Jesus Loves Most of the Children

by Jim Floyd


Bush and Chitterlings Powell

ParaIsn't it wonderful? We have a Christian president and a soul brother for Secretary of State. This administration emits from every outlet a syrupy-sweet, sensitivity accompanying their new and improved slogan, "compassionate conservatism." Do they "feel our pain?"

ParaSo, if they have these noble, amazing grace, feelings then why in the damn hell are they still killing and publicly condoning the killing of innocent women and children? What is the difference between these pious pieces of sanctimonious excrement and the godless bunch that just vacated these offices?

ParaYour new president was still defining himself as a compassionate conservative, last week, as he wrapped around his shoulders that damn hybrid flag, you know, that one which has stars and stripes and from a distance looks like the so-called America flag, but on close inspection has Magen David stars.

ParaHe pledged allegiance to the bastard state of Israel and to the barbarism for which it stands, inhumanity, racism, injustice and brutality to all opposition regardless of gender or age. And so adorned, he sent the military might of this nation to Baghdad and killed two old ladies. Brilliant George, brilliant! But you got a long way to go, boy, before you catch-up with yo murdering, sorry daddy!

ParaPerhaps, a talk with the Iraqi gravediggers would be enlightening. They have been digging those small holes, in that sullied ground, since yo daddy's one-sided war and murderous embargo.

ParaSo far, all you have done is dance on the chest of a very dead lion.

Chitterlings Powell

ParaGenerals kill people, that is what generals do, and we pay them to kill. However, it is the post-killing money which Powell has amassed that should disturb us all.

ParaIt is difficult to conceive of a more ignoble way of making money than the way your new Secretary of State has enriched himself. This merchant of death has accumulated over twenty seven million dollars in payment for his braggart speeches. Incredible!

ParaSo, we have Colon Powell meeting, today, with Ariel Sharon and in their bloody hands they hold the lives of thousands of Palestine's precious children.

ParaMy God in Heaven, what a sick world!

ParaYou so-called Christians stop calling here and telling me that "it's in God's hands." You embarrass me and God.

ParaIt's in the hands of mass-murderers; it's in the hands of the serial-killer, Sharon, and a Yiddish-speaking, Shabbas nigger who will do nothing to stop the genocide!

ParaFriends, if I have any friends left, I am heart sick after watching seven presidents pander to the Khazar Jew and become their willing executioners, forever, helping them exterminate children.

ParaPerhaps, Jesus only loves most of the children of the world?

James Floyd
Compassionate Racist



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