Homily of Hate

by Jim Floyd


ParaOf course, I hate. God hates. God hates with a perfect hate! The Bible is a hate-full book, as is the Talmud and Kabbalah.

ParaHate ain't all bad, brothers and sisters. The idea of "tough love," which continues to gain credence, is hate with a name change.

ParaMost people, at least, intelligent people hate the things, people, ideas, laws, governments and even plants and animals that threaten the ones they love.

ParaAs concerns meself, I am innocent of any debilitating illusions regarding my raw hatred. And, I remain one of the few who are willing to tell you that I hate you. I am and will always be, an equal opportunity hater.

ParaNor can I, nor will I, attempt to deceive you into believing that I hate the sin and love the sinner. Like W.C. Fields, "you cannot call me a racist because I hate everybody, equally." Furthermore, I am an affirmative-action hater with a quota.

ParaHate works well for the Jew and makes millionaires out of alley niggers like Jesse Jackson. When will we put hate to work for us, rather than, against us?

ParaWith that said, he that halth ears let him hear. I hate the Census Bureau. What a lying gang of bastards! The fastest growing "minority" is not the Mexican wet-backs, hell, the fastest growing minority in this country is the Whites. You gonna be a minority before you know it, Whitey!

ParaI hate this sisterf..king, motherf..king, vulgarity on my TV!

ParaI hate Senator Byrd and his momma and his damn daddy. I used to love you, Byrd. You pulled yourself up from a simple welder by reading, studying, memorizing, ingesting the history of our people. What a horrid waste.

ParaA mind is a terrible thing, Senator, take your terrible mind and go home to that nice farm us White niggers gave you. White niggers, indeed! I hate self-loathing, self-hating, guilt bearing, stupid, self-destructive, suicidal, people who are, unfortunately, white only in color.

ParaI hate people of color who want to be called African/ Americans. Have you looked at Africa, lately? What part of Africa lends dignity to your preferred title?

ParaI hate what I saw, this week, on the Jesus channel. I saw, among other absurdities, two women preachers. One white woman, openly mad at God because she wasn't born black, who sounded like an illiterate Rev. Ike, with the mannerisms of a nigger hedgerow evangelist, and a bleached-blond nigger woman preaching about, in her words, "things that don't turn Jesus on."

ParaI hate the books I read, this week. I hate it because I can not understand Judaism frequency-of-sex theology.

ParaWhy should ass drivers be required to have sex once a week and camel drivers only once every thirty days?

ParaListen at this folks;

"Unorthodox conduct was permitted. While some sages taught that children are born blind because the husband "gazes at that place," born dumb because "he kisses that place," and born lame because he "inverts the table."

ParaDamn it to hell, if you rabbis knew this then why, in the Sam hell, didn't you tell us? Together, we could have spared the world this plague of pandemic dumbness.


ParaI want every head bowed and every eye closed. Pray with me. Ask for courage, ask for intellect, ask for what ever it takes to make and leave a safe place for our children.

ParaAlso, I want you to pray for the Palestinian snipers. Pray that they will be blessed with rifle scopes and better marksmanship. Them sons of bitches can't hit the side of a blue barn! They need to shoot straight to keep America and the bastard state of Israel from killing their children. Pray with me for hate. We don't need less hate, you dumb asses, we need more hate! Learn to hate or die! Amen! If it weren't for having to deal with people, I could have been the greatest preacher since Billy Sunday.

James Floyd



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