Tricky Dicky and Groveling Graham

by Jim Floyd


. . . . If you die and go to hell, don't be surprised if the first person you run into is Rev. Billy Graham. According to him all liars will be there and Dante said that there will be compartments and punishments for different sins.

. . . . Maybe Graham will be submerged up to his neck in bagel dough or sentenced to a life of sex with Doctor Ruth, or he could be required to co-host a TV program with Alan Dershowitz, night and day, forever.

. . . . If you have the time and feel like doing it, I would like for you to check the log-in book, under charges. I would like to know if Billy went to hell for saying that the American media was/is Jewish or if he is being barbecued for his last great lie, which seems to be an ambiguous denial that the media is Jew. Which is a lie? What is a lie? Will the real Billy Graham, please, stand up.

. . . . Look friends, either way, if God is a Khazar Jew, who never forgives, never forgets, then brother Graham is in a heap of trouble, and his thirty year old deception will get him toasted. And if God ain't no Khazar and he tells God that the media is dominated by Hawaiians, only heaven knows what will happen.

. . . . Either way, Billy has much to answer for, specifically, he was one of the first to tell Jews that they "have a special covenant with God." His "Crusade team" always met with Jew leaders prior to his meetings and told them that Rev. Billy was not in their city to convert a single Jew and that they didn't need to be saved because of this special deal.

. . . . Oh my Gooood, (as they say in NY), what if God is a Khazar Jew! If He is, then I'm shor' in trouble. Well, God at least I've been consistent, unlike the Rev.

. . . . The media was Jew in seventy-two and is even more Jew in 2002. And I've always said, like Graham's earlier statement that, "This stranglehold has got to be broken or this country's going down the drain." It's in the toilet, Lord, just like me and the other Billy said.

. . . . Lord, help us out here, please. When one of Your leading men is forced to apologize for telling the truth it hurts us all. It makes one wonder just what has happened to this thing called Christianity.

His Eminence,
The Right Reverend,
Bishop James Floyd



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