Who Done It?

by Jim Floyd


Para "We all killed Him," they say. "Our sins killed Him," they say. "The Romans killed Him; not the Jews," they say. "Caiaphas could not have killed Him, because he didn't have the authority," they say.

Para Who are they? Unfortunately, 'they' are not just embittered, Christ-hating Jews, but 'they' are so-called Christian scholars. Et tu, Gibson?

Para Do you want to solve this murder mystery? Can you read? What if I told you that the same book that tells the story of the killing also names the killers? Well, it does.

Para The book is Acts of the Apostles, chapter 4:5-10. Saint Peter, whom Catholics acknowledge as the first Pope and the Holy Ghost have the leading roles in naming the killers.

Para Peter had been arrested the evening before and spent the night incarcerated, now, he stands before the same people who had just killed Jesus. And Peter names them.

Para He says, "Rulers, elders, scribes," but Peter and the Holy Ghost didn't stop there. He calls them by their names in verse 6. "Annas, Caiaphas, John, Alexander, and their kinfolks, he names them.

Para Now, look at the center of verse 10, ".Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom YE crucified."

Para So, who you gonna believe:

Para In this corner, wearing white, and weighing-in heavily, we have Peter and the Holy Ghost. In the far corner, wearing pink trunks, and weighing-in as bantam-weight, wanna-be, Christian academia, we have the belt-holding champions of world apostasy.

Para Yea Peter, boo Robertson, boo Falwell, boo Hinn, boo Day Star, boo TBN, boo, boo, boo, well, you get the point.

James 'Hercule Peirot' Floyd



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