God and anti-Judaism

by Jim Floyd


Para What did those ugly, beastly, little, Hollywood, so-called Jews do to Mel? Whatever it was, this Golem, Mel Gibson, has repaid them in kind. Sure, he tried to make last minute concessions and his indulgences are obvious. But just look at what Mel Gibson has done.

Para He was trained by Jews using their technology, and methods. He learned from them how to grab the innermost sensual organ of the human spirit and squeeze from it the very last drop of commiseration. He took their money, which they had given him, and their tools, and used them to promote, glorify, Deify, the God that these so-called Jews hate, vehemently abhor.

Para Oh, sweet joys of this world! It galls them so! They canít stand it. People are crying, hugging one another, rereading the Gospels, before and after seeing Melís movie. They are standing-up in these vulgar temples of sacrilege that we call theaters, and in loud voices they are praising Christ Jesus.

Para Of course, the movie is anti-Semitic. It is also anti-Roman and anti-sinner, but most importantly, it is anti-Judaism.

Para It is the greatest nightmare for Judaism since the Apostle Paul was knocked from his donkey on the road to Damascus. Did you see what I saw? Did you hear what I heard? I doubt it, but keep reading and I will show you the hand of God in Mel Gibsonís miraculous movie.

Para Let us first show pity for our poor enemies, because Jesus told us to do it, and it was one of the few, after-thought, compromises made by Gibson.

Idiot Children Screaming

Para Iíve always despised Abe Foxman, and if I told you what I have wished for him, it would require intemperate language, and would distract from this article, so I wonít do it. My opinion of Abe has not changed; however, I came out of the theater feeling sorry for him.

Para Why? Because, of the agony of defeat. You know how you feel pity for the skier who misses the jump and breaks his silly neck on the side of the ski route. Well, that is how I feel for Foxman.

Para Abraham Foxman played his part in this drama by the book. He went after Mel, Melís family, Melís religion, Melís friends, Melís intellect, Melís intentions, and Melís God, by the book, with the same alacrity and methodology that he has used a thousand times, but it didnít work. Poor baby!

Para He pulled the anti-Semite card, the pogrom card, the blood libel card, the Holocaust card, the Muslims hate us and will use this movie card, and he still had a losing hand.

Para This campaign of hate reached its zenith just before show time. So infantile were the bowel complaints of these so-called Jews that it made one recall their childhood trips to a kindergarten play ground and squeaky, whiney voices saying things like, "My daddy can whip your daddy, no he canít, yes he can."

Para Even so-called Christian leaders joined in the fray. But alas, put a Christian on a spit, and you can always get another Christian to turn him. The pre-Passion show was outstanding and I can hardly wait for the reviews.

Para Please Jesus, keep Foxman out front, on TV everyday, twenty-four hours, seven days and all year round. Let him spew his senseless venom from his dirty perch at the ADL, forever. Amen.

Para Give us Abraham! I do not want the so-called Jewish community to regain their composure. I do not want them to remove from view people like Abe Foxman, Marvin Hier, Jacko Mason and that gaggle of rancorous NY Rabbis. My greatest fear is that they will replace these clowns with calmer, smarter, Christ-haters.

Para Today Ash Wednesday, year of our Lord, 2004, the basest elements of the anti-Christ army has crawled from their lurking places into full view and are making noises like an idiot child screaming in a hospital.

Para Even those who try to maintain a soupcon of self-control betray themselves, and their tribe, by being so damnably transparent. Look into their eyes, and you are looking into the dark soul of Joe Caiaphas clones.

Para This seething, just-below-the-surface, nervous hostility, in these odious vermin should be obvious to even the dumbest among us. They hate your Christ, they hate you, and they hate Mel Gibson with a perfect hate.

Para You are guilty, along with the Gibson family of a long list of cardinal, no, unpardonable sins. Chief among these transgressions is your defiance. Just as Christ dragged Himself to His feet at the whipping post, you have stood-up, out of your stupor, and spoke to the manipulating Jew, with your feet marching to the theater, and with your purses buying all those tickets.

Para But your most prodigious crime is that you have stolen control, first degree control-theft, you and Mel have disallowed the so-called Jew to control the past and they hate losing control.

Para Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past.

Para You have defied the Jewís control. You have denied them their self-appointed position as elite New Testament scholars. You slapped their collective faces by not letting them interpret the Gospels for you.

Para And for the moment, you have stopped them from completely hi-jacking Christianity.

Para You seem to be saying, control other histories, control other records, papers, documents, but keep your filthy hands off our story, our Gospels.

Para And for the first time I burst with pride for you. Can we build on this, please, donít stop, feel the freedom, you have thrown off a few of your chains, and tasted something very special, you now have property, you own the New Covenant.

Para You saw it as it was purchased for you with the blood of Christ. You watched God and Christ destroy Judaism, donít ever again let demons tell you how to think about the Gospels and Gospel writers.

Para Abe Foxman was so worried about the curse of the blood, "Let His blood be upon us and our children," well, no blood, no curse, has gotten on old Abe. What he did get was egg in the face!

Para His own tribe has turned on him like hyenas. He is said to have let Mel Gibson "trick him, Jew-bait him into helping promote this film." I love it! I love it! Just the thought of a Jew telling Abe Foxman that he "might as well have been working for Gibson," sends me soul soaring!

Para There, there, pitiful baby, donít cry Abe. They say that you are an embarrassment to all Jews, but this mitzvah for Jesus and Gibson will be like bread upon the waters.

Stop it Jim, enough. You are enjoying your silly self too much. Get back on point. Para Theological pygmies, some even on this side of the spectrum, completely missed the climactic victory depicted in this great film. What you saw when the sky darkened, when Christ cried, "It is finished," was the first pictures of the destruction of Judaism.

Para God and His Son began by tearing the temple apart, cutting the veil from top to bottom, emptying it of any authority, meaning, or reason for being, and only a few years later finished the job by using Titus and Vespasian.

Para All the pain, suffering and gore had its climax in what would today be called a hate crime but this was desecration of a place of worship by the Almighty God Himself, Blessed be He. God has a lesson for you in replacement-theology. God, the anti-Judaism God, is trying to tell you something. Stay tuned.

End of Part 1

James Floyd

Writerís notes:

Jews are now objecting because Gibson gave no reason for Jesus being arrested. See John 11:47-52 and remember Christ went after the money-changers at least twice.

Jews say that Pilate was not apt to do the biddings of the High Priest, see J osephus, Book XVIII, Ch. III here he succumbs to the demand to remove Caesarís effigies, which were upon his ensigns, out of the city. He caved in to these Jews.

See Josephus, Book XVIII, Ch. II, The name of the High Priest is given as ĎJoseph Caiaphas.í

Attempts to keep children from seeing Melís movie continue. Yet, I have been unable to bar Holocaust ĎRí rated material from our elementary schools. What could be more disgusting than this iconical worship of seventy year old corpses forced upon our children?

So called Christian TV preachers are telling their sheep everyday to pray for Jerusalem. Iím telling you to cuss the place every chance you get.

The system that "was, is not, but will be." is Judaism and the Great Whore is Jerusalem.

Stop trying to make Mel Gibson into something he is not. He is not a theologian. Take what we have been given and use it.




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