath of the Philistines.”

. . . . . Yes, fear is a powerful weapon and you used it, Rice, not unlike the hooded characters in the Claude Bowers book, The Tragic Era, quoted above.

End of part one –

Bishop James Floyd
Master Prophet

* Neo-cons are Jew-o-cons and their Shabbas Goyim. Ask Thomas Friedman.

** Shabbas Goy – A gentile hired by a Jew to do for him what he is prohibited from doing on his Shabbat. (Sabbath) Friday sundown to Saturday sundown is the Jew Sabbath. Most know that Jews appear to take the observance of this time and its rules sternly. They can not drive, nor walk more than two thousand cubits, nor build a fire, nor cook, wash no dishes nor even throw out dishwater. They cannot even tell their hireling what to do, so they cue him/her with hints such as “It is a little cool in here,” which translates, “put another log on the fire.” And so it goes, they circumvent their own laws by using the soulless, beast of the field, goy to serve them, as it should be.



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