You Can't Have a Holocaust Without Tattoos!

by Jim Floyd


. . . . . New York "having difficulty explaining."

. . . . . Who, pray tell, would have trouble "explaining" poor, innocent, Israel's conduct in the Occupied Territories of Palestine?

. . . . . Begorra and by foreskin-loving Maimonides!, why can't NY Jews explain-away tattooing numbers on the arms of Palestinian civilians in the concentration camp called, Ramallah?

. . . . . Of course, it takes 20,000 jack-booted troops to hold them down! Of course, they need to blindfold the victims!

. . . . . What is wrong with you people? All this is easy to "explain." You, simply, can not have a Holocaust without tattoos!

Jim Floyd



Jerusalem Post, Friday, March 15, 2002, or 2 Nisan 5762.
09:40) American Jewish leader questions Sharon policy
By Melissa Radler

NEW YORK -- Seymour Reich, a former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, is calling on the Sharon government to "take a second look at its current strategy."

"I would never second-guess Israel's security needs or its need to fight terrorism. But it has to understand that when it engages in activities, it has repercussions," said Reich, currently chairman of the Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultations.

"To send 20,000 troops into Ramallah, to blindfold Palestinians and to put numbers on their arms, and to be seen as reckless hurts Israel in the eyes of Washington. The prime minister has to take into account the reaction of his friends in Washington when he engages in these reprisals," he said.

The executive vice president of the conference, Malcolm Hoenlein, meanwhile criticized the media for blowing US President George W. Bush's comments out of proportion and reiterated his own support for Israel's actions.

Meanwhile, Israel's public relations campaign will improve now that the IDF has left Ramallah, Gideon Meir, Foreign Ministry deputy director-general for media and public affairs said yesterday.

The Israeli consulate in New York complained to the Foreign Ministry Wednesday that it was having difficulty explaining the IDF's operations in the territories, terming them a "public relations disaster."



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