by Jim Floyd


To: (
Cc: (
Subject: Mouthwash
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 06:09:17 -0600

. . . . . What kind of mouthwash do you use, boy? It must surely be industrial grade. After kissing all that Jew ass your breath has to be a problem.

. . . . . Cheney, you black-hearted, son of a bitch! I am ashamed of you and for you. You slimy, shifty-eyed, piece of human waste!

. . . . . You do not represent me and my family. You are a grave danger to us all.

. . . . . The blatant, one-sided favoritism you displayed toward the war criminal, Ariel Sharon, and the bastard state of Israel, sullies every person of intellect and conscience, world wide.

. . . . . What you had this morning was not a press conference, it was an impish love-feast with the devil.

. . . . . We don't need less terrorism, you goddamn simpleton, we need more terrorism! We need enough, of what 'You' call terrorism, to rid this planet of murderers like Sharon and their willing executioners.

. . . . . If this is the best you can do, then crawl back into your secure, undisclosed location, and stay there and take your ugly-ass old lady with you.

. . . . . What do I hope for you? I hope that your Zionist friends are correct in their reincarnation theology. Some of them believe that, after death, if you are a screw-up, (could anyone doubt your qualifications?), then you are forced to return until you get it right.

. . . . . I'm praying for God Almighty to stick His finger into your black heart, and block it, then send you back, up here, as a Palestinian child.

. . . . . Fellow sufferers, I feel that I must stop, now, before I say something really bad about this disgraceful mamzer, bastard, son of a bitch!

James Floyd
185 Co. Rd. 254
Cullman, Al. 35057



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