From Moses to King

Jim Floyd



Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 07:32:17 -0600 (CST)
From: James Floyd (
Subject: From Moses to King

ATTENTION - WILL TRADE FIVE ACRES of wooded land located on 
beautiful Smith Lake, in north Alabama, for the  authentic 
and complete package of FBI tapes on the late Rev. Martin 
Luther King Jr.

Must be of broadcast quality. All correspondence confidential.


Saint King

The man sat there with a very serious, nay, sanctimonious look 
in his eyes.  This skillet-licking preacher had been King's Chief 
of Staff.  He looked straight at the camera and declared Martin 
Luther King Jr., aka Mike King, a Christian martyr, a Moses, 
worthy of Sainthood.

Suddenly, the replay camera whirried us back to King's "I may 
not make it there with you" speech.  You know the one, "I've 
been to the mountain top and I've seeeeen the promise land," 
sweet lawd in haben, they play it over and over, don't they?

Then they showed us a location, in Washington between Grant 
and Lincoln, where we will soon be blessed with yet another 
grotesque monument to bad history and the dishonorable.  

Well!  I'm sitting here, seriously, sanctimoniously, adorned in me 
prayer shawl and yarmulke made from a Confederate flag and since 
Moses ain't here, I feel moved by the spirit to speak for him.

I knowed Moses, brothers and sisters, and Mike King was no Moses. 

I've searched, diligently, trying to find this correlation, this simile, 
anything that would make a Moses out of this mouses ear, King. 
All I found, dear hearts, was a big ole rock in the wilderness and 
the absurdity of the Moses libido, "Moses was an hundred and 
twenty years old when he died: (no similarity there) his eyes was 
not dim, nor his natural force abated, ah yes, can I hear an amen 
for 'natural' forces?  

Turn with me now, dear hearts, to page 179  in the Holy Scriptures 
where we find the great man Moses sinning the sin that would keep 
him out of the Promise Land. 

Now, this is a little delicate, sisters, but it needs saying.  Both 
Moses and King got theyselves in trouble by 'getting they rocks off.' 

The lawd told Moses to "speak" to the rock but old Mo got  
emotional, got carried away, and went to beating on the rock 
with a stick.  Well, the rock of Meribah broke its water but the 
harm was done, the sin was sinned and "judgement run down  
as water, and  righteousness as a mighty stream," and the 
punishment was instant.

Because Moses beat on the rock instead of just talking to it, the 
Almighty, Blessed be He, told him that he could not enter the land 
of the Canaanites with his marauding band of thieves, nor was he 
given land that belong to somebody else, or permitted to live in a 
house he didn't build or eat off vines and trees he didn't plant. 
In this case, the punishment don't seem to match the crime, can you 
say amen?

I want every head bowed and every eye closed and I want you to 
think Moses and think Martin Luther King.  Let us reason together, 
if  G-d got mad at Moses for beating on a rock how much more 
angry do you think He was with little Mikey King for beating-up-on 
all those teenage Black whores, for his group sex orgies, for running 
down the hotel hall, naked, begging some white woman to love him? 

Oh sweet joys of this world!  Don't you know that Moses didn't cuss 
that rock, no sir, but Martin is on J. Edgar Hoover's FBI tapes talking 
all that back-alley talk.  That language where 'mother' is only half a 

Enough!  Precious lawd, and dearly beloved, I'm hoping to live til 2027, 
"looongevity is a good thing,"  I want to hear what Hoover and his wife 
Clyde played at they parties.  I want to hear and read everything Agent 
Sullivan mailed to Coretta and the SCLC, I want a copy of them tapes.

Now comes the Catholic Church and you Catholics know I love you, 
you've been here and eat my eggs benedict and lump-free grits, and 
you know I wouldn't tell you no wrong.  But you need to talk to the 
Pope and his popelets, cause they are looking for two miracles and 
they's more than two miracles involved here.

Firstly, it be a abso-damn-lute miracle that Coretta didn't kill him 
herself!  It's a miracle that he didn't get caught sooner and an even 
bigger miracle that his sins are inhumed, until 2027, in that great 
bureaucratic sea of forgetfulness. 

So, don't you see how easy it will be for this depraved generation to 
make a Moses, a Christian martyr, and a Saint out of Martin Luther 
King Jr.

What will not be easy, what will be very difficult, indeed, will be 
finding words to explain 'King' to a struggling Black child, who loves 
Jesus and wants to live a good Christian life.  How do we reconcile our 
and his scabrous hypocrisy?  Well, perhaps, the hope is that by 2027 
beating on young whores will be as inconsequential as beating on a rock.

                              Brother Jim
                              Gut Writer, Tree Surgeon,
                              & Holocaust Reenactor

ps - They put me trial off again til March 7
       Thank you for yo continuing support.



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