The Jewification of America, Part 1

by Jim Floyd


(Part I, I plan to write until they come and get me)


To the most potent, august, divine and awful George W. Bush, Kagan, King for the Jews:

. . . . . Me seen him, me did! We were in a clearing by a filthy river, a putrid, red, river. A river red with the blood of a million children and its banks were crowded with others who drank and died.

. . . . . Strange creatures made of metal with iron wheels were crushing the bodies of the children, while birds with whirling wings hurled fire upon them.

. . . . . But in this clearing, the faces of an entourage and the face of their boy king was turned away so they were not troubled by the suffering children. All that was of interest to them was the body of a dead lion that had been dragged before their infantile, yet, brave leader.

. . . . . And I looked, and, behold, I saw two whom I knew. These two were surrounded by strange creatures and this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man with a bagel for a face.

. . . . . I was made to stand between the two dark angels whom I recognized as Colon Powell and Condo Rice. Upon their foreheads was written ‘Shabbas Nigger.’ Their naked, twitching bodies were the colour of burnished brass and in unison they joined those with bagel faces who were now screaming into the firmament and the noise was so loud that the whole of both heaven and earth heard them shouting, “Look, look, at our little man, our fearless leader is jumping! See George jump! He is jumping on the chest of a fierce lion. Oh, how brave!”

. . . . . Let the boy jump, me said, let him dance even, but I’ll have no truck with this idiot nor with his gogish friends. God bless Iraq’s children and may god damn Israel.

. . . . . This war (falsely so called) should last no more than a day. It doesn’t take long to kill a dead lion.

. . . . . Jump George, but know this, you are jumping on the chest of a dead lion.


James Floyd

Message – No Naji, we Americans did not elect the “idiot Bush” (your words) for president. We don’t vote to elect a president. We do the same as you, i.e. we vote to affirm a piece of excrement that has been selected, by others, to be president. It is not about Americans, no, no! It is about oil and oily, beastly, little, oily Khazars. It’s about oil and Israel.



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