Weapons of Mass Destruction

by Jim Floyd


. . . . You can't spray it from a crop-duster. You can't put it in an envelope and mail it to your enemies. If this were possible, the Israelis would have created a military version, long ago, and destroyed most of the planet. Yet, this bacillus, in its natural form, notwithstanding its limitations, continues to terrorize mankind.

. . . . You can't shoot it out of a cannon. You can't put a fuse in it and affix it to the undercarriage of a car. You can't carry it in a suitcase, equip it with transistors, or make it any smarter than it has ever been.

. . . . The detectors at the airport won't pick it up and I hate to think how much it would cost for a machine that could sniff-it-out. Security personnel aren't trained to identify it nor even schooled in its heinous effects.

. . . . Saddam don't have it. Osama don't have it. It is the embodiment of ethno-weaponry, a weapon of choice, chosen by the chosen.

. . . . And it is everywhere! There is not even a small nook or cranny, in our nation's capitol, free from this dirty bomb. People walk down our streets with these malignant damn things in plain view. Turn on your TV and there they are glaring at you, staring you right in the eye. And I have to tell you, as they say in NY, that the packaging of this devil weapon, after a few nips and tucks, appeals to some men. They seem to pick them up and play with them like a small child plays with any dangerous object.

. . . . We have outlawed mustard gas, nerve gas, anthrax, etc. We know the evil power of nuclear and try to control it. We even have laws against fertilizers, yet nothing is being done about this insidious implement.

. . . . This thing is the strangest weapon in any arsenal, in that, it seems to only devastate men in high positions, especially, politicians. How devastating is this weapon from hell? Ask ex-congressman Gary Condit. It killed him, he died from it, today.

. . . .Well I'll be damn! I'm so old I've forgotten the name of this thing and even if I could remember, my wife won't let me write it. But it's out there, dear hearts, skulking about, it's Jewish and it's deadly. And I'll tell you the same thing I've told my Senators and Congressmen, "If you see a young Jew girl get out of a car wearing knee-pads and a yarmulke, run Congressman, run like hell, RUN!

James Floyd
The Balance in Fair and Balanced



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